Large Group Games for all Ages

Need some large group games for all ages on any holiday or occasion? Here are some great ones!

Large Group Games for All Ages


I’ve enjoyed playing Bunco with adult groups, but for families with young children, the rules don’t work. I needed a Large Group Game for All Ages at Christmas time so that everyone (young and old) could take part. I had 40 family members coming ages 2-72, so I adapted the rules a bit and everyone got to participate and have fun!


  • 3 dice for each group
  • Disposable plate with edges (this keeps the dice from rolling all over)
  • Tally Sheet
  • Total Score Sheet
  • Prizes  I gave a “2 dollar bill” to each one of the winning team (get them at your bank) and gave small bags of candy to all the kids participating. It’s your choice for prizes.

Here’s what I did……

I had family groups, but you can divide into groups however you like. In Bunco, you move from group to group and keep an individual score. In Bunco Revised,  I didn’t have people move. They stayed as a family unit. It didn’t matter that some had 3 or some had 6. You just played when it was your turn.

The goal for each round is to roll a given number until the team reaches a score of 21.

Round 1 : Give a signal to start. Each player takes a turn. If they roll a “1”, it scores a point. If they roll three 1’s in one roll, they score 5 points. When no 1’s are rolled, they quickly pass the dice to the next player and they roll until no 1’s are rolled. Speed in rolling the dice is important. When the team reaches 21 points, they yell “BUNCO” and the session is over.

The winning team gets 5 points on their Total Score Sheet and any team with 18 or more scores 3 points. (I scored it this way, so the teams had closer scores and one team didn’t run away with the scoring.) You can score anyway you like.

Session #2 is for 2’s, session 3 is for 3’s, and so on until you have completed 6 sessions. The team with the highest total score wins.

Everyone loved it and had a great time!

Large Group Games for All Ages


Large Group Games for All Ages


3’s are FREE!

Another game that works is “3’s are FREE!”

This game can be played in family groups or any number of groups you wish.

In this game, each player rolls the three dice. Any “3” that is rolled doesn’t count. Player totals the other dice for the first round score and writes their score on the tally sheet.

Roll 1…..    On this roll, the player would score 7 because the “3’s” are free and don’t count.

Large Group Games for All Ages

Roll #2……  On this roll, the player would score only three! Add this number to the first score.

Large Group Games for All Ages

Play three rounds and total all three scores. The person with the lowest score wins!  Young children will need help totaling their score, but it’s a great addition game, too!

Play several rounds and award  5 points for the winner of each round. Total the awarded points to find the overall winner.


This game starts by everyone standing up. (Elderly can play sitting down, too.) Each player chooses what they think a flipped quarter will be “heads or tails”. Their choice is indicated by where they place their hands. Hands placed on top of their head is “heads” and hands placed behind on their “boom-pa” or “rear end” is tails.

Large Group Games for All Ages

Players must stay with their choice. Flip a quarter and call it heads or tails. Those that chose wrong, sit down. Players left standing will play another round. Again, they choose and when the coin is flipped, those who guessed correctly, stay standing and those wrong, sit down. When it is down to two or three players, they can’t all make the same choice. We’ve used this game with 165 players down to only a couple of players. If you have just a few players, you can play this multiple times and give the quarter to the winner or give points. Be sure to have a bunch of quarters on hand or the other option is to tally the points for the overall winner!

Other game options include some published games:

BINGO – an old favorite  Do this with pictures or numbers.

SCATTERGORIES ( play with families so kids can have input or divide into teams and move to different rooms or areas to compile their lists)

PICTIONARY – Young kids can take part in guessing, but sometimes they have a hard time drawing items. Make sure they feel comfortable if they want to try.

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Have fun!


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