DIY Napkin Rings

DIY Napkin Rings

Easy and inexpensive to make! #napkin rings #napkin #holiday

One of my favorite things at holiday time 

 is setting a beautiful table.  I have a love of dishes (inherited from my mom) and have several sets.  It is fun to use them and coordinate the table setting with the occasion. With each table-setting, I like to use napkin rings. They can get expensive when you multiply times eight-twelve settings.

The following ideas give you a great look for your table, are inexpensive and take very little time to do! I’ll share just a few …..

Supplies Needed:

Cardboard Tubes

Tacky Glue

Wire-edged ribbon


Bows, trims, or other decorations to use on your napkin ring

Paper Clips



Choose a wire-edged patterned or plain ribbon. The wire-edges give a nice finished look and curves around the cardboard tube easily. I purchased my ribbon at Dollar Store. There are so many ribbons to choose from that will give a great look.

Just be sure it is the width that you prefer.

1. Cut the cardboard a tiny(and I mean tiny) bit shorter than the width of the ribbon.

2. Cut a length of ribbon about  1/4″ longer than needed to go around.

3. Put glue on both of the outside edges of cardboard tube.

4. Wrap the ribbon around the tube. Overlap the ends of the ribbon and glue in place. To hold it until dry, use paper clips.

5. When dry, add the details or leave it plain.

Here are some examples:

This one needed nothing extra because of the design on the ribbon! This ribbon was $1.00 for the entire roll at the Dollar Tree! For a $1.00, I made all the napkin rings needed!

Pretty easy, right?

Same with this one!

It looks nice with my Lenox china!


The next one needed something extra.  I tried three different variations.  I felt it needed a band across it, so I glued a band of felt as I didn’t have a plain ribbon. Then I put the little gingerbread man cut-out on top of it. This will be cute with a gingerbread table theme.

 Another variation…. a snowflake!

And another….  holly!

The original leaves were too large for this napkin ring.

I  cut down the silk leaves in size and glued a small bit of berries on top.

Sometimes I like to use an ornament as a napkin ring.

I found these ornaments on sale at 90% off last January for $.20 each! Such a deal!

I will use them with a gold, green and red table!

Along with ornaments, I also look for floral picks that I can twist and use as a napkin ring.

The Dollar Store is a good place for inexpensive ones.

You see, the possibilities are endless! All of these ideas are so easy and quick to do!

Just save those paper towel and toilet paper rolls and you’ll have lots of napkin rings! Look for items at the after Christmas sales, too, for next year!

What unique creations will you make?

I’d love to see them!

Have fun setting a beautiful table!

P.S. This is not just for Christmas. This idea is useable all year-long for any occasion….birthdays, weddings, Valentine’s, Easter and so on…..

I appreciate your time and comments!

Phyllis (Oma)

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30+ Family Christmas Games



 30+ Christmas Games

Games and Printables, too!

Merry Christmas!!!

‘Tis the season for family get-togethers! Add some fun with some family Christmas games that will not only make memories, but add lots of laughs to your celebration.

The following is a compiled list of games that I have used to entertain both kids and adults. For many of these you can take off and come up with your own version, too. 

I’ve included some additional sites to go to for other ideas and printables.

Hope you enjoy them at your gathering!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

1. Gift Unwrap Relay

 Use  mittens or socks on their hands to play this relay or simplify it by using bare hands.  Play in teams. Have a gift wrapped in different boxes several times (smaller to larger) Duplicate the same gifts wrapped the same way when playing in teams.  Each person unwraps the gift and passes it on for the next person until the present is found. Another variation is the first person unwraps the gift and the second wraps it, the 3rd unwraps and so on…..

2. Find the Reindeer or Find the Gifts

Tell the children that  Santa has lost his reindeer or he can’t find the gifts!  Buy Christmas reindeer stickers or gift stickers. Cut  stickers apart and hide  in different places around the house. Kids try to collect as many as they can. At the end, kids get to keep the stickers.

3. Pin the Halo on the Angel, Pin the Nose on Rudolph, Pin the Star on the Tree, Hat on the Snowman, Bow on the Wreath…etc

Variations of Pin the Tail on the Donkey (I think you know how this goes.)

If you can’t draw, enlarge a free clip art of a tree, reindeer, Santa, Snowman, Angel, Wreath, etc. Check out   for free images and enlarge them.

4. Christmas Scattergories

This is the Christmas version based on the game of Scattergories. One person is the caller and calls out  a category. Teams (or individuals) have 3 minutes to list as many things in that category as they can. Christmas category suggestions: Decorations, Christmas Carols, Christmas Cookies, signs of Christmas, North Pole,  and Christmas Food ( just to name a few) . After the timer goes off, each team reads their list. If no one had that on their list, that team scores a point.  Each team in turn reads their list and totals their points for that round. Play another round and keep tallying scores.

Winner is the team with the most points after several rounds.

5. Flying Reindeer or Flying Elves

This is really a hit with kids! Oriental Trading has “Stretchable Flying Reindeer” or” Flying Elves” 

Item OK-4/5523  for $3.75/dozen. Go to:  Oriental Trading

Make a target of different circles taped to a wall. Mark the different circles  with different points. Each player gets a turn to score points by stretching the reindeer and shooting it off to hit one of the circles. Play as many rounds as you wish and total the scores at the end. The kids loved this game, but beware of breakables. Play in a safe area.

6. Snowball Fight with  Pom, Pom Shooters

 Using pom-pom shooters, shoot pom-poms to the opposite team’s side. Set the timer. When the timer goes off, count the pom-poms on each side to decide the winner. The rule is they can only shoot them; not throw them.  Pom-Pom Shooter directions are here.

7. Make a snowman or Christmas Tree

For the snowman, each team gets a roll of toilet paper, paper black circles for eyes, buttons and a black construction paper for the hat. Take pictures of their creative designs. Set a timer so there is a time limit to finish. (10-15 minutes?) If you make a Christmas Tree, use crepe paper, star, ornaments , tape, construction paper, etc.

8. Through the Wreath

 The Dollar Tree has “Disc Shooters” that fire 6 soft foam disks. Each person gets 6 shots to see how many they can put it through the center of the wreath. You could also shoot marshmallows or pom-poms with the Pom- Pom Shooters. Nerf guns would work, too.

9. Roll the ornament

This is a Minute-to-Win-It Game. Using the top of a cardboard gift box, fan the ornament to make to roll into a designated circle or to a finish line. This works best on a hard floor using a plastic ornament!

10. Lots of Minute-To-Win-It Games found here: 

and here

11. Christmas Roll:

Take a swim noodle.   Aim the noodle  and roll a marble through the hole in the middle to knock over 5  small Christmas figures set a distance away.  Find figures at the Dollar Store or toilet paper rolls work, too.  Divide into teams to play this game (each person gets 10 turns) or play individually and time each person for all five knock downs. (needs a hard floor)

12. Four Corners:

 This is a classroom game, but can easily be played at home with a group. Number the corner areas of a room 1-4. To match the season, give the corners a Christmas name. Example: Santa, reindeer, presents, sleigh. One person is the caller and is blindfolded (or eyes closed) so they can’t see. The group is given a time to go to any corner of their choice. The caller calls one number or one of the four Christmas names. Anyone in that corner is “out”. The group moves again and the caller calls another number or Christmas name. Play continues until there is one left. (When it is down to just 4 or less people, they need to choose different corners; not together.) Last one left is the winner!

13. Christmas Statue:

 One person is “it”. The rest of the players get into a position that they can hold for a while (they are the statues). The person that is “it”, moves around looking at the Christmas statues. (you can use some fun Christmas props for this) Nobody can change positions. The “it” person leaves and the monitor asks one person to change something about their position or prop. “It” comes back in the room and tries to decide what is different.  Decide the amount of guesses they get – vary with age and number of players.

14. What’s in the Stocking?

Take a Christmas stocking and put an item in it. Pass the stocking and without talking, they write the name of the object that they think is in the stocking. Continue with different items each time.  For younger kids, they can tell an adult who writes it down.

15. Printable Christmas Games

Lots of printables here:

16.Rudolph Dash

I especially like this one from They have other ideas listed, too. There are many to choose from for family Christmas fun.

Cut circles out of red construction paper

How To Play: Have child put Vaseline on their nose and then put the red circles on their nose. Relay race to the finish with each new person adding their red nose. If nose falls, go back to bowl and add more Vaseline and reapply nose.

This site also has Christmas Memory Games, 3 – Legged Christmas Stocking Race plus many others! Check them out!

17. Cup Stacking

Use 21 plastic 32 oz. cups and give them one minute to stack them in a pyramid shape with 6 on the base, then 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 and then take them down and place them in one stack.  For younger children, just  time them to see how fast they can do it and don’t limit to one minute.

18. Christmas Bounce

Place 4-6 cups with various point value on table with the highest point value the farthest away. Players need to bounce a ping pong ball once on the table from one end and then into a cup at the other end. .  Keep score on predetermined number of tries.

19. Online Christmas Games

Here are  computer sites for non-group Christmas games.

20. Christmas Pictionary

This is like the regular game of Pictionary, but use Christmas things to draw. Place words in a “hat” . At each team’s turn, they draw out a slip and only their team gets a chance to guess what they are drawing. If they don’t guess in allotted time, the other team can steal the point. The other team gets only one guess decided on by team members. For younger kids, use easy words, but for older kids use Christmas Carols, phrases etc. Teams score a point for a correct guess.

21. Pass the Wreath Relay

Pass a wreath from player to player without using your hands

22. Dress for Winter Relay

Have a bag of winter clothes for each team with the same items in each bag. Each team member dresses in the clothes and then takes them back off and places them in the bag. The next person then goes and does the same. 

23. Pass the ornament Relay

  Use an unbreakable Christmas ball and pass it down the team without using hands and passing with a straw from one to the other. Team members hold the straw in their mouth and loop the straw through the string and pass it on and then go back again to where it started.

24. Snowman Toss

Draw an outline of a snowman and hang on a wall or window. Crush newspaper or used wrapping paper into a ball and have kids toss to hit the snowman. Place different point values on each ball. Ex: head – 10 pts, middle – 5 pts, bottom – 1 pt  Total the scores for a set amount “snowball” tosses.

25. Christmas Bingo

Make Bingo cards. Buy Christmas stickers making sure you have several of the same sticker.  Get enough different stickers to have in the 24 squares. Cut paper squares and put one of each sticker on it for the caller’s copy. The players place stickers wherever they want so that no two boards are the same. Caller calls pictures from the master copies turned upside down.Go to for a Bingo printable.

26. Christmas Memory Game

On a tray, place different Christmas ornaments, candy, ribbon, bow,  figures or other Christmas items. Have each person look at the items displayed. Remove the tray of items. Individuals or teams try to list each item they saw on the tray. The team or person that remembers the most, wins! Another variation is to remove one item from the tray and see who can discover which one is missing.

27. Additional Sites for Other Games

28. Christmas Trivia

The Dollar Tree has a set of cards for $1.00 with Christmas Trivia. There is a set for children and one for adults. Divide into teams or play individually.  A leader asks the trivia question. Teams/individuals  write their answer down. The team/individual with the most correct answers, wins!

29 Hungry Reindeer

Place M&M’s or Skittles on a table or on a flat tray. The player puts a sport sock on one hand and tries to grab as many candies as possible  and transfer them to a bowl. Time it for 30 seconds and count the number of candies in their bowl. The one with the most, wins! Use an “orphan” sock (where the other match was eaten by your dryer)  and draw face of a reindeer. Use pipe cleaners to make the antlers and attach to the sock.


30. Snowball Toss

Fold over a pair of socks into a ball. Players may use their hands to place the “ball” on the top part of their foot. With only their foot, they are to fling the “snowball” into a basket or container. Give players several chances to score points or use different baskets for different value of points. Play outside and vary it by seeing who can toss it the farthest.

Updated Games:

31. Reindeer Balloon Race

Just heard of a new one. For this one you need a pair of panty hose per team and lots of blown-up balloons. Play in teams of families or if playing with just adults, divide adults into teams of 4.  With families, have a basket of blown up balloons all ready. The object is to stuff the balloons into the legs of the panty hose and when legs are all stuffed, place the panty hose on one team member’s head. (They look like a reindeer with antlers.) The winner is the team to wear the panty hose first! Another version would be to have the teams blow the balloons up as well as stuff them, too! This game is really funny and gives lots of laughs!

32. Star Nickel Toss

Draw various sizes of stars and cut out of paper or tag board.Tape stars to the floor or carpet.  Give nickels to toss. Score points by nickels landing on a star. Smaller stars are worth more points. Total a team’s score or play individually.

 I will keep adding to this list as I think of new things. You can keep checking back for updates.

During our celebration we always like to remember and reflect on the real meaning of Christmas by reading the story from Luke 2! I hope you do the same.

Remember, Christmas is God’s wonderful plan for our salvation revealed through Jesus Christ!

What a wonderful gift!

Merry Christmas!



33. The Flour Game!

This is not just a Christmas Game, but a game for anytime. Many families play this at their Christmas gathering.  Instead of explaining, check this blog out for complete directions. It is a bit messy!

34. Inflatable Reindeer Antler Ring Toss Game

 This game is available here..    Item #OK-4/5245 or Candy Cane Toss  OK-4/5552

Oriental Trading

Inflatable Reindeer Antler Ring Toss Game

It’s a fun game and one that you will use year after year! Item # OK-4/5245

They also have other inflatable and ring toss games. Check them out and order early!

35. Reindeer Tic Tac Toe

Using the same flying reindeer as in game #5, a second game with them is Reindeer Tic Tac Toe. Mark an area on a wooden floor for a large tic, tac, toe board. I like a wooden surface as it is harder to land them on the right space. A carpeted floor will do, too. They just don’t slide.  Go to Western Games and see the post on Tic, Tac, Toe for pictures and complete instructions!

36. The Right, Left Game

This game can be done with a few gifts or as a gift exchange where everyone has a gift. Sitting in a circle, each person hold a gift. Someone reads a “right, left” story. Every time the word right is read, everyone passes their gift to the right. When the word left is read, the gift gets passed to the left. At the end, the gift you are holding is the one you keep!

There are a couple versions of this “Right, Left Story”.

The Bible version is here.

The “Christmas with the Right Family” is here.




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Christmas Place Settings for Kids

I believe I have stated this before in other posts, but I like to build around a theme! This year’s Christmas theme is “angels”. Therefore, the place setting for kids will be ANGELS! It is so easy to do! The kids love this special table that I create for them at Christmas!

(This is similar to my Thanksgiving post on “Thanksgiving Place Setting for Kids”)

Materials Needed:

Butcher paper, or newsprint roll (buy these very reasonably at a small local newspaper site)



Any favor or decorations you choose


Using a dessert plate, draw your figure around it leaving face and other details for the kids to add and color on their own.

Perfect for keeping kids entertained!

Add a paper cup (how about a sticker of your theme on it?)  or glass filled with crayons

That’s IT!!!  So Simple!!!

See angel ornament post for the place card and angel lollipop holder for the extra details to add to this place setting!

Here’s some other themes…..


Snowman Place Setting

On the snowman, let kids add a hat, broom, buttons, face and background details. Here I added a snowman ornament on the plate for the kids to hang on their tree at home. Not everything needs to be homemade! Just watch the sales after Christmas for next year!

If you need some patterns and ideas, go here to this link for some printable patterns and ideas. Kid’s coloring books will also give you many ideas for patterns. Use a simple outline so kids can add lots of details.

Other ideas: Christmas Tree, Wreath, Manger Setting, Candy Canes….

Keep thinking and tell me your ideas, too!

Merry Christmas!

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