Snowman With Kid’s Photo

This Snowman with a Kid’s Photo is a darling idea for displaying a child’s picture! They’ll get lots of laughs and giggles out of making their face appear on a snowman. Add a carrot nose for fun, too!  After all, winter is not over yet! At least in our area, it has just begun!

Snowman with Kid's Photo

For this project, you use inexpensive and basic materials which you already may have on hand.


Photo of Child printed out on copy paper

White, Blue, Brown, and Black Construction Paper

White Felt (optional) I used felt because I liked the texture. Either paper or felt works fine! Kids can cut construction paper easier than felt.

White Paint

Sponge brush or small sponges for painting

Toothpick for painting the snowflakes

White Glitter (optional)

Fabric Glue or regular glue if using construction paper



Take a photo and print a black and white or color copy on regular copy paper. Print size should be as big as you choose to make the snowman. Take a measurement of the photo and make a circle a 1/2 – 1 inch larger. You want a margin of white around the photo. I use this Best Art tool. It is so handy when you need to make circles a certain size. Check the link for more information about this tool!  Best Art and Craft Tool

I use this tool all the time!

Snowman with Kid's Photo

Make snowman out of white paper or felt. Start with the picture circle and make each one a bit larger.  Cut out the inside of the top circle and paste face behind the opening. (An adult needs to do this part for younger kids.)

Snowman with Kid's Photo


Paint the background on blue construction paper.  Add snow at the bottom with a sponge brush or other paint brush. (sponges work, too)

White glitter is optional….

To make it more 3-D, glue cotton over the paint.



Now, glue the snowman on the background paper. Add hat, arms, and other details to the snowman. Finally, add “snow” using a toothpick in white paint.  Cut a “carrot” for a nose!


Snowman with Kid Picture

To use as a school writing project, students write a story about their snowman or about things they like to do in the snow.

This is a fun project to do with any preschool through early elementary child. The end product becomes a keepsake! 


Snowman with Kid's Photo





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DIY Gift Bags


DIY Gift Bags are fun to make, easy to use and delightful to receive! They make gift-giving even more special when it’s in one of these cute DIY Gift Bags! Kids can make them, too. It is a wonderful classroom or individual project. 

( OK, this is another DIY Gift Bag idea. I got going by doing a snowman and then Olaf and then couldn’t stop with the ideas. So now you also have a reindeer, penguin, puppy and Santa! )


DIY Gift Bags

Materials are inexpensive and easily found. The bags are under $2.00 for 50 in the grocery department of Walmart next to the regular lunch bags. Other materials include fun foam or construction paper, felt, and glue (if using foam, be sure you use a special glue).  I used a combination of fun-foam and construction paper on these samples, but if you’re doing it in a classroom, all construction paper works fine and keeps the cost down.

Personally, I like a bit of dimension that the combination gives. For kids, it is harder to cut and more expensive to use the foam.


First, gather all your materials…..

Fun foam or construction paper, white bags, scissors, glue, pom-poms, cotton balls, permanent marker and felt

On the following pictures, there are approximate sizes for each piece. 


Santa Gift Bag

DIY Gift Bags


 Puppy Gift Bag

DIY Gift Bags



Rudolph or Reindeer Gift Bag  


DIY Gift Bags


Penguin Gift Bag 

The only difference for the Penguin Bag is the face piece. Cut from a piece of white  3 1/2 inches by  2  3/4 inches. The orange triangle beak is 3/4 in. by 3/4in.

On the Santa and Penguin bag, add a touch of blush on the cheeks with a q-tip. 

When you have placed the gift in the bag, secure on the sides with a small amount of tape. Now, watch for the comments on your cute DIY Gift Bags. These aren’t just for kids! 

DIY Gift Bags




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Leaf Art for Kids

 Celebrate fall with these two colorful ideas of Leaf Art for Kids. I would consider these middle elementary projects as they need to trace and cut well. This art not only looks great on a wall as a fall decoration, but also looks beautiful used as placemats. Each project uses construction paper which you probably have on hand! Other art tools used are scissors, crayons or markers and glue. 

Leaf Art for Kids


The first project is  a negative/positive leaf art. You need a square of construction paper (I used an 8 inch square. ) and a triangle of a different color. (Cut an 8 inch square diagonally) It looks best to do a light color and a dark color for contrast.  Make the squares small or large. Any size will work according to your leaf template size.

Make a leaf template (1/2 of leaf)  

Leaf Art for Kids

On the triangle, trace the leaf template. 

Leaf Art for kids


Cut the 1/2 leaf out. Save the piece that you just cut.

Glue the right-angled piece to the square by lining up the corners.

Leaf Art for Kids


Glue the cut-out leaf by lining it up to the other half.

Leaf art for Kids

Once the two pieces are glued, you can start the designs. Using a marker, make intricate designs on each piece. Make intricate designs by sectioning off parts of the leaf or background.  Now, make a different design in each area as simple or complicated as you like.

Leaf Art for Kids

Leaf Art for Kids


Do four and arrange like a quilt pattern.


Leaf Art for Kids

 Another idea is to make 4 inch ones and use as place-cards for your Thanksgiving dinner. Label with the name of each guest.


The second Leaf Art for Kids project is a bit shorter. 

Fold a sheet of construction paper in half and cut out a half leaf. Unfold to a full leaf. 

Leaf Art for Kids


Fold leaf back in half.

Cut slots in the leaf every inch stopping before you come to the edge of the leaf.

Leaf Art for Kids

Using one inch strips of construction paper, weave strips through the leaf. Trim at the edges of the leaf. 

Leaf Art for Kids



Fall is so beautiful with the different colors and textures of the leaves. These Leaf Art Projects capture some of the color and texture of the season. I hope you have fun making these with your elementary kids. 





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Sock Puppets

Sock puppets are fun and easy to make. Kids get to express their creativity with unique features. The puppets can look like an animal, alien, person or whatever! It is anything they want it to be. After making them, they can create a puppet show using their creations. The creativity doesn’t stop!

Sock Puppets

You know the socks that get eaten by the dryer? This is a good use for those orphan socks left over. I wanted grey ones (for wolves), but any color or size will do.

Materials for Sock Puppets:

Socks (any kind or color)


Tacky Glue or Glue Gun

Felt – various colors

Tag Board or cardboard from a cereal box

Google Eyes

Yarn – for fur, hair, etc.

Plus any additional items you may have for fun creations!  (pipe cleaners?)


 First, fold the sock sideways and cut a mouth opening.


sock puppets


Next, trace the mouth opening on a piece of tag board and fold in half so that it opens like a mouth. If the socks are all the same size, just use the same pattern. Save the pattern for cutting out the felt mouth.

Sock Puppets


Sock Puppets


Glue the tag board to the sock. If using tacky glue, you’ll need to use clothespins to hold in place to dry. I did the tacky glue first and then found it was quicker to just use the glue gun.

Sock Puppets

I did the first  steps ahead of time for my grandkids and they took it from this point to adding the rest.

Now, use the pattern for the mouth opening to trace the inside of the mouth out of felt.  (Let kids choose which color they want for the inside of the mouth.)

Glue the felt cut-out inside the mouth. Trim any overlapping edges.

Add tongue, teeth, eyes, nose, ears, hair, fur, hats or whatever they come up with to make it their own.

Sock Puppets

Sock Puppets

They loved making them and  each one turned out great!

Sock Puppets

Hint: The cheaper and thinner the felt, the easier it is to cut! Also, it helps to have a few cardboard templates of circles for them to trace for eyes, etc.

While we made wolves, which went with our Oma and Opa Camp theme, this project is adaptable for any character, insect, or animal.

Read a children’s book and then create the sock puppet characters in that story. Now, you get the idea so let kids go with their own creative ideas!

Watch for the entire post of Oma and Opa Camp with all our activities coming soon!



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Tabletop Woodland Garden (no maintenance)

When I saw the article on a Tabletop Woodland Garden in the May 2004 of my Country Gardens magazine, I knew this was something I wanted to try making. There’s one difference, however. Their garden needed watering and mine doesn’t! I didn’t want to mess with watering little miniature plants and besides the artificial succulents look real anyway. I figured I would try to make mine no-maintenance! Then, when we go on vacation, I don’t have to worry about watering these little plants!

Tabletop Woodland Garden

Here’s my inspiration article from Country Gardens (May) 2004

Tabletop Woodland Garden


The Tabletop Woodland Garden looks like a miniature peek into the deep woods. It’s fun to discover lichen covered wood, various types of moss, and small plants tucked into little nooks and crannies. The interesting nature display invites close-up looks for sure!

Materials Needed:

Tray ( This was their suggestion, but I found this wasn’t needed as you can duplicate various heights with layers of cardboard or poster board. Because my version didn’t need watering, the tray wasn’t necessary for protection. The tray pictured was from the Dollar Tree. Because I had it, I used it anyway for a layer of height.)

Poster Board, scrap wood pieces, styrofoam balls, etc.

Moss Collection  (found at Michael’s) this had various kinds of moss and lichens

Decor Naturals (found at Dollar Tree)

Spanish Moss ( found at Dollar Tree)

Miniature accessories – turtle, small pinecones, seedpods, pieces of wood, rocks, etc.

Glue Gun

Small artificial plants…   succulents, ferns, etc.  Small pieces of artificial plants cut from larger ones.

With these supplies, you have more than enough for more than one Tabletop Woodland Garden.

Tabletop Woodland Garden


When I first thought of doing this project, I asked my grandson to search for some interesting pieces of wood that I might be able to use. He found my main piece of driftwood. Besides the driftwood, he found the interesting tangle of wood or roots. How excited I was that he found them! They were perfect!


Work on this project outside. You’ll have lots of debris so make it easy by working outdoors on a picnic table and let the wind clean it up!

Step 1

I covered the base (included the upside down tray) with the display moss and glued it to the items. Cover a piece of styrofoam or small cardboard box for a  small  “hill” to vary the different levels of the base.


Step 2

Next, I started placing the various items on the base. I didn’t glue them until I  liked  their placement. Add lichens on the wood and a moss strip on the wood piece (cut from the sheet of display moss). Notice the  piece of styrofoam with Spanish moss to make a small mound to vary heights. Keep building and adding until you like the finished product….

Tabletop Woodland Garden


Step 3

Add miniature cones, seeds, etc. and a cute turtle or mushroom. (still looking for a small mushroom)  Now, one last check just to see if it looks interesting from all angles! Notice the little turtle climbing up the driftwood?


When satisfied, check all views from front, side and back.

Back view……

Tabletop Woodland Garden

Side view……. Tabletop Woodland Garden


Interesting from all sides!

Tabletop Woodland Garden

This craft is nature inspired for indoor enjoyment. It will last a long time with no upkeep or watering!  Each one you make will be entirely different.

Tabletop Woodland Garden

Now, I’m still on the hunt for some small artificial mushrooms! I’ll add them later.

Start collecting those interesting driftwood pieces and other nature finds!

Enjoy and have fun creating!


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Easy Bird Art for Kids

Easy Bird Art for Kids


This may look difficult, but “Easy Bird Art for Kids” is actually doable for many  preschool through primary age kids with some adult direction. It gives practice with both cutting and math skills. For measurements, we used the Safe-T-Compass. If you’re not familiar with it, you may want to  view the post of the Best Art and Craft Tool. I couldn’t be without this tool as it makes circles with such ease.

First, have the child draw the background on a white piece of paper. Let kids scribble with a light blue crayon to make it look like the sky.  Cut an uneven long piece of brown paper for the branch. Add another small branch to make a “V”.

Easy Bird Art for Kids

Directions are for two birds…….

Next, draw two  blue, one light orange, and one brown, 4 inch diameter circle.  Cut circles out. This will make two bluebirds.

Remember to talk about the diameter measurement. This is a math skill they can learn while doing this project.

Draw and cut out ( 2) – 2  1/4 inch circles of blue for the heads. Let the kids cut them out as they don’t have to be perfect!

Easy  Bird Art for Kids


Now, overlap the two half circles of blue and orange and glue.

Easy Bird Art for Kids

Add the small circle for the head, glue and color in the eye with a crayon.

Easy Bird Art for Kids

Bend the second half-circle for the wing and add a small triangle for the beak.

Easy Bird Art for Kids

Color the nest with a brown crayon to add some depth.  A few scribbles will do.

Place nest near the “V” on the branch and place the bird to the right of the nest just elevated a bit to leave room for the feet.

Easy Bird Art for Kids

Add the eye,  feet, leaves,  and little birds in the nest (just a little circle with a small beak). Now, you have a wonderful work of art for Spring.

By using the colors of brown and red, it changes to a robin!

Easy Bird Art for Kids


Easy Bird Art for Kids

Put a worm in the robin’s mouth and place the robin down in the grass.  Birds can be anywhere!

Easy, isn’t it? Have fun with your children and grandchildren as you do this art project! Let them be creative as to where they want to place the bird.

This Easy Bird Art for Kids’ Project is one that you will want to display!

Talk about the birds migrating back in the Spring. How do they know how to do that? God created them to do that!

Easy Bird Art for Kids

Thanks for taking the time to stop by,


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Best Art and Craft Tool

Best Art and Craft Tool

Have you ever hunted in your pantry or cupboards for the right size object to trace a circle? You try every can, glass, saucer, cup, and none are just the right size!  Now, no more frustration in finding just the right-sized circle! The answer for the best art and craft tool is the Safe-T-Compass.

Best Art and Craft Tool

You’ll always have just the right size circle at your fingertips with Safe-T-Compass. It is the best art and craft tool (next to scissors and glue)! Let me show you why…..

There are several ways to use this art and craft tool!

1. Use the straight edge as a small ruler.

So handy when you keep it right in a pencil caddy!

Best Art and Craft Tool

2. Make circles

Best Art and Craft Tool

Easy to make any size circle….

Best Art and Craft Tool

3. Make arcs.

Easy for making rainbows!

Best Art and Craft Tool

4. Inside circle for very small circles – eyes, nose, etc.

Best Art and Craft Tool


Best Art and Craft Tool


This tool creates circles accurately just the size that you need.

Best Art and Craft Tool

This art and craft tool is completely safe and simple to use. It is easy enough for children to use, too!. I keep my Safe-T-Compass in my pencil caddy so it is handy to use anytime. Remember those compass tools of the past? Dangerous!!! Long, sharp point….yikes! You wouldn’t  be allowed on an airplane with them today!

Kids  can’t draw circles easily and they get frustrated when they try. Well, this tool makes it so easy. Even some preschool children can do it. Most young children can manage it with someone holding it in place.  Suddenly circle crafts and art projects become unlimited in possibilities and much more fun!

Think of all the possibilities….   snowmen, earth, balls, eyes, flowers, etc. ……..anything that can be done with a circle!

Great way to teach the terms radius and diameter, too! Kids won’t know they are learning a math skill!

Well, did I convince you that this is a must have? I have two of them. I keep them handy all the time! It makes a great little gift, too. They are so inexpensive!

Now your problem for finding the right-sized circle is solved!

Find this Safe-T-Compass tool at Dick Blick. They have the best price I have found!

Yes, by ordering from Dick Blick, I will receive a little reimbursement. However, I have used this tool long before doing this blog so my opinions are completely mine! Thanks for your support! Appreciate it!



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Easter Cross – Amazing Grace

Easter Cross Amazing Grace

This easy Easter craft of the “Easter Cross- Amazing Grace” is a meaningful reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross and the “grace” (undeserved free gift”) that is extended to all who call on His name. The wonderful gift of salvation is given to us by His payment of our sins! AMAZING!


Cross Art #cross #Easter craft #kids easter craft

Easy to make for adults and kids!


Below is the inspiration for the craft……   Looks great, but you need wall space to hang it! Plus it is expensive to do!


Easter Cross - Amazing Grace #Easter #cross #amazing-grace

Easter Cross – My inspiration piece!


This idea was on Pinterest. The original post is from keierleber It was the inspiration piece that gave birth to a simple and less expensive idea that became the craft  for our Mops group (Mother of Preschoolers) at our church. No, I don’t have preschoolers, but serve as a mentor mom to this wonderful group of moms.

The original cross is made from large letters purchased at craft store which are glued together to form this cross.  It looks “Amazing” and I love the message, but it was expensive to buy each of these letters. Since that didn’t fit into the budget, a member of our planning group had a Cricut and was willing to do the letters.

She used plain copy paper and made them 1- 1/2 inches tall. They worked perfectly! The cost factor was perfect, too!

Using scrapbook tag-board paper for the background, the letters were arranged on an  8 x 10 piece. We used mounting tape to adhere the letters to the background.  No messy glue! The finished product was placed in an inexpensive 8 x 10 frame to display!

With the  1   1/2 inch letters pre-cut, it only took 20 -25 minutes to put together! Of course, part of that time was having fun chit-chatting away and looking at what others were doing with their creations. For you, it may take even less time.

Easter Cross-Amazing Grace - Mops Moms  #Easter #Cross #Easter Art

Mops moms working on their projects and adding their creative touches!


Easter Cross Art Project  #Amazing Grace #cross #Easter

They turned out amazing! The moms took them home to display the real message of Easter! The framed cross is easily displayed standing or hung on a wall!


After  Mops ended, the idea came to me that this would work for kids by making it more kid-friendly. It makes a great craft for Wednesday night church clubs or Sunday School. By using foam letters (easier for kids to handle) and lightly placing a line for kids to follow down the middle vertically and horizontally, they would be able to make one, too! So off I went to get the foam letters…..  Foam letters are hard to find in one color, so use the cricut letters if you don’t like the multi-colored letters. Also, I found it very hard to find lots of “Z’s”‘ in one package. If you are making just a couple, the foam letters work, otherwise find someone that can cut out the letters.

Using small pieces of mounting tape works better than glue. Glue gets too messy for these letters. If  you are cutting out letters, making them larger makes it easier for kids to handle. If using larger letters, just use a legal-sized piece of paper and use a glue stick!

 This is the “elementary and up” kid version of this craft! I used construction paper for the background. It is simple, easy, inexpensive, and yet meaningful!! Notice the “n” on its side is a “z” and the “m” is an upside “w”!! It’s the best we could do for letters!

Easter Cross Amazing Grace

This craft provides a great opportunity to explain to kids the meaning of the Easter Cross.

Hope this gives Sunday School teachers, club volunteers and parents a great tool for talking about the real meaning of Easter!

John 3:16   For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son so that anyone who believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (The Living Bible)

There’s a great kids’ song called “A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. My grandkids love it! Check it out on Youtube.

Have a blessed Easter!



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Watermelon Centerpieces


Watermelon Centerpieces
Elegant creations from watermelons and cantaloupe! Tutorial link included. #watermelon #centerpieces

Summer is coming and soon we’ll see bins of watermelon in the grocery stores! Instead of just serving watermelon wedges, think about creating a centerpiece out of it. If you happen to get a tasteless one, this might be a way to salvage it for another purpose.

 While this is not like my usual posts, I just had to share these ideas. Perhaps they’ll inspire you to try something different. Some of these ideas are easy and some more difficult.

Watermelon Flower  #watermelon #fruit creations #centerpieces
Imagine this bursting forth on your table! Truly a show-stopper!  #fruit  #centerpiece #watermelon flower



 Are you brave enough to try this?

Beautiful Watermelon Creation! Perfect for a fruit  and salad table!  #watermelon #watermelon creation #centerpiece
Flower centerpiece made from a watermelon. #fruit#centerpiece #fruit-centerpiece


Now, the next one is way beyond my ability!  Don’t think I’ll be trying this, but if you are artistic, go for it! The headdress is from radishes and greenery.

Watermelon Sculpture
Watermelon Sculpture!
#watermelon #fruit sculpture #watermelon creations


Made with leaves carved out of the watermelon rind, this next creation uses long carrot curls for the petals, and black raspberries for the center! Soak the long carrot shavings in ice water to make them curl. Then, place them to look like the flower petals. Use toothpicks or skewers to hold everything in place.

Fruit flower creation!
Beautiful Flower made with watermelon rind carved leaves, long carrot curls and black raspberries!


Another melon creation made from cantaloupe!

Another beautiful flower made from fruit.
Made from canteloupe!

The best video for directions on how to do the roses is on YouTube at this site…

Watermelon rose
Watermelon made to resemble a rose.
Watermelon Centerpiece
Watermelon Centerpiece Carving

This bird is easier than it looks. Hold everything together with skewers and then cut off with pliers at the entrance point to hide it. 

See my  Fruit & Vegetable Creations post for pictures of the construction.


 Now if you are brave and you feel inspired, it is your turn to try these watermelon creations for your centerpiece! Beautiful, aren’t they? Thanks to the chefs on Royal Caribbean for the inspiration and for instructions on YouTube!


I’m starting on the Watermelon Rind and Carrot Curls Flower!

What have you got to lose?

If it doesn’t turn out, just eat it!

Phyllis (Oma)

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Origami Art for Children

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Origami Art for Children

Great color and pattern exploration! Beautiful designs made by elementary kids. #art #origami #kid art

 Origami is the art of paper-folding.

This is a simple project where kids or adults can have fun with color and design.

 Using just two simple folding methods, these designs are quite easy, dazzling in color, and fun to do. Designs can be symmetrical or free-flowing. This is a great project to experiment with color combinations, patterns or simply creating an interesting picture. The project keeps elementary kids busy and hold their interest for a long time!

The end product looks great because they are so colorful and 3-dimentional!


Neon or brightly colored copy paper (cut in 3 inch squares or any size square you wish),

or use Post-it or Sticky Notes ( 3 inch squares)


Background paper (Construction paper or whatever you prefer)

Triangle Fold

Step 1 Triangle Fold #sticky note #post-it note #origami art

Triangle fold with 3 inch paper square or post-it notes. #origami #cross #Easter


Triangle Fold - Step 2 #origami #Easter #kid art

Origami Fold
Step 2
#origami #Art #post-it note


Rectangle Fold

Origami Art #Art  #Origami  #Kid Art


Kid Created Art Designs

These designs used the rectangle fold. The designs differ by linking or connecting the pieces in various ways.

Origami Art #art #kid art  #origami

Origami Art

Origami Art


Origami Art #kid art #art #origami

origami Art

Use the triangle fold to create flowers and leaves!

Leaves are made from smaller squares folded in the triangle fold.

 : origami Flowers #flower #origami #origami flowers

or even a caterpillar!

origami   #origami #art #kids art

A creepy crawly caterpillar!

And a rainbow!

Origami Rainbow #origami #kid art #art

Origami Rainbow
#origami #kid art #children


Origami Art Design   #art #origami #kids art

Design using triangle folds. #origami #kids art #post-it note art    www.grandparentsplus

The possibilities are endless!

Use the small triangle folds for birds in a tree, leaves,  or fish in an ocean. 

Try it and have fun with color and design!

My earlier post of the “Origami Cross” also explains this method. Click here to view it.

What will you create?

Phyllis (Oma)


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Origami Cross – Easter Cross Craft

Easter Cross Craft

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Origami Cross  #cross #Easter #origami

Origami Cross
#Easter #cross #origami

While this is classified as an “Easter art project”, this Origami Cross Craft has real meaning. Easter is not about the bunnies, chickens, eggs, and candy. All those things are fun, but Easter is really about Jesus paying our debt on the cross.

Doing this craft will give you lots of time to talk about the real meaning of Easter with your child. 

Now, on to the tutorial…..

If your child can fold paper, they can do this project. If they have difficulty folding the paper, an adult can pre-fold the paper for them and they can assemble the pieces from that point.  Start with either 3 inch square post-it notes or cut paper into 3 inch squares.  Actually, post-it notes work great and save you the work of cutting , but they are more expensive. Use neon copy paper or post-it notes for a punch of color.  Construction paper is too thick for folding so use it only for the background.

Step 1

Fold the paper in half.

Step 1  Triangle Fold #sticky note #post-it note #origami art

Triangle fold with 3 inch paper square or post-it notes. #origami #cross #Easter

Step 2

Fold the paper to form a V  by folding one corner of the folded top to the half way point and the same with the other corner. See picture….

Easter Cross - Step 2  #origami #Easter #kid art

Origami Fold
Step 2
#origami #Easter #post-it note

Step 3

Fold background paper both horizontally into 1/3rd  and vertically in half. This gives you a lightly creased line to follow and place the folded pieces.

Orgami Cross #Easter #origami #Art


Easter Cross #Easter #Cross #Origami

Step 4

In the center, place 4 of the origami folded papers with the points touching to form a square.

Origami Cross #Easter #cross #origami

Starting point …. 4 pieces with triangle points touching on the creased intersection point.


Step 5

Place other folded papers slightly inside the previous one working out in each direction to form a cross.

Origami Cross #cross #easter #origami

Place 4 triangle folds in the middle with the tip of the triangles in line with the lightly creased lines. #Easter #cross #origami

Easy, isn’t it?  Any size square of paper works, but you need  a consistent size for this cross. Smaller squares make a lovely 3-D Easter card. The small squares are harder to fold, however.


Display your Easter Cross Craft to remind you what Easter is really about!

Jesus, God’s Son, came to pay for our sins on the cross. He conquered death and rose again. We have the choice to accept Jesus as our Savior, and receive the gift of salvation, choosing to live for Him each day. What a precious gift – the promise of eternal life with Him!

Celebrate the gift of salvation this Easter!

He is Risen!



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Birch Trees – An easy video tutorial for kids or adults!

If a 7 yr. old can do this, you can too!


Black Tempera Paint

Watercolor Paints


Paper & Pencil

Corrugated Cardboard cut into  2″ x 2″ pieces ( this doesn’t have to be exact)



Lightly draw lines where the birch trees will be.  The trees closer will be larger and those farther in the distance will be small. It is a good way to teach this concept.

Dip edge of cardboard in the black tempera paint. Blot it on newspaper so as not to get too much paint. Watch the video of the technique……

Birch Trees – Paint Tutorial-video

This is how my granddaughter did it.

Once you have the trees made, let them dry. Switch to water colors and add the foreground, background, leaves (depending on which season you are painting), sky, and any other things you might want to add. (an animal, animal tracks, flowers, etc.)

Finished Product

Done by a 7-year-old!


She was very proud of how it turned out! So was I!


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