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My blog is from my experience as an elementary teacher, children’s pastor, mother of 3 , and grandmother (Oma) of 7! The ideas that I share have three requirements: inexpensive, fun to do and look good! All parents, grandparents. teachers or anyone that works with kids needs lots of ideas for crafts, games, and kid-friendly recipes. I hope the ideas I post are helpful and fun!

Along with having great times with grandkids, I like to decorate, cook and entertain. You will see posts that are along this line as well. Sorry, I just can’t stick to one subject. When I find something interesting, I enjoy sharing it. I like variety, don’t you?

How I got started doing this blog:

Each summer, my husband and I have held an” Oma and Opa” Camp for the grandchildren (age 4 and up). The purpose is to have a special time with them where we just have lots of fun activities, laughs and enjoy being together. It is also an opportunity to bond and form friendships with their cousins. We find that having them with just ourselves is quite different from when their parents are around. It is fun to see them become independent, responsible and helpful with what they have learned from home. At the beginning of the 4 day camp, we talk about expectations ( the teacher in me) and what they will be doing. They are so excited and look forward to coming each year. Last year, Kyle, age 4, told his mom that he had waited for Oma and Opa Camp all year!

I  build around a theme and plan activities, crafts, food, games, and Bible stories that relate to it in some way. During camp, I take lots of pictures and after camp is over, I create a photo memory book of all the memories from Oma and Opa Camp. They love these books and look at them over and over.

Many people encouraged me to share these ideas online and so I started to do just that.

I hope you’ll find some interesting things to cook, plan, create or just have a little fun with your family!

Phyllis (Oma)

(By the way, “Oma and Opa” is Dutch for Grandma and Grandpa)



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  1. Hello Oma! Love your concept of Opa and Oma camp – it’s great for the kids, parents and grandparents alike! Can we send ours to yours? 😉 Nice to meet you. #homematters

    • Wow! Nice to meet you, too! I was just doing some planning for this year’s camp when I saw your comment. You can send your grandkids, but it will really be expensive! HA!

  2. I’m visiting fro m the Friday Blog Booster. I love your Day Lilies center piece. It is really pretty with the green leaves and daisies. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, I like the contrast in colors!

  3. Hi! Just found your site through Elizabeth & co. where we were both featured. I write The Radish Patch.com….A gardening Blog. I was also a teacher, Sunday School teacher, and have three granddaughters I teaching to love God and gardening! So happy to find your site full of wonderful ideas. My oldest is only 3 but when she’s a little older I’m planning a “Gram’s Day” craft and garden camp…thanks for the great ideas! Donna Jones

    • Thanks for visiting! Sounds like we have a lot in common! I visited your site, too. Wow! You have a wonderful garden! Keep in touch!

  4. I too am a believer in The Lord jesus christ. i loved your post. We have 14 grands and two Great Grands. I am an Awana leader so I always look for great craft ideas. i am so blessed to have found you….

    • Thanks for stopping by! Great that you are active as an Awana leader. You have a lot of grandkids! That keeps you busy, I bet! I’m always trying to find find and create fun ideas of crafts for my grandkids. Blessings on you as you lead your grandkids and Awana kids! You’re doing great things for the Lord!

  5. I just found your site and intend to organize our first Oma and Opa camp this summer, 2014! Thank you for the wonderful and fun ideas! Keep them coming as I am not creative and need the help! God bless!

    • Oh, fun! Are you Oma and Opa, too?
      It will be fun, but be very organized! I always have more than what they can do just in case of rain! They like to just play and have fun together, too! Leave some time for that!

  6. I became an Oma on Wednesday Jan 16th 2013. It is the best ever! Thanks for the idea of a camp! Love the idea, now to get Opa on board.

    • How wonderful! Just do all the planning and let Opa come along for the ride!

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