Bridal Shower Ideas

Planning a Bridal Shower is always a special time for honoring the Bride-to-Be! Our family tradition is to have a family bridal shower for the nieces and niece-in-laws. That amounts to 12 showers so far! Giving a Bridal Shower involves a lot of preparation and planning. There’s food, games, gifts, and we always include a devotional (encouragement and challenge from God’s Word).

Bridal Shower Ideas

 For each Bridal Shower we do a color theme  or a theme that especially fits the new bride. The shower I just did had a “fashion” theme. The bride worked in a major department store chain and was in charge of the women’s departments in several stores.  Knowing this, we decided to tie into the  “fashion” theme and carry it through the game, food and devotional.

The wedding was in Washington State during the tulip season. This shower was scheduled after the wedding due to the bride’s work schedule and traveling to the Midwest. We used a similar theme for the center of the table as they had for the reception tables at the wedding. She used a beige linen runner and pink and white tulips and candles in cylinder vases for the long reception tables. They were very simple, but elegant!

Here’s our copy version….

Bridal Shower Ideas

A look at the entire Bridal Shower table setting…..

Bridal Shower Table

These are the tables at the wedding reception…..

Wedding Shower Ideas

Along with the bridal gown cake, I decided to do a bridal gown veggie plate! It turned out pretty well! Perhaps it is a “bridesmaid dress”! It all fit with the “fashion” them for the Bridal Shower!

Bridal Shower Ideas


Bridal Shower Ideas

Another view of the table….

The menu included Wild Rice Chicken Salad, Tortellini Salad, Fruit Fling, Croissants, Pickles, Veggie Plate & Dip,  and Pink Lemonade. I made the Fruit Fling pink by adding just a drop of red food coloring. Bridal Shower Ideas


Bridal Shower Ideas

The bridal gown cake…..

Bridal Shower Ideas

For the game, I downloaded pictures of bridal gowns from each decade 1900’s – 2000. Guests wrote  the decade they guessed under each picture.  I tried to get ones that looked particularly like that era.

Wedding Shower Ideas

Can you guess the decade that these gowns were worn?


Wedding Shower Ideas

How many can you get correct?

The answers are at the bottom……

The devotional was on the theme of “What we wear as a Christian” . It included thoughts on the fruits of the spirit from Galatians 5:22.

Each shower is special! This one was no exception. Everyone had a great time together!

Hope you enjoyed these ideas!


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Answers: 1.1940, 2. 1950, 3. 2000, 4. 1900, 5. 1930, 6.1960, 7. 1910, 8. 1980, 9. 1970, 10.1990, 11. 1920

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Oriental Coleslaw

I’ve always loved Oriental Coleslaw, but when you make the regular recipe, it is certainly lacking in color! I think color makes food so much more appealing, don’t you? In this Oriental Coleslaw recipe, I’ve added lots of color and it doesn’t take away the wonderful flavor of the original salad recipe. In fact, it adds more flavor and certainly a lot more eye appeal.

Oriental Coleslaw

A colorful Oriental Coleslaw salad with wonderful flavor!


Here’s the recipe I usually use….    If you have a different recipe variation that you like, just add the extra color to it!

Oriental Coleslaw Recipe


1/3 cup cider vinegar
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup oil
Salt and pepper
2 Flavor packets from 2  Ramen noodle packages (chicken flavor)
Mix together and set aside.



1 pkg. coleslaw (chopped or shredded cabbage)
1/2 c. toasted almonds
1/2 c. green onions
1/3  cup sesame seeds – or substitute sunflower seeds
1 pkg. dry  Ramen noodles, crushed – add last!
1/8 cup shredded carrots
red, yellow, and orange peppers chopped – approx 1/2 cup altogether or to your liking
Optional: shredded carrots and small amount of chopped or shredded red cabbage for extra color
Put this salad together at the very last-minute to keep everything crunchy.
First, toss the salad ingredients together. Next, mix the dressing well. (I place it in a jar a shake vigorously to mix well.)
Finally, pour dressing on the salad ingredients and mix. Top with crushed Ramen noodles.
Serve immediately.
Oriental Coleslaw

This is the colorful version!


Oriental Coleslaw - the colorful version!

Have a bite!


Now, don’t you think that looks colorful and more appealing? 

If you haven’t tried Oriental Coleslaw, you’re missing a great salad! 

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Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Centerpiece

Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Centerpiece

Great for any patriotic occasion! Very inexpensive and easy to do!


Thinking of both Memorial Day and 4th of July coming up, I made a trip to the Dollar Tree store and came across these fabulous red and blue vases! What I like about them is that they are different heights and shapes so they look great used together just as well as separately!  It was easy to create a Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Centerpiece without spending lots of money. The white hobnail vase is one that I already had in my cupboard. It you don’t have a white one,  use any small vase and paint it white.

Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Centerpiece

The red and blue vases are from Dollar Tree. Love the colors! Only $1.00!


I added a few flowers that I had on hand along with a bit of whimsy. My Uncle Sam is a figure that I’ve had for several years. He is made by Analee.

Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Centerpiece

Using Dollar Tree vases for a Patriotic Centerpiece, makes it quick, easy and inexpensive!

The napkin rings are easy to make and add a lot of patriotic color, too! Go to my post on DIY Napkin Rings.

Here’s a closer look at Uncle Sam.


Red, White and Blue Patriotic Centerpiece

Uncle Sam always makes an appearance on patriotic occasions!


Create your red, white, and blue patriotic centerpiece to use in your tablesetting or use as a coffee table arrangement!



Red, White and Blue Patriotic Centerpiece

A red, white and blue tablesetting!


OK, I’ll bet you have the Dollar Tree vases on your list, right! You can’t go wrong for a $1.00!

Red, White and Blue Patriotic Centerpiece

I hope all your patriotic occasions are wonderful get-togethers with friends and family celebrating our freedoms that we enjoy in this country. Don’t forget to honor those that served our country to  protect our freedoms, too!




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Teriyaki Salmon

Teriyaki Salmon

Want a quick and easy dinner? Teriyaki Salmon is not only that, but truly delicious! A special sauce makes the salmon absolutely outstanding! The teriyaki sauce is called Soy Vay, Veri Veri Teriyaki! My grocery store carries it and so does Trader Joe’s. It is all preservative free and contains fresh garlic along with sesame seeds. On the back of the label, it tells about how a Jewish boy and a Chinese girl combined their families’ cooking secrets and formed this company. Hence the name Soy Vay!

Here is what you do…..

First, using heavy-duty tin foil, spray the foil with a non-stick spray. Place salmon on the foil (skin side down). Bring the sides up and seal together to make a shallow dish. (this will keep the sauce in)  Place on a cooking sheet. Pour a generous amount of Veri Veri Teriyaki on top of the salmon. Make sure it is contained in the foil dish.

Teriyaki Salmon

This is the Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki bottle. Mine is half empty!

Teriyaki Salmon


Teriyaki Salmon

Bake at 400 degrees for approx. 15 minutes. Salmon will flake when done.

Remove from foil onto a plate and spoon a little juice over the top of the Teriyaki Salmon.

Teriyaki Salmon

As far as cleaning up goes, merely throw away the foil cooking dish and you’re done!

By the way, don’t expect such great results with just any teriyaki sauce. This one is different!



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S’mores – 7 Recipe Variations!


S'mores - 7 recipe variations

Make a S’more even better!


Spring was late in arriving, but in the grocery stores they featured all the makings for S’mores! They knew it was time to stock up on the ingredients. It seems that summer campfires and S’mores go together. I’m sure you have lots of memories sitting around a campfire on a beautiful evening, roasting marshmallows, and making S’mores! Well, try a twist on some new flavors and combinations this summer. Perhaps even offer a” S’mores Bar” where guests choose their own makings for one. Here are some ideas I’ve tried and love!


Red, White & Blue S’more

Just in time for Memorial Day is the Red, White, and Blue S’more! Now, that’s patriotic!

Red, White, and Blue S'more

First add a nice, thick layer of sweetened, spreadable cream cheese.  Now, place strawberries and blueberries on top.  Of course, add a toasted marshmallow and eat! YUM!

Here’s a better look at the inside ingredients…..

Red, White, and Blue S'more


Double Strawberry S’more

Now try a Double Strawberry S’more!  Add strawberry, spreadable cream cheese with fresh strawberries and top it off with a gooey marshmallow.  If you like a bit of chocolate, add a piece of chocolate bar and spread the cream cheese and strawberries on top of that! WOW!

Double Strawberry S'more

Fresh strawberries and strawberry cream cheese!



Pecan Pie S’more

If you love Pecan Pie, you’ll love this combination.   Spread honey pecan flavored cream cheese on the bottom of the graham cracker. Sprinkle pecan pieces over it. Now, drizzle caramel ice cream topping and add a toasted marshmallow. Enjoy!

Pecan Pie S'more

All the flavors of Pecan Pie!

Pecan Pie S'more

The taste of Pecan Pie without the work!


Peanut Butter and Jelly S’more

Make it just like the sandwich and top it off with a marshmallow.   Another variation is to spread one side with Nutella and the other side with peanut butter and place the marshmallow in the middle!  Of course, you can put the jelly in there, too! Cold you consider this lunch?

Peanut Butter and Jelly S'more

Better than a sandwich!


Peanut Butter and Banana S’more

Layer peanut butter, banana and marshmallow. Add Nutella, too!

Peanut Butter and Banana S'more


Butter-Brickle Toffee S’more

Instead of a plain chocolate bar, use butter-brickle or toffee pieces. Put a layer of Nutella and add the toffee pieces or just use a toffee candy bar whole. The whole toffee bar is a bit hard for the kids to bite so breaking up the bar makes it easier for them to eat.

Butter Brickle Toffee S'more


Nutella and Peanut S’more

I love the flavors of sweet and salty together especially chocolate and peanuts! For this variation, I used Nutella for the chocolate part.  I needed a spread that would secure the crushed peanuts. Altogether, this really satisfied my taste buds! Try it!


A great combination of sweet and salty!

A great combination of sweet and salty!


Chocolate and Bacon S’more

Chocolate and Bacon S'more

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. You might be surprised how good it is!

Now, don’t scoff until you’ve tried it. At our state fair they sell bacon dipped in chocolate so why not include it in a S’more?

For the picture, I put the chocolate on the bottom, but by placing the chocolate in the middle, it melts on the bacon better! Yes, it is GOOD! It’s another sweet and salty flavor combination.


You may notice this is more than seven. Yes, once I got started on this idea, my grandson and daughter got in on the ideas and came up with more.

Here are more combinations for you to try…


Cookies and Cream S’mores

Spread sweetened cream cheese on a graham cracker and top with broken Oreos. Of course, add a roasted marshmallow.



Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough S’mores

Spread pasteurized cookie dough on a graham cracker. Top it with a chocolate bar and marshmallow.


M-m-m-m-m- Good! I’ll have some more, please!

S'mores - 7 recipe variations for Summer Fun

Lots of ideas for delicious, mouth-watering S’more recipes!


Is this enough ideas for your summer campfires? Perhaps try a different one each week! You almost have enough variations for the entire summer! Now, you add the fun and sing some favorite songs, too!

Enjoy and make memories!


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Asian Style Asparagus

Asian-Style Asparagus

Asparagus is a favorite vegetable of mine and a favorite way to prepare it is Asian-Style! It is quick, simple and has great flavor. Try it and I think you’ll love Asian-Style Asparagus, too!

First wash and snap the ends of the asparagus.

Now, place them in a large skillet with a little olive oil and sauté for 2-3 minutes.

 When just about tender , sprinkle with soy sauce to taste and continue to sauté until done.  Do not overcook. Asparagus is best with a little crunch.

I use light soy sauce, but regular is fine, too. Light soy sauce is less salty.

Asian-Style Asparagus

Ok, isn’t that quick and easy?

Now serve and enjoy Asian Style Asparagus!


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