Summer T-Shirt Ideas

Summer T-Shirt Ideas

Summer T-Shirt Ideas!

There are so many ways to make fun summer t-shirts! Summer is the perfect time to do many of these ideas outside!  No mess to clean up inside! I’ve included 10+  Summer T-Shirt Ideas. Most of them are kid friendly! It is a good way to reuse a stained shirt and make it new again! Most work best if done outside, however, some ideas require less mess and are fine to do inside. So, don’t limit these ideas to just summer! (or to just t-shirts)

Summer T-Shirt Ideas

1. Tie Dye

This is old, but there are so many ways you can do it depending on how it is tied! Experiment with two primary colors and see how they mix to form a different color. There is an excellent site for ways to tie the shirt to create unique patterns here.

Tie Dye Swirl Shrt #1


Another design  for a  Tie Dye Heart is here

Don’t forget you can do hats, shoes, pants, pillow cases, etc.

t-shirt ideas

We made these shirts and hats using premixed dye. The kids loved the way they turned out!


2.Tie Dye with Permanent Markers

This is an easy method and turns out different every time. This one can be done indoors!

Create a special design like this….

Tie Dye with Permanent Markers

Or mix colors together to create this….

Tie Dye with Permanent Markers


Complete directions are found on an earlier post of mine here.


3. Bleach Techniques

Here are some ideas using bleach. The first one is using a bleach pen.

Bleach Pen T-shirt tutorial

Directions for the bleached shirt above are found here at The Trendy Treehouse

Another technique is what I used for our 4th of July shirts. The idea is easily varied to do with any theme. It uses bleach solution in a spray bottle. With proper supervision, it is easy for kids to do.

DIY 4th of July t-shirts

All instructions are found on an earlier post  here

Red star stamps were added after the bleach technique.

4. Taped and Painted Techniques

By applying painters tape or duct tape, areas of a t-shirt are blocked off and open areas are painted.

4th of July Flag t-shirts

This was the method we used for a 4th of July t-shirt, but any color can be applied for a great look! Place tape diagonally, criss-cross, vertically or a combination of all for a unique look! Dab paint with sponge brushes into areas that are left uncovered. Use a variety of colors or stick to a few! Your choice!

Hint: If you have lots of acrylic paints, just add Folk Art Textile Medium to your paints to make them permanent on fabrics! No need to buy fabric paints.


5. Stamped

I love the way they use foam stickers to stamp this shirt. This opens up a multitude of possibilities. Check it out!

Use stamps made from corrugated cardboard as seen in the bleach technique. Stamp with fruit, veggies, etc. The possibilities are endless!


6. Glue Batik Techniques

Elementary kids can do this and come up with a unique shirt using glue and paints!

7. Coloring Book T-Shirt

This is a great idea for another t-shirt project. This can be permanently colored or by using washable markers, it can be repeated over and over with each washing! An adult or older child needs to do the first part, however.


Go to for complete instructions here.

8. Sand Paper Printed


Complete instructions are found on

9. Sun Printing Technique

This technique is a bit more involved, but certainly turns out interesting! This was used on a piece of material, but is able to be done on a t-shirt as well.



Finished sun printed piece


Go to for complete instructions.

This technique requires use of

Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow Fabric Colors

  which is available through Dick Blick Art Supplies ( happens to be a sponsor of mine and ,yes, I get a little bit from them, perhaps a cup of coffee! Ha! Thanks!).

Order through their site here….

When doing a T-shirt, do one side at a time and be sure that you put something in between so the colors don’t bleed to the other side.

10. Stenciling Technique


 Complete instructions are found at

I have also used sponge brushes to use with stencils. Just make sure you don’t have too much paint on them!

10+  Here’s the “+”

(Remember, I said 10+?)

This next technique uses a product called Design Dye. You cut out a design from their special colored paper and iron it on to fabric. Only the color remains. The design you cut is removable and able to be used over and over again! This gives you all sorts of possibilities of making your own uniquely designed shirts, bags, napkins and pillows (just to name a few). It even works on wood!

Design Dye, Design Dye, crafts, art, material, silkscreen, t-shirts, scrapbooking

There is no mess with this product. All you need is scissors and an iron!  By overlapping a design, the colors blend together! The kit comes with pre-cut letters, too! You won’t want to throw a scrap away as every little bit can be used!

I made a simple butterfly design and found that I could easily do it three times at least. It was easier to adhere the design together before ironing. The colors were better that way. The color variation is due to how long you keep the iron on it. I liked the variations so kept it that way. Remember to always use fresh tissue as the color bleeds on it and by reusing it, you’ll get some color where you don’t want it. Making some special onesies for a baby shower would make a great gift!.  Use white or a light colors with this product for the best outcome.

Design Dye Butterfly

Check out this technique here at Design Dye!  

Now comes the creative part!

All these Summer T-shirt Ideas can be combined. Combine the bleach technique with the stencil or stamping! Combine the crayon technique with the bleached shirt! OR… Combine the Tie Dye with a stencil! Combine the bleach technique on light colors with the Design Dye. You see, there are endless ways to make your shirt unique! Hope this gives you some great summer t-shirt ideas to try on your own! Don’t limit them to just summer as many can be done indoors year round.

All of these same ideas would be great on a bag, pillow case, hat or skirt or whatever!

Now, off to the thrift store to find some items to make new again!

Which one will you try?

Have fun!

Phyllis (Oma)

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Bird Problem?

Bird Problem?

 Bird Problem?

Funny question and a strange post,  but I promise this info about a bird problem will come in handy sometime.  I had such a problem with birds nesting under our front porch.  After some research, I came up with a solution and decided to pass this info on as this might be just what you are looking for in solving a bird problem, too!

My bird problem was this… I had birds always wanting to nest up on the top of the pillars under the porch. They also liked my hanging ferns which are protected from the elements by the porch roof.

Now don’t get  me wrong. I love birds! I feed them and love to hear them sing. They are a beautiful part of God’s creation! It’s just that I don’t want them in my hanging baskets on my porch or up on the ledges. They make a terrible mess! I would rather enjoy them at the feeders and bird houses that I have all around!

Nesting Bird Problem

They love those protected corners. Guess birds aren’t dumb!

Here’s the mess they leave down below!

nesting Bird Problem

This looks terrible and it’s not fun to clean!


If you have young children, it is cute to watch the stages of the eggs hatching and young birds growing, but my kids are grown, my plants suffer, and I have a mess to clean! We live in a wooded area so it isn’t as if there aren’t plenty of nesting options all around. See the woods in the background?

Putting nails up above wasn’t an option so I set out to find what might be a deterrent. I found that the natural predator for birds is a snake. If they see a snake, they leave.   So that gave me an idea.

Off to the Dollar Store I went to find some snakes. They had to be quite small to fit in those places. Besides, I didn’t want to scare any guests I  have sitting on my porch sipping lemonade only to look up and see a large snake! That wouldn’t do!

 I found a package of small plastic snakes 8/$1! I thought they would be perfect! At least it was worth a try! It worked!

Now, each year, if I don’t have my “deterrents” in place early, they find those choice spots and quickly make their nests. Once the eggs are there, I don’t have the heart to destroy it. So I need to place them quickly at the start of spring. I can leave them on the ledges over the winter, but sometimes they get lost with the winter winds blowing them off.


Bird Nest Problem

I placed the snakes up on the pillar ledges and in the fern baskets. No one can see them, but they are there! The birds will fly in, check it out, see the snake, and off they go!

Nesting Bird Problem

See the small snake? It doesn’t matter which color! I used an orange one so you could see it!

I haven’t had one bird make a nest in those places again!

It even works under a boat lift. Barn swallows like to nest there and then you have a very messy boat.  Place a larger plastic snake up in the corner and those birds won’t be back!

Now you know how to end a bird problem! ! If you have a spot where you don’t want birds nesting, try it! You only have a dollar to lose.

Have you ever had a problem with this?

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Phyllis (Oma)


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Peach-Nectarine Muffins

Peach-Nectarine Muffins

Peach-Nectarine Muffins!

Someone gave me a bunch of nectarines that were pretty ripe and needed to be used within a couple of days!  There were too many to eat so quickly so I scrambled for ideas and modified a Peach-Nectarine Muffins recipe that turned out fabulous. While I used nectarines, peaches are interchangeable with this recipe.

These Peach – Nectarine Muffins were like eating a moist muffin with jam inside! So good! It didn’t even need butter! Everyone loved these muffins!

My favorite part of cooking with nectarines is that you don’t need to peel them.  It is much faster and  easier than using peaches.

Peach-Nectarine Muffins

Peach - Nectarine Muffins



1  1/2  cup flour

3/4  cup  white sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons Baking Powder

1/3  cup vegetable oil

1 egg

1/3 cup of nectarine slurry + 3 tbsp milk  If not making slurry then just 1/3 cup of milk  (not both!)

3 nectarines or peaches diced (two for the muffins and 1 for the slurry)

1/4 cup brown sugar (for the top of the muffins)


Mix flour, white sugar, salt and Baking Powder

Add vegetable oil, egg, nectarine slurry or  1/3 cup milk

Note: Make slurry by dicing 1 nectarine or peach and adding a small amount (1 tsp+) of milk. Use a blender or bullet to make a slurry, thick type liquid. Add this to the dry ingredients instead of 1/3 cup of milk. If using the slurry, add 3 tablespoons of extra milk to the batter. This slurry was not in the regular recipe I had, but it adds more flavor!

Mix in 2 diced nectarines

Fill muffin cups to the top. Makes 12 Peach – Nectarine muffins!

Sprinkle brown sugar on top of each muffin.

Bake @ 400 degrees for 15-17 minutes until very lightly browned.

Peach - Nectarine Muffins

No need for butter on these muffins!

 I love Nectarines! No peeling is necessary! If using peaches, drop peaches in boiling water for a few seconds and the skin slides off easily!

 Enjoy these Peach – Nectarine Muffins!

Phyllis (Oma)

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Tequillaberry Salad

Tequillaberry Salad

Tequillaberry Salad?

Such a strange name for a salad! Well, the name comes from the Tequillaberry Restaurant in Coon Rapids, MN, which served this salad. It is no longer in business, but the salad lives on. The name is very different and has nothing to do with the ingredients or taste! A better name would be Cauliflower, Bacon and Parmesan Salad, I guess, but people know it as Tequillaberry Salad. Yes, a unique name, but a delicious salad!!

I’m not sure that this is the authentic original recipe, but it is quite similar! I have found a few variations around, and I sometimes add a couple of additional items as well just for more color.

I recently served this Tequillaberry Salad at a family gathering and not a bit was left! Everyone loved it!


1 head of iceberg lettuce torn into pieces ( I mix iceberg with romaine and sometimes endive for added color or just using iceberg is fine, too.)

3 cups (approx.) of cauliflower (chopped) I made a large recipe and used a full head of cauliflower

1 lb. bacon, fried and crumbled (or more)

1 or 2 bunches of green onions or 1/2  med. red onion, chopped

3/4  cup shredded Parmesan Cheese (or more)

Green Peas (Optional)

Dressing:  Mix 2 cups of Mayo, 1/2 c white sugar and 4 tbsp of milk    Mix this early and place in your refrigerator  so the sugar melts. If you have extra dressing, it will keep in the refrigerator for a week.

Tequillaberry Salad

Ingredients for salad


Add all ingredients in a large bowl.

Add dressing just before serving and mix well.   Top with more shredded Parmesan Cheese

Optional: Sprinkle with shredded cheddar, add thawed frozen peas

Serves 12


Tequillaberry Salad

This is one of my favorite salads!


Phyllis (Oma)

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Fresh Blueberry or Strawberry Pie (No bake)

Yum! A favorite of mine!

Fresh Blueberry or Strawberry Pie

(No bake)

Fresh Berry Pie

Make this delicious no-bake pie!

When berries are in season, I love to make a fresh blueberry or strawberry pie! This recipe (which was handed down from my mother) is for a no-bake pie.  I have no idea where it originated, but grew up loving it and have made it all my married life for my own family! I like it when the berries stay whole and the blueberry or strawberry sauce gently coats each luscious, plump berry. Add whip cream or ice cream and you have a fabulous dessert!

The crust is a cookie-like crust and goes so well with a fresh blueberry or strawberry pie. I like it better than a graham cracker crust. You mix this crust right in the glass pie pan. No need to dirty another dish!

Fresh Blueberry Pie


Crust Ingredients:

1   1/2 cup of flour

1   1/2 tsp. sugar

1 tsp. salt

1/2 cup vegetable oil + 2 Tbsp. milk – beat together


Crust Directions:

Add flour, sugar and salt into an ungreased 9 inch glass pie pan.( I always use a glass pie pan for all my pies! Your pies turn out better!)

Fresh Blueberry Pie

Whip vegetable oil and milk together and add to dry mixture in the glass pie pan

Fresh Blueberry Pie Crust


Mix with a fork (the consistency gets like soft playdough) and press mixture with your hands into a pie crust working the outer edges first.

Fresh Blueberry Pie Crust

Prick pie crust with a fork  and bake @350 degrees for 15-20 minutes (this will stay very light in color)

blueberry pie crust



Let crust cool completely!


Blueberry Filling:


2 and 1/2 pints of fresh blueberries:     Rinse 1 dry pint of blueberries and shake water off. This is for the blueberry sauce.  Rinse off the other  1   1/2 pints of blueberries and let dry. (Save for pie)

1 dry pint of blueberries , rinsed

1 cup sugar

3 Tbsp cornstarch

Juice of one lemon  (approx. 3 tbsp of lemon juice if using bottled juice)

Fresh Blueberry Pie

Shake off water and dry somewhat before using.


Add 1 pint of washed semi-dry blueberries to a saucepan.

Add 1 cup of sugar, 3 Tbsp. of cornstarch and juice of a lemon.  Stir before placing on the burner.

With saucepan on the burner,  stir until bubbly and thickened. Be sure to stir vigorously and lower heat so it doesn’t burn on the bottom! Use a double boiler if you can’t stir it constantly! (Using a double boiler takes a lot longer, however.)

Cool thickened blueberry sauce until just slightly warm to the touch. (not hot)

Blueberry Pie sauce


Place 1 -1/2 pints of berries into the cooled pie crust. Spoon blueberry mixture over the berries, slightly moving them so mixture covers the berries. Refrigerate until set for at least 3 hours.

Fresh Blueberry pie

Serve with whip cream or ice cream!

Strawberry Pie – Please note one important difference!

This same recipe works with strawberries. Use the same ingredients, but just substitute strawberries  Be sure the strawberries are dry when placing them in the pie shell! (Note one important difference!) Use only 1 dry pint of strawberries for the cooked glaze. Strawberries come in quarts and not pints so be careful not to use the quart of strawberries for the sauce.  I always save a pint box so I can measure that amount of whole berries. If you use more, the glaze will be too runny! You can tell how old this recipe is because I remember as a kid that strawberries always came in a green plastic pint boxes or sometimes wooden boxes. (Maybe you can tell my age, too) The recipe says “1 box”of strawberries and if you use the quart, it won’t turn out! Remember to adjust!!!


Fresh Berry Pie

Placing a few blueberries in with the strawberries makes it look patriotic!


This makes a great 4th of July recipe, too! Make it red, white and blue by topping the blueberry pie with a strawberry or add a few blueberries to the strawberry pie! (Note: By adding strawberries to the blueberry pie, they don’t show up very well with the blueberry coating)

Fresh Berry Pie

Pie with glaze.

Whether strawberry or blueberry, this pie is delicious!

Fresh Berry Pie

A bit patriotic for the 4th of July!



Fresh Blueberry Pie


Phyllis (Oma)

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