Oma and Opa Camp 2010


Oma and Opa Camp – 2nd year

Theme: Animals

Field Trips: We had two trips planned for this camp. One was to the local zoo and the second was a morning spent at the Isanti County Fair. Both places had lots of animals which fit with our theme. We like the County Fairs because they are smaller and the kids can see the animals closer up without the big crowds. The Isanti County Fair has a kids morning with lots of games and prizes and other attractions – all free! Check with your County Fair to see if they have a special day for kids.

Visiting the Como Zoo!

The monkey house was a favorite.







Up close to the animals




Everything at the fair was fun for the little kids to do. They collected their prizes in bags that I had given them. Their Oma and Opa shirts were easily spotted and caught many people’s attention – even Ronald McDonald who wanted a picture.

They posted the picture on the bulletin board at the local McDonalds in town.

Hint: Whenever you take trips, pack lunches and treats. It saves time and money!

Bible Story: Daniel in the Lions Den. We talked about how Daniel chose to serve God even when it was difficult. God saved him from harm in the lion’s den by closing the lion’s mouths so no harm came to Daniel. We also need to choose to serve God and obey Him even when others make bad choices. Following the Bible story, we sing a blessing to the grandkids. It is the chorus from a Signature Sound Quartet song that says, “God give this child a good heart. God give this child a good heart – one that cares for the weak, hears when you speak, one that will make you smile. God give this child a good heart.”

Crafts: Besides the crafts at the County Fair, the kids made lion puppets to go along with the Bible story. They were paper bag puppets and they embellished the faces of the lions with yarn for the manes along with large google eyes.

Food: For lunch, the kids made “lion” sandwiches. We took lightly toasted English muffins and covered them with mozzarella cheese. Around the edges of the muffin, they put cheddar cheese.(the lion’s mane) They added sliced olive eyes with nose and mouth made from a carrot slice and curly carrot strip.  We then put them in the toaster oven and baked them until the cheese melted.

      Lion Sandwiches

 Making omelets:

Another meal that the kids made themselves was omelets.Take 1 egg, 1 T water and put into a freezer ziplock bag. Add bacon, sausage, cheese, or any other ingredients that you like in your omelet. Be sure to close the ziploc bag and then mix the ingredients by kneading the bag. (FUN PART). Mark each bag with a permanent marker and place in boiling water for 13 minutes. Use a large pot of boiling water and place only about 5 bags in at a time. Remove from water, open and slide the omelet out on a plate. YUM!

                    Omelet Making








They couldn’t believe that they made it themselves!

Activities: At the age that they all are, it seems that bubbles are still a big hit. The recipe for homemade bubbles is this-

Bubble Recipe

2 cups Dawn (or Joy if you can find it)

6 cups warm water (Distilled is even better)

3/4 cup white Karo syrup

Mix gently in large container and keep lid on for 24 hours.  I use a large flat plastic storage box. When the kids use it, they can dip in it, but it never spills. Replace lid and store for the next time.


These bubble wands come from the Dollar Tree store.      Throw away the pans that come with them and use the tub.

Bubble Fun!







Other activities included using the water squirters from Dollar Tree, backyard tag, and Duck, Duck, Grey Duck. On hot days, use a paper cup with water for Duck, Duck. The person that is “it” carries the water and sprinkles each person and says “drip, drip” and then “dump” the water on the one that is supposed to chase them.

After a big day, the kids get to take “glow-stick” baths. Darken the room somewhat and put glow sticks in the tub water. It looks great!

All in all, it was another great year of Oma and Opa Camp!


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Oma and Opa Camp 2011

This was the third year of Oma and Opa Camp (grandma & grandpa) so the kids knew what to expect so were very excited to come! One grandson said, “I’ve been waiting all year for this!”

Each child has a chair on which to put their crafts, etc. Under the chair goes their shoes and on the chair is their outfit for the next day.




Once again we went over what was going to happen and how they could keep their crafts, clothes, etc. all together in their assigned place. (hopeful thinking)

The theme this year was “critters” (bugs and butterflies). Each chair had a bug cage and tongs for catching them. They spent lots of time finding interesting bugs and butterflies!


No one was afraid to pick up the bugs

with their handy dandy bug catchers!


One of our friends has a massive collection of bugs and butterflies from all over the world. It worked perfectly with the theme to schedule a time where we could see his collection.  They spent a lot of time asking questions about  where you would find these bugs!

The butterflies were stunning with all the colors. Each child tried to pick out their favorite, but there were so many you couldn’t pick just one!

Along with all the real butterflies and bugs, they made bug puppets. I found a print out for the heads, antennae, etc. on They had fun creating them.




Mealtime can be challenging when you’re busy directing all the activities. Having kids involved in the preparation has helped a lot. Not all meal items go with the theme, but I called the pizzas that they made, “Bug-Eyed” Pizza! Lightly toast an english muffin half. Have the kids spread the pizza sauce on top. Add their choice of pepperoni or sausage. Top with mozzarella cheese and then top with a “bug-eyed” face! They used red pepper for the smile and pepperoni with olives for the bug eyes. The nose was a little carrot. I put them on tin foil so I could easily transfer them to the oven and bake until the cheese melts. It was a meal-time hit!

 Bug-eyed Pizza!


Making and eating banana boats!










Banana Boats were also a hit for dessert!

Peal back the top of the banana ( do not remove) and scoop out a small amount of banana. Fill with chocolate chips (or any flavored chips). Put miniature marshmallows on top and replace the banana peel. Wrap in foil and put in oven or lay on grill for about 15 minutes. YUM!

Hobo dinners can be made with cooked hamburger or chicken (their choice), slightly cooked potato slices or cubes, onions, butter or oil, teaspoon of creamed soup, vegetable of choice and cheese on top. Spray the foil and add ingredients that they choose. Enclose foil and place on baking sheet on grill for about 15 minutes. Because they choose the ingredients, they like to eat it! It is a meal all in one! Another hit!

One of the favorite things to do is use the water shooters. The ones I found at Dollar Tree are the easiest to fill and shoot. They are so cheap ($1.00) so each year I stock up on some. I put water in a big plastic bin and throw in some warm water so that it takes the chill off when they shoot each other. They have loads of fun with these both in the lake and in the yard.

Tie-Dye was another one of the crafts. I used already mixed dye which I found at JoAnne Fabrics. You just poured the color on wherever you wanted. We did this outside over a bucket. I had plastic gloves for the kids and myself. It was easy to have one at a time doing this while the others played together or hunted for bugs. They did both the hat and the shirt for a complete look! They loved the results!

Don’t forget the paint shirts!


Looking good!

The Bible lesson centered on the verse in Proverbs 6: 6 that talks about the ant. “Go to the ant, consider its ways and be wise! It has no commander, no overseer or ruler, yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest.”  Since “critters” was the theme, it seemed that learning about the ant  fit. We talked about how the ant gets along with the other ants. It doesn’t wait for someone else to do the work, but pitches in willingly. It carries more than its own body weight and is busy helping others. It became a science/Bible lesson as we read all about the ant. God wants us to get long with each other, help one another, and work willingly. The verse they learned was I Thessalonians 5:15. “Make sure nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always try to be kind to each other.”

The kids made ants out of polymer clay and baked them. Other critters were also made.

We also took part of a day and went to a Threshing Show. They had lots of great things for kids to do and see.  At the end of the time together, it is always hard to say good-bye. Now we wait for Oma and Opa Camp 2012!

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4th of July t-shirts

Before the 4th of July, my grandkids made these T-shirts and then wore them on the day of celebration. It was an easy project for preschoolers and they were very proud of their creations.  Each one looked great! The idea came from Family Fun magazine.

To start, tape off the stripes evenly across with masking tape or painter’s tape. (I did this for them before hand). The taped areas will stay white. I ,also, taped off a square area in one corner for the stars.  You can cut out stars using masking tape, stickers or contact paper. Stick them on the area where you want them.  Before painting, be sure to line T-shirt with newspaper so the paint doesn’t bleed through the other side. Have the kids dab over the areas with red (for the stripes) and blue ( for the star area) paint.  When the paint is dry, just remove the tape.

Your project doesn’t need to look like the flag. It can just be any combination of red, white and blue. I used sponge  brushes and let the kids have at it. The kids dabbed the paint on with the brush as the area doesn’t need to be totally covered with paint to look good! Follow the manufacturer’s directions on the fabric paint to set the design.  Be sure to use a paint shirt!









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