Snowman Party Ideas for Kids

Snowman Party Ideas

Need some Snowman Party Ideas?

“Mid-winter blues” call for some fun! Brighten up the day with a fun-filled Snowman Party. These ideas can be used for a Tea, Birthday Party, Sleep-over, or just any special day.

First, start with an invitation. How excited they will be as they wait for this special party!

Here’s a sample invitation…..

Snowman Party Ideas

Next, plan a special table. It can be simple or elaborate. Shopping after-Christmas sales is a good time to find lots of items that fit a winter theme.

Snowman Party Ideas

Feature a snowman cake as the centerpiece or use stuffed snowman and lights under the cotton batting.

A local grocery store made this cute snowman cake. It was very reasonably priced. Remember, you don’t have to create everything yourself.

Snowman Party Ideas

Purchase “dollar-store” mugs.  Adding a simple snowman’s face with permanent markers, makes a great snowman accent.


Snowman Party Ideas

Go to  for more ideas for your table.

Snowman cheese sticks are quick and easy to make. Using markers, construction paper hats and ribbon, they take very little time to put together. Healthy, too!

Snowman Party Ideas

For lunch or dinner, have guests make their own Snowman pizza! Use Pillsbury Refrigerated Pizza Crust Classic Dough. Cut graduated circles from pizza dough, press the edges together and pre-bake according to directions. Place on parchment paper and let kids add the sauce, cheese, and decorations to make it look like a snowman. Use pepperoni for the mouth and boots, sliced black olives for the eyes, nose, and buttons. You can, also, use a small carrot slice or a piece of sausage for the nose. For the top, use spinach leaves. I know lots of kids only like cheese pizza so picky eaters can easily remove items they don’t like.

Snowman Party Ideas

Here are some fun game ideas based around the Snowman theme for you to use.

Game Ideas:

  1. Guess the number of snowballs     (use mini marshmallows)

Snowman Party Ideas


2. Make a Snowman

Using a roll of toilet paper, adults dressed their kids as a snowman. Kids can do this to the adults, too.


Snowman Party Games


3. Toss the Snowman into a snowbanks!

Using a small stuffed snowman, toss it into a container or an area lined with white fiber-fill. Give points for getting into the container or specified area.

4. Pin the Nose on the Snowman. (just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey)

5. Snowball Bowling (see picture above)

6. Snowball Drop

Using cotton balls, see how many you can drop into a can or container.

7. Roll-the-Dice Snowman Directions:

If you roll the following numbers, you can draw what the number represents. You can’t draw the hat or face if you haven’t first rolled a #1 for the head. You can’t draw the arms if you haven’t first rolled a #3 for the middle. #2,#3, and,#4 can be drawn at any time. If you roll the dice and can’t draw it, pass the dice to the next person.

  1.  A Hat
  2.  A Head
  3. The Middle Snowball
  4. The Bottom Snowball
  5. The Snowman’s Face
  6. Draw Stick Arms on the Middle Snowball

The first one to finish their Snowman, is the winner!


Another special treat is Snowman cookies. Send them home as a favor.

Snowman Party Ideas

Notice the milk, water, and lemonade labeled with fun, “snow” related names! There’s  a saying that you “Don’t eat the yellow snow!”  This time, it’s OK because it is lemonade.

Snowman Party Ideas

Also, add a time for reading a good Snowman book.  I just listed a few.

Snowmen at Night, Snowmen at Play, and Snowmen at Work  by Caralyn Buchner

The Biggest Snowman Ever by Steven Kroll

The Biggest, Best Snowman by Margery Cuyler

All You Need for a Snowman by Alice Schertle


Finally, at the end of the party, there’s a visit from a “SNOWMAN”!  Kids loved this fun snowman!  This costume came from Oriental Trading.  Get into the “snowman role” and have fun with it.

Snowman Party Ideas

Keep memories alive by making a picture book or text some pictures to the families.

I’m sure you can add your own ideas. It’s an easy theme to plan a party around. Have fun!




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