Large Group Games for all Ages

Need some large group games for all ages on any holiday or occasion? Here are some great ones!

Large Group Games for All Ages


I’ve enjoyed playing Bunco with adult groups, but for families with young children, the rules don’t work. I needed a Large Group Game for All Ages at Christmas time so that everyone (young and old) could take part. I had 40 family members coming ages 2-72, so I adapted the rules a bit and everyone got to participate and have fun!


  • 3 dice for each group
  • Disposable plate with edges (this keeps the dice from rolling all over)
  • Tally Sheet
  • Total Score Sheet
  • Prizes  I gave a “2 dollar bill” to each one of the winning team (get them at your bank) and gave small bags of candy to all the kids participating. It’s your choice for prizes.

Here’s what I did……

I had family groups, but you can divide into groups however you like. In Bunco, you move from group to group and keep an individual score. In Bunco Revised,  I didn’t have people move. They stayed as a family unit. It didn’t matter that some had 3 or some had 6. You just played when it was your turn.

The goal for each round is to roll a given number until the team reaches a score of 21.

Round 1 : Give a signal to start. Each player takes a turn. If they roll a “1”, it scores a point. If they roll three 1’s in one roll, they score 5 points. When no 1’s are rolled, they quickly pass the dice to the next player and they roll until no 1’s are rolled. Speed in rolling the dice is important. When the team reaches 21 points, they yell “BUNCO” and the session is over.

The winning team gets 5 points on their Total Score Sheet and any team with 18 or more scores 3 points. (I scored it this way, so the teams had closer scores and one team didn’t run away with the scoring.) You can score anyway you like.

Session #2 is for 2’s, session 3 is for 3’s, and so on until you have completed 6 sessions. The team with the highest total score wins.

Everyone loved it and had a great time!

Large Group Games for All Ages


Large Group Games for All Ages


3’s are FREE!

Another game that works is “3’s are FREE!”

This game can be played in family groups or any number of groups you wish.

In this game, each player rolls the three dice. Any “3” that is rolled doesn’t count. Player totals the other dice for the first round score and writes their score on the tally sheet.

Roll 1…..    On this roll, the player would score 7 because the “3’s” are free and don’t count.

Large Group Games for All Ages

Roll #2……  On this roll, the player would score only three! Add this number to the first score.

Large Group Games for All Ages

Play three rounds and total all three scores. The person with the lowest score wins!  Young children will need help totaling their score, but it’s a great addition game, too!

Play several rounds and award  5 points for the winner of each round. Total the awarded points to find the overall winner.


This game starts by everyone standing up. (Elderly can play sitting down, too.) Each player chooses what they think a flipped quarter will be “heads or tails”. Their choice is indicated by where they place their hands. Hands placed on top of their head is “heads” and hands placed behind on their “boom-pa” or “rear end” is tails.

Large Group Games for All Ages

Players must stay with their choice. Flip a quarter and call it heads or tails. Those that chose wrong, sit down. Players left standing will play another round. Again, they choose and when the coin is flipped, those who guessed correctly, stay standing and those wrong, sit down. When it is down to two or three players, they can’t all make the same choice. We’ve used this game with 165 players down to only a couple of players. If you have just a few players, you can play this multiple times and give the quarter to the winner or give points. Be sure to have a bunch of quarters on hand or the other option is to tally the points for the overall winner!

Other game options include some published games:

BINGO – an old favorite  Do this with pictures or numbers.

SCATTERGORIES ( play with families so kids can have input or divide into teams and move to different rooms or areas to compile their lists)

PICTIONARY – Young kids can take part in guessing, but sometimes they have a hard time drawing items. Make sure they feel comfortable if they want to try.

Be sure to check out my other posts on Christmas Games, Valentine Games, Thanksgiving Games  Easter and Halloween-Harvest Games.

Have fun!


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Halloween-Harvest Games

Looking for some fun ideas for your Halloween – Harvest Parties? I’ve created and compiled many Halloween-Harvest games for both adults and children. The best fun is laughter and good times together. Make some memories with these games and activity ideas.

  Halloween-Harvest Games


Pumpkin Bowling:

Halloween-Harvest Games

Use a small mini pumpkin. Participants “roll” the pumpkin towards plastic bottles set up in bowling fashion. Each person gets two tries. With small groups, you may repeat and add the score from earlier tries.  Judge the distance by the age of your participants.


Gather the Pumpkins:

Using small candy pumpkins, set them behind lamps, books, and in various places around the house. Use a disposable cup and kids need to gather and find as many as they can in  3 -5 minutes.


Pumpkin Decorating Contest:

Set out duct tape, Washi tape, markers, self-stick foam, acrylic paints, pom-poms, stickers, buttons, eyes, yarn, ribbon, raffia, etc. and let them decorate a pumpkin. Have prizes for funniest, craziest, sweetest, scariest, cutest, most artistic……you get the idea.  Give a time limit  – 30 – 60 minutes.

Halloween-Harvest Games

Leaf Relay:

Halloween-Harvest Games

Contestants move artificial or pressed fall leaves from one area to another by sucking them up with a straw.   Give a time limit for each contest or use as a relay.


Leaf  or Pumpkin Match:

Each person has an envelope with twelve different pairs of cut-out leaves. On a given signal, each opens up the envelope and matches the pairs. This works with pumpkins, too. Just make them slightly different shapes.


Pin the Tail on the Donkey Variation:

Pin the nose on  the Pumpkin, Pin the Tail on the Cat, Pin the nose on the Witch, etc……..


Guess the number of Pumpkin Seeds!

Take a pumpkin and have kids guess the number of seeds there will be in it.  Cut it, clean it, and count the seeds!


Pumpkin Toss:

Halloween-Harvest Games

Take a pumpkin, small, medium or large (size depends on age of participants) and see how far they can toss it. (outside)


Corn Hunt:

Fill a bin or large container (it needs to be deep) with dried corn (buy at a feed store).  Add pennies or nickels in with the dried corn. Kids have a certain time to find all the coins they can.


Corn Scatter:

Throw dried corn out on your yard. Kids have 3-5 minutes to find as many kernels as possible. Left over corn will be appreciated by the wildlife!


What is IT?:

Have several covered boxes with bowls inside. Put various items in each bowl that need to be identified by just feeling.  Contestants are blindfolded and need to say what it is before removing their hand. Give them 10 seconds.  Examples….mashed bananas, peeled grapes, spaghetti, cut-up tomatoes, baked beans, oatmeal, cottage cheese…….  Who identified the most?



Since Halloween and Harvest Parties are often about candy, here’s a few candy games…..  (They work for other holidays, too!)

The Candy Game:

Go to   There are twenty pictures of candy bars. It is a multiple choice game to name each one.  A different variation is to buy several candy bards,  number them, and place on separate dishes to pass around the group.  Participants need to write the name of the candy bar down. The one who identifies the most wins! Be sure to break them in half so it shows the inside.


The Candy Bar Match Game:

Go to FamilyReunionHelper for this game


Roll the Dice Candy Game:

Go to IceBreakerCandyGame


Pumpkin Throw:

Halloween-Harvest Games Have several buckets or containers labeled with point values. From a starting line, Individuals or teams take part by throwing mini-pumpkin into one of the containers. Count the points toward the team or person’s score.  Determine the number of tries for each team or person.

Variation: Try dropping candy pumpkins into a small container by kneeling over the back of the chair. (similar to dropping clothespins in a bottle)


Eyeball Bounce:

Halloween-Harvest Games  

Draw an eyeball on a ping-pong ball.  The object is to bounce the eyeball into a plastic pumpkin (with a large opening).

 Decide distance depending on the age of the participants.

Eyeball Roll:

In this version, roll the eyeballs across the table into numbered cups. Give 5 chances and add up the score.

Halloween - Harvest Games


Pumpkin Hockey


This needs a large outside area to play. Players move the pumpkin around obstacles to a finish line using a hockey stick, broom, or long stick. Time each participant. Shortest time wins. Using as a relay, divide into two teams and move to a marked area in a gym or outside and come back again. Hand off to the next person.Variation: for indoors, use a broom and move around a marked area (around furniture, chairs, etc.) One person plays at a time. 



Free Printable Game Sites:


For another activity, try these Pumpkin Carols! 

Pumpkin Carols at

Also…. Peanuts Pumpkin Carols



Hope you enjoy these Halloween – Harvest Games!

Have fun!



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Garden Tic-Tac-Toe Game

On the spur of the moment, stop to play a Garden Tic-Tac-Toe Game! Placed in an outdoor space,  you’ve got a moment of fun ready anytime. This craft is easy, inexpensive, and kids enjoy making and playing it!

Garden Tic, Tac, Toe

Materials Needed:

1 – 12  inch tile (I bought them at Menards for $.99!)

10 rocks per game (You can collect them or buy a bag at the Dollar Tree)

Acrylic Paint, small brushes, spray varnish or acrylic sealer

Sharpie – oil based paint – purchased at Home Depot or use acrylic paint and seal it.

Blue Painter’s Tape


First, tape the 12 inch tile into three 4 inch sections.  Do one direction at a time.(I taped this ahead of time.) Make it so they always paint with the Sharpie on the same side of the tape. It is less confusing!

Garden Tic, Tac, Toe Game

When dry, move the tape to the other direction and paint again following the taped line.

Next, while waiting for the lines to dry, paint the rocks. They can paint an image, make a face, flower,bee, etc. or just paint them any color. Five rocks are one image or color and the other five are another image or color.

Garden Tic, Tac, Toe Game


Garden Tic, Tac, Toe Game

Seal rocks with an acrylic sealer. An adult needs to do this part in a well ventilated area.

Place in a garden or part of a landscaped area where you can stop and play a quick game!

This Garden Tic-Tac-Toe Game was one of the crafts that we made at our Oma and Opa Camp 2014. Watch for the complete Oma and Opa Camp post coming soon.



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Summer Hockey Game

I made a Summer Hockey Game – “Slip and Slide” version for the grandkids. It was one of the fun events for our Oma and Opa Camp 2014. (Grandma & Grandpa Camp) The kids are ages 5-10 and this was a hit for all  ages.  The older kids really liked playing it fast, but it was easy enough for the little 5 yr.- olds to take part, too!

Summer Hockey Game - slip and slide

Materials Needed:

Large tarp – I used a 10′ by 20′ tarp.  Make it bigger, if you have two players on each side at one time.

Duck Tape – any 2 colors

1  – 3/8″ dowel – 4 feet

2 pool noodles

Landscape Fabric Pegs – find these at Home Depot in the nursery department

2 rubber balls (I bought these at Dollar Tree – 2 balls for $1.)



Use duct tape to tape a center  line on the tarp.

Use the second color to tape a line about 3 feet in front of the goal.

Cut dowel into four 1 foot  sections.

Use Fabric Pegs to secure tarp down on the lawn by placing them in the rivets and hammering them down. Make sure pegs get pounded level with the ground to prevent injuries.

On each end, pound dowel sections in two of the rivets ( approx. 3 in. down). Bend pool noodle and insert ends over the dowels for the goal.

Spray water all over the tarp and then squirt with soap (no-tears shampoo – if it gets in their eyes)

Add more water and soap as needed throughout the game!


Rules of the Game:

These are the rules we played…

Players could not go over the middle line. They had to shoot and play from their side.

No goal tending.

Players must be on their knees or slide around seated.

Balls must be hit with their open hand; not thrown. Balls could be caught with their hands, but then place down and hit with an open hand to score.

Vary play by using two balls at a time. Using two balls makes the Summer Hockey Game a lot faster. Extra kids not playing acted as ball runners.

With lots of kids, rotate them in.

Summer Hockey Game - slip & slide



  Summer Hockey Game - slip and slide


 This is a very “clean” game!! Rinse the kids off and no bath needed!  HA!

Have fun! I know your kids or grandkids will enjoy this game!


I’ll be posting the complete Oma and Opa Camp 2014, later.  So much to include!

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Easter Games

Easter Games for Family Fun

With families getting together at Easter time, it is always fun to have some Easter games to play. It adds some fun and memories for both kids and adults.

Some of these Easter games my sister and I’ve made up, some are “old” ones, and some have links to where they can be found. As  I come across or “think up” new ones, I will update and add to this list.

You’ll notice a different version of the old-fashioned egg hunt which is turned into the “Bunny Banker”. Check it out and have fun with it!

Easter Games for Fun!

1. Bunny Hop

You will need….1 die, 12- 15  numbered paper slips (one set for each player), Paper carrots or stuffed bunnies.


Tape numbered paper slips on the floor each being one hop apart.

Players take turns and rolls the die. If it lands on an even number, they may “hop” 2 places forward on the numbered slips. If it lands on an odd number, they must “hop” back one . The first one to finish and reach the carrot, wins!

Easter Games

A large die was made from a gift box. Just color in the dots!


Easter Games #Easter #games #kid-activites


2. Throw Peter Rabbit into Mr. McGregor’s Garden or the Easter Basket

Take a small stuffed bunny and from a distance, try to land it in ‘Mr. McGregor’s garden” Use an Easter basket as the garden. Vary the distance according to age. Give each person 3-5 tries.

Rabbit Toss Easter Game #Easter #Games #kids-games


3. The Easter Bunny Banker

This idea is from my sister. Instead of more candy, fill the eggs with coins or slips of paper with a coin value. After finding the Easter eggs, they had to go to the “Bunny Banker” to cash in their coins for dollar bills. This gives good practice for counting money. The Bunny Banker was her husband sitting at a table all dressed in rabbit ears, nose and chewing on a carrot!

Easter Games

He kept saying, “What’s up, Doc?”! He was a greedy bunny wanting all the eggs and was willing to “pay” for them. The kids had fun counting their money slips to turn in for cash! Hopefully you can talk your husband or relative to play the greedy “Bunny Banker” role! The kids loved it!

4. Guessing Jar

Place candy, cotton balls (bunny tails) or small objects in a jar and have them guess the number contained in the jar . Keep the number under 100 for younger children.

5. Egg and Spoon Race

Kids hold an egg on a spoon and race to the finish line.  (For older kids, use raw eggs; younger use hard-boiled or plastic)

Play this individually or use as a relay! If the egg drops, the player needs to pick the egg up, go back,  and start over from the beginning or if using raw eggs, get a new one.

6. Egg Bowling

Fill plastic eggs with rice or sand and tape shut. Give each team a different color. From a distance, roll eggs to knock down plastic rabbit figures or bottles place in a row. Inexpensive figures from the dollar store will do. Each team member gets one turn. Score points for the number of bunny figures or bottles knocked down. The next team gets their turn. Play several rounds and tally the points.

Or……Play individually and give each person 3 tries.

Here’s another variation of this Easter Game

7. Steal the Egg

This game is very similar to Capture the Flag.


8.  Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny or Pin the Egg in the Basket

  Free Easter Clipart


Play a version of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”

Draw a bunny figure  or basket and have kids blindfolded try to pin the tail on the bunny or land the eggs in the basket.

A ready-made game for Pin the Tail on the Bunny is available from…….  

Oriental Trading

9.  Easter Egg Toss

Play outside with a partner using either raw or hard-boiled eggs. Move back each time and see whose egg stays whole the longest!

10. Egg Scramble

Place an equal amount of each color plastic eggs in a large circle( for younger kids) or around in a designated area. Players have 3 minutes to find their color, only. (If you’re playing with a small group, give them two colors.) Count the number of their eggs found! (You need a  large number of plastic eggs for this game!

11. Carrot Scavenger Hunt

Take a bag or two of individual carrots and hide them throughout the yard.  Kids search for them and turn them in for a prize or money! Hey, no need to worry about carrots not found as they’ll get eaten by a real bunny! Warn the kids that they need to be washed before eaten! After all, carrots come from the ground so no need to waste them!

12. Egg Relay

Each team has a basket of plastic eggs at the start and an empty basket at the end. Teams need to pass the plastic eggs from one person to another. Any eggs that drop, must be returned to the starting basket. First team with all their eggs in the ending basket, wins!

Using lots of eggs makes this fast and fun!


13. “Hot” Hard-Boiled Egg – version of Hot Potato

Players sit in a circle and pass the egg quickly while the music is playing. When the music stops, the person holding the egg is “out”. Music starts again and play continues until there is one winner.

14. Treasure Hunt

Play this game in teams or as one group of kids. Clues are place in numbered plastic eggs. Starting with the first egg, the clue is read with a hint to where the next egg is located. Keep going with several clues until the last clue that tells where there are prizes for each child.

15. Egg Bocce Ball

Fill plastic eggs with sand or raw rice and glue together.(This gives them weight)  Play with teams 2-3 (teams have the same color eggs) or individually (everyone needs a different color egg).

Have one white egg or ball be the “jack”. One team throws the “jack”. The object is to get your “egg” the closest one to the “jack” to score a point. Check the complete bocce ball rules.

16. Easter Bingo

Lots of free printable Easter Bingo cards!

More Easter Bingo Cards!

17. Pass the Easter Cup

This game is changable for any season by changing the paper cup theme. Each player gets a straw and passes the cup from one person to another using only the straw place in their mouth to pass the cup. To make it harder, use a bendable straw!

18. Duck Relay

Players need to squat, grab ankles and walk like a duck to get their eggs and bring them back to the basket. Play with a small amount of kids or play as a relay with more kids.

19. Egg and Spoon Race

To make this harder, do as a relay and pass the egg from spoon to spoon. If outside, use uncooked eggs. Inside, use hard-boiled or plastic eggs.

20. Easter Egg Roll

As an inside game, make a target  area  with painter’s tape on a wood/tile/concrete floor. Players need to roll the egg by blowing into a straw and directing it to the target area. This works on carpet, too, just not as easily.

Or……Play on a card table so players can move around the table to land the egg in the target area! This way, people don’t have to get down on the floor. Use a timer to see who gets it in the fastest. You may want to make this harder by giving them 3 eggs to get into the target area!

Easter Games


21. Easter Basket Memory

Load up an Easter Basket with all sorts of goodies. Put in little stuffed animals, plastic egg, candy, money, carrot, plastic fruit, and small toys, etc.  Play this with teams, pairs or individually depending on the ages. Give them a few minutes to look at all the items in the basket. Next remove the basket and they need to write down the items they remember in the basket. Another variation is to remove only one item and teams take turns guessing as to which item is missing. If one team can’t name the item, the other team can steal the point by getting it right.

22. Bunny Tag

Each person has a “tail” (scarf). The tail is pushed into the waist of their shorts or pants so that the scarf is hanging out in back. The person that is “it” has to tag them by grabbing the “tail”. Kids then switch places and the new person that is “it” repeats the same.

23. Egg  Basketball

Place a basket on a high object. From a “free throw line”, kids throw plastic eggs into the basket to score points. Play individually or with teams.

24.  Oriental Trading has an inflatable bunny ear toss game.

Easter Bean Bag Toss Game, Egg Shaped Memory Cards, Easter Egg Popper Game, Jumping Bunnies and More……


Easter Party Supplies and Decorations

25. Easter Pictionary

Use terms like: Easter eggs, basket, bunny, chick, grass, egg hunt, ducks, decorated eggs, cross, church, tomb, stone, angel, Jesus, risen…..



Do you know some other Easter Games that I could add? Let me know!

I’d love to hear how these games worked for your family!

Have fun, but remember that Easter is about the risen Jesus! Celebrate Him!




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32+ Valentine Games

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Fun Family Games for Valentines #Valentine Games #Games #Valentines # Valentine Family Games #Family Games #games

Lots of fun games ideas for parties at home or at school.

This ” 32 + Valentine Games” post has been added to and is now over 40 game ides!  Thought I’d take it from the archives and re-post due to all the new ideas! …….

Valentines Day is just around the corner! Now is the time to be thinking of fun Valentine Games to do with your kids, grandkids or classroom for the Valentine season. I’ve come up with some fun games and compiled a list of other games along with some extra resources for you to use wherever you are having a Valentine celebration! Some games are old and some are new! I hope this will be a nice list of ideas to have filed away. As I think of more, I will update and add to this list! That is the “+” part!

1. “Wink-um”  This is an OLD game!

Have a circle of chairs. The boys are standing behind the chairs and the girls are sitting in the chairs. There is one empty chair and the boy behind it winks at a girl. The girl has to quick get out of the chair before the boy behind her tags her on the shoulder.

2. Valentine Relay

Cut small hearts out of tissue paper  Give each person a straw (not a flexible one). Players need to suck the straw so that the heart sticks and run to assigned area and release the heart into a basket or bowl. Play this game individually with small kids or in relay teams with large groups. Another version is where you start with a sandwich bag full of tissue hearts. The first person sucks out a heart and passes it to the next person’s straw without using their hands. The last person has an empty sandwich bag in which they put the hearts. The team to first pass all their hearts, wins!

3. Broken Hearts

Cut large hearts out of construction paper. (approx 6-9 inches across) Now cut them into puzzle pieces. Cut them differently or all the same. If you cut them differently, each one needs to have the same number of pieces. For young children, mark the top side, but for adults, make it harder by not marking the top side. Place individual puzzles in an envelope.  Either start everyone at the same time and see who can put the puzzle together the fastest or do it individually and time each person. Vary this depending on the number of people playing and the age of the players.

4. Heart Grab

This is like the “Hungry Reindeer” Game that I posted at Christmas. There are small heart-shaped red hots available at Fleet Farm and perhaps other places. Place the “hearts” on a large tray. Players wear a thick athletic sock on their hand and have 15-30 seconds to see how many hearts they can grab and put in a bowl. If they miss the bowl, they don’t count! (Decorate the sock with hearts to go with the Valentine theme!)

5. I Spy the Heart!

This is also one that I played as a kid.  Everyone is out of the room while one person places a small heart somewhere in the room. Do not have it totally hidden, but have some little part showing. When a player spies it, they quietly walk over to a chair and sit down. They are not to let anyone know where it is hidden. Each one that spots it, also walks over and sits down until the last one finds it. The first one to spy it, is the next person to hide it.

6. Heart Land

Place cut-out hearts or doily hearts several places on the floor (tape them down). Kids try to land a nickel or quarter on a heart. If they do, they keep the money. You decide how many tries they get! Let them have the money even if it is touching a heart.

7. Cupid 

Place hearts on a wall or door with different point values on each one. Use a Nerf Gun or Nerf  Crossbow to shoot the hearts. Tally points after 10 tries.

8. Heart Hunt

Place lots of hearts in various places around the house. Give kids a basket or cup to place all the hearts they find.  Either give a time limit or game ends when all the hearts are found.  Count hearts to see who found the most.

The next 6 games are from      Activity Village    

9. Heart target game

Scatter large hearts cut from construction paper all around the floor. Blow up red balloons, but don’t tie them. Give them to a player and they let them go trying to land close or on a heart somewhere in the room. Give them several tries. It is fun to see where they land. The person closest or the one on the heart, wins.

10. Heart Basketball

Cut a heart-shaped frame out of a corrugated cardboard box and spray paint it red or pink.  Hang it from a doorway or have two adults hold it.  Blow up red balloons and tie the ends. Kids try to score by batting it through the opening of the heart to score a point.

11. Valentine Balloon Pop

Inflate balloons and place a small piece of paper inside each one with the name of a prize.  Each child has a pin. They need to keep the balloons in the air without popping it until you signal. At the signal they can start trying to pop one!  Whatever heart they find inside, they win that prize!

12. Wipe That Smile Off Your Face!

Everyone sits in a circle. The one that starts smiles and tries to get each person to smile. They get a point for each one that they get to smile on their turn. When their turn is over, they “wipe the smile off their face” and it is the next person’s turn!

13.  Valentine Fishing

Cut hearts and turn them into “Valentine fish”. Attach a small magnet to each fish. Give either point values to the fish or write a prize on the back of some of the fish.  Poles with string also have magnets which “catch” the fish.

14. Computer Games at

a kids heart
apples4the teacher

Games # 15-20. Go to:

for complete directions on the following games….. #15-20

15. Heart Attack

A relay game where players pick a red construction paper heart with a chocolate heart candy taped to it. On the back are the instructions of what they have to do to run the relay. For instance, one might be “hop”, “jump”, “walk backwards”, “crabwalk”, etc. When the teams finish, they can enjoy their chocolate.

16. Heart Strings

This game is like  “I Spy the Heart” above only have a string on the heart and only let that show.

17. How Many Kisses?

Guessing game with a jar full of “chocolate kisses”.

18. Heart Stomp

Using red hearts cut from construction paper taped to the floor, players walk around going from heart to heart. When the music stops, they must find a heart to stomp on. The player that is not on a heart is “out”.  This is like musical chairs only using hearts.

19. St. Valentine Says…

Like Simon Says….

20. Valentine Pictionary

Use words like: candy, heart, love, Valentine, kiss, envelope, letter, lollipop, balloon, cupid, arrow, flowers, etc.

21. Steal My Heart

Give kids chopsticks and have them transfer Valentine candy hearts from one bowl to another using only the chopsticks. Two pencils also work for this game if you don’t have chopsticks.

22. Heart-A-Stack 

Take Valentine heart candies and see how high they can stack them before they fall! Give a set time limit.  More than one player can do this at a time or do it in pairs.

23. Valentine Printables for Valentine Memory Games, etc.

Go to :   spoonful


The next three ideas that I like come from this site:  Kaboose

They have other games, too, that would work for large groups or classrooms.

24. Straw and Valentine Cup Relay

For this game you need a bendable straw for each player and a Valentine Cup for each team. Players hold the bendable end in their mouth and pass the Valentine cup using only the straw. If the cup falls, it goes back to the beginning or for younger kids, just go back one player.

25. Heart Stomp Relay

Cut out large red hearts. Give each team two large hearts. Players on each team must step on one heart and then take the heart from behind and place it ahead so they can continue on. They always take the one from behind and move it forward to get to the goal. They cannot move unless they are stepping on a heart. Players  run back with the hearts to the next player.

26.  Red Licorice Chew

This is where each player gets one string of red licorice (use Twizzlers Pull-A-Parts).  Without using hands, players must get the licorice all the way in their mouth by chewing. This makes for funny pictures! Get your camera out!

27.  Size-A-Heart

Have approx. 15 hearts that are various sizes. Players must put them in order from smallest to largest. Time each person  or race against two players at the same time.

28.  Stop in The Name of Love

Take a small heart pillow or small Valentine stuffed animal and pass like a “hot potato” while the music plays. When the music stops, the person holding the animal is out. Play continues until one player is left.

This next game is from Birthdayinabox

29. Valentine Candy Relay

Team members must run to a spot, unwrap a candy and eat it completely before they run back and tag the next person. A good candy to use is Hershey’s Kisses as they are hard to unwrap, but go down easily.

30. Heart Tic-Tac-Toe

Make paper hearts with a Tic-Tac-Toe board on it and kids use candy hearts of one color to play.

31. Lots of Minute to Win It Games for Valentines here:



32. Heart Toss 

Outline a heart on the floor either with tape or cut a large one out.  Use bean bags (heart-shaped?) to toss. Anything landing inside the outline counts as a point. Give kids a set amount of tries. I noticed that has an inflatable Valentine game that is very much like this.  If you play the Heart Basketball Game, use that heart for the target area. Dollar stores have little Valentine soft toys to use as bean bags.

 +  Heart Throb Match

In this game, teams or individuals find the match for the things that belong together. Use famous couples (for adults), famous cartoon couples, or items like : cream & sugar, cookies & milk, etc.  The leader says the first part and the teams or individuals write down the second part.  Another variation is to put 1/2 of the match on the back of one person and the other half on the back of another. Without knowing what is on their back, they need to ask “yes or no” questions to find out their half and then look for the other matching half.

+ Heart Drop

For this game, you need a sturdy chair. Players kneel on the seat backwards and reach over the back of the chair to drop valentine hearts in a jar. Use a large pickle jar so the heart candies don’t bounce out. Give them 20 hearts to try. Count the hearts in the jar and then it is the next person’s turn.  Person with the highest number in the jar, wins!

 +  Coloring Pages

+ Heart Bowling

Take ten empty water or pop bottles and put heart stickers or glue paper hearts on them.  Place them like the 10 pins in bowling. Using a small stuffed Valentine animal, slide it across the floor to knock over the “pins”.  Players get two tries  just like bowling. Count the number of “pins” down. Repeat and keep score.

+ Pin the Heart on Cupid

Trace a Cupid on Paper and play like  “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”

+ Cupid’s Arrows

For this game you need Q-tips, straws, and a bowl or basket or a large paper heart target. Players place a Q-tip in the end of their straw and try to land (Cupid’s Arrows) it in the bowl, basket or on the heart set at a distance away. Give it a try  it to see how far away the targets need to be for both young kids and older ones. Adjust as necessary. Points are scored for those that land inside the target area.

+ Go to Oriental Trading for more Valentine Games


Free Shipping on orders over $49

The following Valentine Games are found here……. Shop party supplies and decorations at Oriental Trading Company!

1. Stretchable Flying Heart IN-32/123

Use these to fly through a cut out heart or score points for hitting numbered hearts on a door or wall.

2. Valentine Bend Game IN-32/1263

This is for two players –  a Valentine version of a popular game.

3. Valentine Cupid Arrow Missiles IN-32/1471

These are fun to fly into a heart decorated box or basket.  Also, play a team game and fly them to the opponents side. (like a snowball fight) After 3-5 minutes, the team with the least number Arrow Missiles on their side wins.

4. Inflatable Valentine Game IN-32/1278

This is all done for you. Just play and have fun!

5. Valentine Bean Bag Toss Game IN-32/1546

Everything is included and ready to play.

6. Heart Ring Toss  IN-32/4054

7. Valentine Disk Shooters IN-32/1526

These are fun to shoot through a hula hoop or heart!

8. Inflatable Valentine Octopus Ring Toss  IN-32/305

9. Valentine Bingo  IN-32/1548


 The list has now grown to more than 40!

Do you have more ideas for games that I could add?

For more updates, subscribe to this website!


Have fun!

Happy Valentine’s Day!








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15+ Thanksgiving Games for Family Fun

15+ Thanksgiving Games

Take a little break from football and  liven up the celebration with a few Thanksgiving games. You’ll work off some of those calories (especially the pie) and the kids will have fun, too! While there are hundreds of on-line games, I think Thanksgiving is for interaction and making memories and not sitting in front of the computer. Most of the games I list involve lots of  interaction and laughs.

( Well, I added a few on-line ones, if you insist.)

1.Turkey Feather Toss: I saw this idea in the Family Fun magazine a couple of years ago.  Take a feather and tape a weight (my husband used a  long nail) to the quill end. This gives it some weight and stability.

Nail taped to base of feather.


Place a basket or container some distance away and see if kids can toss the feather into it. Have several baskets or containers and place a different value on each one. Take turns and keep score! We used turkey feathers, as we have wild turkeys around us. If you don’t have hunters in your family, buy pheasant feathers at Michael’s Crafts.

Wow! Pretty Close!

He made it!

2. Pin the wattle or feather on the Turkey:  Thanksgiving version of the old standby: Pin the Tail on the Donkey! Materials:  blindfold, cut-out of wattle or feather & large drawing of a turkey.

3. Corn Pitching:  The idea of this games is to take beans, dried corn or candy corn and pitch them into containers of different point value.  Play several rounds and keep score.

4. Corn Hunt or Turkey Hunt:  Hide candy corn or small sticker pictures of turkeys in various places throughout your home. When found, they put them in their bag. The one with the most, wins! 

5. Odds or Evens:  Kids take turns with another partner and place beans or dried corn in their hand behind their back. They  say, “Odds or Evens”. If the other child guesses correctly, they get the beans. Then, it is the other person’s turn. The one with the most beans after an amount of turns, wins!

6. Where is the silly Turkey? I have a silly looking little stuffed animal turkey that I have out each year. The kids like to hide this turkey  in the room. For little kids, I like to hide it with a little piece sticking out so it is easier to spot. Tell them “hot” if they are close and “cold” if they are far away. If you don’t have a little turkey, use a sticker picture of a turkey or any other object.


He found it!



5. Thanksgiving Basket Upset:  Put chairs in a circle and give everyone a “Thanksgiving name such as: pumpkin, turkey, dressing, pilgrim, ship, etc. Caller calls two of the Thanksgiving related names and they need to switch chairs. Caller tries to get to one of the chairs before the others. The one left becomes the caller.

6. Pumpkin Roll: Take a small pumpkin and roll with either hands, broom or wooden spoon. You need a long area to roll so clear an area or do this outside if weather permits. Have some bottles along the way that they have to knock down with the pumpkin before going for the finish line. Take turns and time each one or do as a family relay.

7. What’s missing? Place candy corn, small picture of objects, little turkey, small boat, pilgrims or other Thanksgiving objects on a tray (10-20 items). Have them look carefully at the tray. Take one item away and see if they can tell which one is missing. Another variation for families is to write all the objects they can remember being on the tray.  If you have several families,  have each family work together as a team or work in partners.

8. Thanksgiving  Printable and Computer games:  These are not group interactive, but if you need them, here they are!

9.  Spoons: Play the regular game of Spoons, but substitute paper turkey drumsticks on paint stirrers with Thanksgiving pictures on them or plastic spoons with a turkey drawn on them.

10. Lots of printable games: Bingo, Memory, Dominos, Word Mining, and Word Scrambles are available  and

11. Fun group Thanksgiving Games: check the many games on  Familyfun.

12. Thanksgiving Scattergories:  Divide into two teams. Give a category such as “Fall Words”, “Thanksgiving food”, “Names of Trees” ,  “Fruits and Vegetables” etc. Each team member can generate words and the recorder writes them on a team list.  Score a point for each answer that is not listed on the other team’s sheet.

13. Turkey Shoot: Get out those pom-pom shooters and have a turkey hunt. One person is the turkey and kids take turns trying to hit the “turkey” using pom-poms  or mini-marshmallows in their shooters. The turkey can either stand still for young shooters or move if you want it more challenging. Add a “turkey hat” for the one being hunted. ( I saw these at Target) For pom-pom shooters go here.

 14. Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt: Weather permitting, this is a great outdoor game. Give each family a list of fall items to find. If indoors, hide doubles (or enough for each family unit) of  items in different rooms and give a list of the hidden items to find. Stickers of different objects are easy to use in this game.

Here’s the 15+….

15+ Minute-To-Win-It Games: Many of these games could be altered to the Thanksgiving theme. Check them out at or and  Lots of good ideas!

Hope this post is a good reference for some good old family fun!

Check out my other posts on Thanksgiving crafts and Thanksgiving place setting under the heading of “holidays” on the top menu or click here.

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good!



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Western Game Ideas

Western Game Ideas


This year the theme of our Oma and Opa Camp was a Western Round-Up! I used many of these Western Game ideas during the time we had all the grandchildren at our house.  Thought I’d share them with you!

1. Snake Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Using two bags of Dollar Store snakes, divide by color. Half of the snakes were mostly green and half were orange. I used my square coffee table, but this could be placed on the floor or use an old sheet and tape off a Tic-Tac-Toe Board. I made a slight variation in the game in that each player had 3 tries to land their snake on a square. Sometimes it landed on the wrong square, but it had to stay there. After 3 tries and if the player didn’t make it onto any square, the other person had a turn. This made the game more fun rather than the “cat” always winning.

Outdoor variation:

Play this western game outdoors on the sidewalk or driveway by chalking a tic-tac-toe board.

Western Game Ideas


2. Round -em Up!

Put several animal crackers in a bowl. (Find cows or horses or any animal cracker will do.) Cover the crackers with whipped cream (from a can). They have to “round up” the animals by eating them without their hands and digging into the bowl face first!

Western Game Ideas

3. Snake in a Boot

First, I found wooden snakes at a craft store and the kids painted them. They used their snakes for this western game.  Have a cowboy boot on the floor. Place a chair by the boot and have the kids stand on the chair to try to get the snake in the boot by dropping it. Set a height of where kids can drop it from – this can vary with the ages of the children.  They get a set amount of tries (I did 5) to see how many times they make it in the boot!

Western Game Ideas


4. Round Up or Barrel Racing!

Blow up several large balloons.  Kids have to kick or maneuver their balloon through set course. Place objects that they have to move around (“barrels”) and come back to the starting line. You may time this or just let it be for fun! (Also used as a relay if you have lots of kids.) This game is best played in a large area on a calm day or indoors, otherwise the balloons are too hard to control.

5. Pin the Mustache on the Outlaw!

Draw or blow-up a clip art picture of an outlaw. Kids take turns trying to place  the mustache on the outlaw while blindfolded. Another version is to use a picture of them and try to stick the mustache on their picture while blindfolded!

6. Rattle-Skee-Daddle!

Using the plastic snakes or any ones that you may find. Kids throw the snakes trying to land them in a basket placed a distance away.  Give them a set amount of tries ( 5  or 10?).

7. Cowboy Lasso

Using a hula-hoop, tie a fairly long rope to it and have the kids try to get it around a play horse. If you have a rocking horse, this works well. Otherwise, making a simple wooden horse or an adult playing as a horse will do!

8. Target Shooting

We live in a rural area so B-B Gun shooting is fine, if supervised. My husband being a hunter is very careful about teaching gun safety. Set up a target of tin cans. Let kids try to hit the target.

If you are not in an area where you can shoot a B B Gun, use balls to try to “shoot” the target. Make a pyramid of cans and see if they can knock all the cans down in one “shot”.

Another version is to “shoot” small paper cups off the table with a squirt gun. Use bathroom cups and the fastest time to accomplish shooting all off the table, wins!

9. Yee Haw Slide

If you have a hill, you can do this activity. While it isn’t exactly a game, make it one by seeing who can slide the farthest.

Buy 6 mm plastic and cut to desired length. We used 8 1/2 ft. wide plastic. Place garden pins on the edges of the plastic to hold in place. Set sprinklers all along the length so they wet the surface constantly. To make it “Western”, take a run and slide and say Yee Haw! (I know that’s a stretch on the Western theme! Ha!) It was fun, though!

Western Slide

10. Water Pistol Tag

This game is played like tag, but you are ” it” if hit by water. Use cheap water pistols so they don’t shoot so far and  kids have a chance to get away.

Have fun with these Western Games! Yee Haw!

Phyllis (Oma)


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Dice Bingo Game

Dice Bingo Game 

(craft and game)

                                                                                                                                                              Copyright ©2013 by Phyllis (Oma)

Dice Bingo Craft & Game

This simple Dice Bingo Game is easy to make and fun to play with one or more players.  It is simple enough for young children age 4 up to adults! There is no caller and everyone plays. Dice Bingo is even played as a solitary game and makes a great travel game, too!

There are two dice made of  small wooden blocks purchased at a craft store. On one of the wooden blocks, write the letters B,I,N,G,O and FREE! On the other one write 1,2,3,4,5, and FREE!

Dice Bingo Game


Dice Bingo Game sheets have 5 columns with B,I,N,G,O written above each column across the top and 5 rows horizontally numbered 1,2,3,4, and 5.

The first player rolls the dice and marks their sheet accordingly. For instance, if the player rolls the dice and gets a “B & 5”. They put an X on the B,5 spot. If the roll was “FREE & 5″, the player would mark any spot of their choice on row 5. If it is ” Free & B”, they would mark any spot on the B column. If it is ” Free & Free”, the player can mark any spot they choose anywhere on their Bingo sheet.

Dice Bingo Game

Each player rolls and marks their card. Then the dice are handed to the next player for their turn. Only the player that rolls the dice, marks their card. The other players wait for their turn. If the square is already marked, play moves to the next player.

The Tools for Teachers website has a free printable program where you can type in the letters and numbers for each die and print out dice on cardstock to glue together. Go here…..

Variations for winning the Dice Bingo Game and sample score sheets are here…

Dice Bingo Game Sheet

For a one player game, count the number of rolls to make a BINGO! Next game see if you can beat your score!

I like to keep this game in a ziplock bag with some score sheets and Bingo Dice.  Easy to take along in your purse or car! Pull it out and play anytime!

Easy game, don’t you think?

Have fun and Enjoy!

Phyllis (Oma)

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July 4th Decorations, Crafts and Games – Part 2

This is  “Part 2” with lots more ideas for July 4th Decorations, Crafts and Games! Some are ideas I have gathered and some are my own ideas. I give credit for those that I’ve rounded up so click on the links for their complete posts.

July 4th Decorations Crafts Games Part 2

 July 4th Decorations, Crafts and Games

Part 2


July 4th Decorations:

1. Patriotic Wreath

This is an easy one to do and turns out to be very impressive! A great tutorial is given on this site, too!


2. Pinwheel Wreath:

Another fun wreath made from printable pinwheels! This site gives complete instructions and free printable pinwheels!   Go to

Print out pinwheels and place them on a wreath.

Here’s another site for printable pinwheels…...

Another site is here.


3. Rosette Wreath:

This wreath is made from pinwheels or rosettes!

july wreath

Complete directions are found at


4. Patriotic Centerpieces:

An earlier post of mine is found here.

4th of July Centerpieces #centerpiece, #4th-of-july #Memorial-day
Quick & easy decorations for Memorial Day or 4th of July!

Many other posts for 4th of July decorations are found on the menu above. Check out  “Holidays”- 4th of July for the $1 Patriotic Star, Patriotic Candle Ring and others.

5. Flag Wreath:

Very simple to make wreath using small flags.  Go here for directions.

crochet wreath

waving eagle

                          from   favecrafts






Kid’s Crafts

1. Make a cute Uncle Sam Puppet….

Directions found at notimeforflashcards


2. Luminaries:

  Decorate Jars with red, white and blue tissue paper. Even toddlers can do this one! Place a LED votive light or glow stick inside. Use as a table decoration or line your walkway!


For complete directions, go to

3. Patriotic Fireworks:

Love the look of these paper decorations.  This site has a wonderful tutorial on how to make them. Use these in the wreath decoration idea above.


4. Patriotic Centerpiece:

 Simple, but cute for your table!

This idea is from    Go to their site for a free download of 4th of July crafts.

5. Printable Craft Ideas:

DollarStoreCrafts has tons of printables listed here.




1. Conversation Games:

I came across some fun conversation starter games and ideas for all ages from happyhomefairy

2. 4th of July Ring Toss at RootsandWingsCo

3. Online Games: Well, if you must have some online games for when it rains, here they are…

4. Word Games and Word Searches

found here at

5. Family Parade!  

Have on hand lots of crêpe paper streamers, some printables, tape, scissors, ribbons, colored paper, banners, pinwheels, and all sorts of patriotic decorative items. (Dollar Store items) Let kids (perhaps adults, too) make a float, decorate a bike, scooter, stroller or wagon and have a fun family parade! Use drums, whistles, bells, etc., too! Record and play patriotic music. Take lots of pictures! Award prizes for different categories such as: most patriotic, funniest, cutest, sportiest, craziest, most artistic, etc.  Make up categories so each participant gets an award. Need some ideas? Go to   for some cute pictures and ideas for your family parade! Fourth of July Bike Clip Art

This picture is from the Martha Stewart site that has lots of free printables to use for a bike parade  …  HERE!

6.Lots of free printable July 4th word games, memory game, patriotic dominoes:

more on this site…

7. More printable games and ideas are found on this site….

and here….

8. Pass the Flag:

Arrange kids and adults into two teams. Give them a flag and they have to pass it from person to person without using their hands. Don’t make the flag too big. The smaller flags make it harder! If it is all young kids, the bigger flag works better!

9. Patriotic Program:

If you have elementary kids, let them create a Patriotic Program. Give them some printables, decorations, patriotic CD music and let them put together a program for the adults! Give them this idea ahead of July 4th so they can come up with ideas on their own, too!

10. Ring the Flag:

Place a flag some distance away (adjust for different ages). Players throw the hula hoop to try to ring the flag. Give players 10 tries and count the number of successful rings. Variation: Place several flags around the yard. Play like a golf game. Once they ring it, they move to the next one. Lowest score wins!

4th of July games

11. Flag in the Bottle:

Place a jar or a wide mouth bottle on the ground behind a chair. Player kneels on chair facing the back  and tries to see how many flag toothpicks they can land inside the jar. Hands need to rest on the top back of the chair when dropping them.

12.  A complete packet of printables

for ages 3-7 is from Gift of Curiosity.

13.  More printables

for preschool and older from 3 Dinosaurs.

Hope this gives you lots of ideas for your celebrations. Pin them and keep them for other years, too. If you missed Part 1, you’ll want to check out those ideas as well here.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful 4th of July!

Phyllis (Oma)

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July 4th Activities, Crafts and Games

 July 4th Activities, Crafts and Games

Part 1

Making your celebration special is easy when you incorporate a couple of patriotic activities, crafts or games. Here is a variety of suggestions for your 4th of July holiday event! Choose what is appropriate for your gathering and have fun!

First a little history…..

While picnics, parades, fireworks,  games and outdoor activities go hand in hand with  this  mid-summer celebration. Unfortunately, many kids and perhaps some adults don’t know what we really celebrate. It is the birthday of our nation!  

On July 4th, 1776, the  Continental Congress passed the Declaration of Independence.

John Adams, one of the founders of our new nation, said, “I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward for evermore.”

Patrick Henry  was an attorney, planter and politician.  He became known as an important orator during the movement for independence.

His famous quote was….
“Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel.”
“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government — lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”
Good words for today!
Now, on to the 4th of July Activities, Crafts and Games!

Patriotic July 4th Activities for your celebration:

Incorporate one or more of these….

1.  Say the Pledge of Allegiance and explain what it means.

      There is a  good YouTube video of comedian Red Skelton explaining the pledge here

2.  Sing the National Anthem

3.  Play patriotic music or sing patriotic songs. Lyrics are here.

4. Printable 50 star America Flag Coloring Page available here.

5.  View the 4 minute clip on the Declaration of Independence here.(for older kids)

        For younger kids here....

6. Who was Uncle Sam? How did he get to be the icon for The United States?

Find out here:

7. Watch the Youtube video on the Preamble by Schoolhouse Rock or Fifty Nifty United States here



 July 4th Crafts

1.  Make T-shirts


I’ve grouped a couple of former t-shirt posts that are great ideas for 4th of July. For this  first one, I saved the idea from the Family Fun magazine perhaps ten years ago. I looked, but couldn’t find the link. Even though the grandchildren were  the ages of 3-5, they were able to make these great looking shirts. I taped the areas ahead of time and they did the painting. The stars were just drawn freehand on the wide painter’s tape then cut and applied on the shirt. We used wide sponge brushes and wherever they painted, it turned out just fine because of the taped off areas.

4th of July T-shirt Craft    #t-shirt #craft #patriotic



White T-Shirts (pre-washed)

Red and Blue Fabric Paint

Sponge Brushes

Painter’s Tape


First place painter’s tape on the t-shirt and mask the stripes.  Make them horizontal, diagonal, or vertical.  With tape, square off the blue area and adhere stars.

Next,using sponge brushes, paint the stripes red and the star area blue. When paint is dry, peel off the tape.  Set the paint according to the fabric paint recommendations.

4th of July Flag t-shirts



They were very proud of how they turned out!

I’m a Mops Mentor and we used this idea as a craft in our Mops group. Each Mom brought a prewashed  t-shirt or onesie for their child and taped it off at the meeting. Some did a diagonal design and others did theirs vertically & horizontally.Whichever way they taped it, they all looked great! Each mom took it home to paint.

(MOPS stands for Mothers of PreSchoolers)

Look! I even found a manufactured shirt for sale using the same method!

4th of July T-shirt

Check out my other t-shirt post here. 

Another t-shirt idea here.

2.   July 4th Hats and Sparklers

Have the kids make these cute hats to wear! Click on the link below for complete directions.

Fourth of July craft

Thanks to for allowing me to share this idea.


3.     July 4th Visor……..


$1 foam visor

Glitter Star Foam Shapes Stickers

Glitter Glue ( this takes a long time to dry so eliminate if they want to wear immediately)


  Place foam sticker shapes of various size stars, etc. on the visor!

Now, that’s easy!!!!


DIY 4th of July Crafts #kids #4th-of-July #Patriotic


Let kids create their own visor!

4th of July Visor Craft

July 4th Games

1. Water Balloons: With the weather usually hot, the old stand-by of throwing water balloons is always fun! Vary the game with water balloon tag. One person is it and tags another by throwing a water balloon.

2. Patriotic Bingo: free printable bingo cards here Free Printable Patriotic Bingo Cards {Activities for Kids}, shared by Lorie A on Tip Junkie

3. Near the Flag:  Stick an American flag (small or medium size) in the ground at some distance away from players. Play this game with frisbees or balls. The person who successfully lands his frisbee or ball nearest the American the flag scores a point.! The one scoring the point for that round gets to decide where to move the flag for the next round. First one to score 5 or 10 points, wins! (similar to bocce ball) Use pom-pom shooters, too. Using marshmallows, the person closest to the flag gets a point and moves the flag to a different position. Go here to find directions for the pom-pom shooters.

4. Frisbee Golf: Play this game in an area with trees. Place a number on each tree. (doesn’t need to be 18 trees) Players throw the frisbee trying to hit the numbered tree. Once the player hits the first tree, then go to the second, third, etc. Count the number of throws and the one with the lowest number wins. (Just like golf) For young children, three trees is plenty. For 4th of July version, use lots of flags on the trees!

5. Duck, Duck, Dump!: This game is a variation of Duck, Duck, Grey Duck. Players sit in a circle and the one that is “it” has a cup of water. They walk around the circle saying, “Duck, Duck”….. and when they say “Dump”, they dump the cup of water on the one chosen and run around the circle trying to get back to the place of the one they chose. Play this with water balloons, too!

6. Flag Hunt: Buy a couple packages of little flag picks (the ones you use for cupcakes, sandwiches, etc.) Place these in different places around the area (in a bush, near a flower in the garden. under a table, on a tree). Be sure to place them where they won’t get stepped on by bare feet! See who can find the most flags in a 5 minute time.This works well if you have some wooded areas around.

7. Play a game of 20 questions. Find facts about the signing of the Declaration of Independence online and do a “test” with teams. Do either multiple choice or fill in the answer. Teams go to different spots so they can work together on the answers! No I-phones allowed!

8. Star Tag: This game is played like a regular tag game except there are stars which are safe spots. You cannot be tagged while there!  The person that is “it” chases to tag another person, but if that person runs to a star, they are safe. They count to 20 and need to run to another star for safety again before being tagged. Make stars by using a cardboard cut-out.  Place cut-out stars on the lawn and sprinkle with flour or use white spray paint (paint will grow out). Do this in several places.

9.Night-Time Star Game: This is played when it is dark. It is similar to Duck, Duck, Grey Duck (Goose). Kids lay flat on ground with feet toward the inside of the circle. They need to be spaced an arm’s length apart. The person laying on the ground picks a star in the sky and stays focused or staring at that star. The one who is “it” goes around the circle with a flashlight. When “it” shines the flashlight on their face, they must quickly get up and race around the circle trying to catch the person before they get back to the open spot.

Hope these ideas help in planning your 4th of July events. More ideas to come in July 4th Decorations, Crafts, and Games! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the post!

Phyllis (Oma)

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The Best Easy Dice Games for Young Children!

Best Dice Games for Young Children

I’ve had times when there’s been a long wait! Ugh! When you’re waiting, time seems to crawl and it is so- o-o-o boring! Have you noticed that time goes faster when you’re having fun? Well, keep dice handy for those long wait times especially when you have young children with you!  It doesn’t take much room to always have a few dice in your purse or pocket just ready for appointments, airport, airplane, bus or car rides. The time seems shorter by having a little fun! I’ll share a few that I have used.

There are loads of  dice game variations, but keep it simple and to their level.

Dice games are great for number recognition, patterns, and many other math skills, too!

1. Simple Dice Game:

(you can use any number of dice for this game)

Choose a number and roll the dice. You score a point every time you roll that number. When you roll that number, you get another turn. When that number is not rolled, the turn is over. Mark the tally for each time you roll the number.  First one to a certain score of 10 points wins! (Set the point total low for young children and higher for older ages.)

2. Bugs

 Requires only 1 die or you can speed it up by using two. With two, the player gets to choose which number they want to use for the drawing.

In this game, each number on the die represents one part of the bug.

#1 = Body, #2 =Head, #3 =Leg, #4=eye, #5= antenna, #6=tail

Each player needs to roll a #1 to start and then can add each detail to that part. For instance, you cannot add each eye until you have rolled a #2 for the head, but you can add each leg that goes on the main body (need to roll a “3” for each one) . The first player to finish their bug, wins.

You can vary this with a bunny, cat, snowman, face, mouse etc. Just decide what number stands for each part to go on the picture.

3. Pig

 Requires one die

In this game each player rolls the die.  If you roll anything except a “1” you can add that score or take a chance and roll again. You can keep rolling and add that number to your score until you roll a “1”.   If you roll a “1 “, you lose all the amount you scored on that turn. It is the player’s option to quit at anytime and take the score up to that point.  The first player to 100 wins.

4. Beat That  

Each player rolls two dice and writes the highest value number that you can make with the two numbers on the dice. For instance, if a player rolls a 6 and a 1, they would write “61”. The next player rolls the dice and tries to beat that number. The player with the highest number on a round, scores a point. First player to 10 points wins.  Vary this for multiplication. Multiply the two dice numbers rolled and the highest value on the round scores a point. Add a third die and then roll all three. Add the lowest two and then multiply it by the highest number.  Again, the highest number of the round scores a point.

5. Going to Town

This game uses addition. Play with 3 dice. Roll and keep the highest die. Roll the remaining two and keep the highest. Roll the last die and add the three numbers for your total score.  Play several rounds and the highest total wins.

6. Ladder

On a piece of paper, draw a ladder and number 1-6 on both sides of the rungs from bottom to top. This game requires two dice. Each number 1-6 is crossed off on one side before they can come back down the ladder on the other side. For instance, if a player rolls a 1 and a 2, they can cross off both the 1 and 2 or they can add them and cross off the 3.  For older players, you can go to 10 on the rungs; younger players go to 6. When all the numbers are eliminated, that player wins.

There are so many variations of these games that I could go on and on. These are just a few that are handy to keep in mind when you need something to fill some time. Of course, there is Farkel and Yahtzee, but these take some strategy and are for older kids. I’m concentrating on age 4 through early elementary.

Hope these suggestions help! What are your favorite dice games? I’d love to hear your ideas.

Forgot the dice? Need a quick link to dice games online? Go to playonlinedicegames.

Playing online eliminates the interaction between parent and child along with teaching the math skills, but in a pinch it will do!

Keep those dice handy!

Have fun!

Phyllis (Oma)


Post linked to these sites….








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30+ Family Christmas Games



 30+ Christmas Games

Games and Printables, too!

Merry Christmas!!!

‘Tis the season for family get-togethers! Add some fun with some family Christmas games that will not only make memories, but add lots of laughs to your celebration.

The following is a compiled list of games that I have used to entertain both kids and adults. For many of these you can take off and come up with your own version, too. 

I’ve included some additional sites to go to for other ideas and printables.

Hope you enjoy them at your gathering!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

1. Gift Unwrap Relay

 Use  mittens or socks on their hands to play this relay or simplify it by using bare hands.  Play in teams. Have a gift wrapped in different boxes several times (smaller to larger) Duplicate the same gifts wrapped the same way when playing in teams.  Each person unwraps the gift and passes it on for the next person until the present is found. Another variation is the first person unwraps the gift and the second wraps it, the 3rd unwraps and so on…..

2. Find the Reindeer or Find the Gifts

Tell the children that  Santa has lost his reindeer or he can’t find the gifts!  Buy Christmas reindeer stickers or gift stickers. Cut  stickers apart and hide  in different places around the house. Kids try to collect as many as they can. At the end, kids get to keep the stickers.

3. Pin the Halo on the Angel, Pin the Nose on Rudolph, Pin the Star on the Tree, Hat on the Snowman, Bow on the Wreath…etc

Variations of Pin the Tail on the Donkey (I think you know how this goes.)

If you can’t draw, enlarge a free clip art of a tree, reindeer, Santa, Snowman, Angel, Wreath, etc. Check out   for free images and enlarge them.

4. Christmas Scattergories

This is the Christmas version based on the game of Scattergories. One person is the caller and calls out  a category. Teams (or individuals) have 3 minutes to list as many things in that category as they can. Christmas category suggestions: Decorations, Christmas Carols, Christmas Cookies, signs of Christmas, North Pole,  and Christmas Food ( just to name a few) . After the timer goes off, each team reads their list. If no one had that on their list, that team scores a point.  Each team in turn reads their list and totals their points for that round. Play another round and keep tallying scores.

Winner is the team with the most points after several rounds.

5. Flying Reindeer or Flying Elves

This is really a hit with kids! Oriental Trading has “Stretchable Flying Reindeer” or” Flying Elves” 

Item OK-4/5523  for $3.75/dozen. Go to:  Oriental Trading

Make a target of different circles taped to a wall. Mark the different circles  with different points. Each player gets a turn to score points by stretching the reindeer and shooting it off to hit one of the circles. Play as many rounds as you wish and total the scores at the end. The kids loved this game, but beware of breakables. Play in a safe area.

6. Snowball Fight with  Pom, Pom Shooters

 Using pom-pom shooters, shoot pom-poms to the opposite team’s side. Set the timer. When the timer goes off, count the pom-poms on each side to decide the winner. The rule is they can only shoot them; not throw them.  Pom-Pom Shooter directions are here.

7. Make a snowman or Christmas Tree

For the snowman, each team gets a roll of toilet paper, paper black circles for eyes, buttons and a black construction paper for the hat. Take pictures of their creative designs. Set a timer so there is a time limit to finish. (10-15 minutes?) If you make a Christmas Tree, use crepe paper, star, ornaments , tape, construction paper, etc.

8. Through the Wreath

 The Dollar Tree has “Disc Shooters” that fire 6 soft foam disks. Each person gets 6 shots to see how many they can put it through the center of the wreath. You could also shoot marshmallows or pom-poms with the Pom- Pom Shooters. Nerf guns would work, too.

9. Roll the ornament

This is a Minute-to-Win-It Game. Using the top of a cardboard gift box, fan the ornament to make to roll into a designated circle or to a finish line. This works best on a hard floor using a plastic ornament!

10. Lots of Minute-To-Win-It Games found here: 

and here

11. Christmas Roll:

Take a swim noodle.   Aim the noodle  and roll a marble through the hole in the middle to knock over 5  small Christmas figures set a distance away.  Find figures at the Dollar Store or toilet paper rolls work, too.  Divide into teams to play this game (each person gets 10 turns) or play individually and time each person for all five knock downs. (needs a hard floor)

12. Four Corners:

 This is a classroom game, but can easily be played at home with a group. Number the corner areas of a room 1-4. To match the season, give the corners a Christmas name. Example: Santa, reindeer, presents, sleigh. One person is the caller and is blindfolded (or eyes closed) so they can’t see. The group is given a time to go to any corner of their choice. The caller calls one number or one of the four Christmas names. Anyone in that corner is “out”. The group moves again and the caller calls another number or Christmas name. Play continues until there is one left. (When it is down to just 4 or less people, they need to choose different corners; not together.) Last one left is the winner!

13. Christmas Statue:

 One person is “it”. The rest of the players get into a position that they can hold for a while (they are the statues). The person that is “it”, moves around looking at the Christmas statues. (you can use some fun Christmas props for this) Nobody can change positions. The “it” person leaves and the monitor asks one person to change something about their position or prop. “It” comes back in the room and tries to decide what is different.  Decide the amount of guesses they get – vary with age and number of players.

14. What’s in the Stocking?

Take a Christmas stocking and put an item in it. Pass the stocking and without talking, they write the name of the object that they think is in the stocking. Continue with different items each time.  For younger kids, they can tell an adult who writes it down.

15. Printable Christmas Games

Lots of printables here:

16.Rudolph Dash

I especially like this one from They have other ideas listed, too. There are many to choose from for family Christmas fun.

Cut circles out of red construction paper

How To Play: Have child put Vaseline on their nose and then put the red circles on their nose. Relay race to the finish with each new person adding their red nose. If nose falls, go back to bowl and add more Vaseline and reapply nose.

This site also has Christmas Memory Games, 3 – Legged Christmas Stocking Race plus many others! Check them out!

17. Cup Stacking

Use 21 plastic 32 oz. cups and give them one minute to stack them in a pyramid shape with 6 on the base, then 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 and then take them down and place them in one stack.  For younger children, just  time them to see how fast they can do it and don’t limit to one minute.

18. Christmas Bounce

Place 4-6 cups with various point value on table with the highest point value the farthest away. Players need to bounce a ping pong ball once on the table from one end and then into a cup at the other end. .  Keep score on predetermined number of tries.

19. Online Christmas Games

Here are  computer sites for non-group Christmas games.

20. Christmas Pictionary

This is like the regular game of Pictionary, but use Christmas things to draw. Place words in a “hat” . At each team’s turn, they draw out a slip and only their team gets a chance to guess what they are drawing. If they don’t guess in allotted time, the other team can steal the point. The other team gets only one guess decided on by team members. For younger kids, use easy words, but for older kids use Christmas Carols, phrases etc. Teams score a point for a correct guess.

21. Pass the Wreath Relay

Pass a wreath from player to player without using your hands

22. Dress for Winter Relay

Have a bag of winter clothes for each team with the same items in each bag. Each team member dresses in the clothes and then takes them back off and places them in the bag. The next person then goes and does the same. 

23. Pass the ornament Relay

  Use an unbreakable Christmas ball and pass it down the team without using hands and passing with a straw from one to the other. Team members hold the straw in their mouth and loop the straw through the string and pass it on and then go back again to where it started.

24. Snowman Toss

Draw an outline of a snowman and hang on a wall or window. Crush newspaper or used wrapping paper into a ball and have kids toss to hit the snowman. Place different point values on each ball. Ex: head – 10 pts, middle – 5 pts, bottom – 1 pt  Total the scores for a set amount “snowball” tosses.

25. Christmas Bingo

Make Bingo cards. Buy Christmas stickers making sure you have several of the same sticker.  Get enough different stickers to have in the 24 squares. Cut paper squares and put one of each sticker on it for the caller’s copy. The players place stickers wherever they want so that no two boards are the same. Caller calls pictures from the master copies turned upside down.Go to for a Bingo printable.

26. Christmas Memory Game

On a tray, place different Christmas ornaments, candy, ribbon, bow,  figures or other Christmas items. Have each person look at the items displayed. Remove the tray of items. Individuals or teams try to list each item they saw on the tray. The team or person that remembers the most, wins! Another variation is to remove one item from the tray and see who can discover which one is missing.

27. Additional Sites for Other Games

28. Christmas Trivia

The Dollar Tree has a set of cards for $1.00 with Christmas Trivia. There is a set for children and one for adults. Divide into teams or play individually.  A leader asks the trivia question. Teams/individuals  write their answer down. The team/individual with the most correct answers, wins!

29 Hungry Reindeer

Place M&M’s or Skittles on a table or on a flat tray. The player puts a sport sock on one hand and tries to grab as many candies as possible  and transfer them to a bowl. Time it for 30 seconds and count the number of candies in their bowl. The one with the most, wins! Use an “orphan” sock (where the other match was eaten by your dryer)  and draw face of a reindeer. Use pipe cleaners to make the antlers and attach to the sock.


30. Snowball Toss

Fold over a pair of socks into a ball. Players may use their hands to place the “ball” on the top part of their foot. With only their foot, they are to fling the “snowball” into a basket or container. Give players several chances to score points or use different baskets for different value of points. Play outside and vary it by seeing who can toss it the farthest.

Updated Games:

31. Reindeer Balloon Race

Just heard of a new one. For this one you need a pair of panty hose per team and lots of blown-up balloons. Play in teams of families or if playing with just adults, divide adults into teams of 4.  With families, have a basket of blown up balloons all ready. The object is to stuff the balloons into the legs of the panty hose and when legs are all stuffed, place the panty hose on one team member’s head. (They look like a reindeer with antlers.) The winner is the team to wear the panty hose first! Another version would be to have the teams blow the balloons up as well as stuff them, too! This game is really funny and gives lots of laughs!

32. Star Nickel Toss

Draw various sizes of stars and cut out of paper or tag board.Tape stars to the floor or carpet.  Give nickels to toss. Score points by nickels landing on a star. Smaller stars are worth more points. Total a team’s score or play individually.

 I will keep adding to this list as I think of new things. You can keep checking back for updates.

During our celebration we always like to remember and reflect on the real meaning of Christmas by reading the story from Luke 2! I hope you do the same.

Remember, Christmas is God’s wonderful plan for our salvation revealed through Jesus Christ!

What a wonderful gift!

Merry Christmas!



33. The Flour Game!

This is not just a Christmas Game, but a game for anytime. Many families play this at their Christmas gathering.  Instead of explaining, check this blog out for complete directions. It is a bit messy!

34. Inflatable Reindeer Antler Ring Toss Game

 This game is available here..    Item #OK-4/5245 or Candy Cane Toss  OK-4/5552

Oriental Trading

Inflatable Reindeer Antler Ring Toss Game

It’s a fun game and one that you will use year after year! Item # OK-4/5245

They also have other inflatable and ring toss games. Check them out and order early!

35. Reindeer Tic Tac Toe

Using the same flying reindeer as in game #5, a second game with them is Reindeer Tic Tac Toe. Mark an area on a wooden floor for a large tic, tac, toe board. I like a wooden surface as it is harder to land them on the right space. A carpeted floor will do, too. They just don’t slide.  Go to Western Games and see the post on Tic, Tac, Toe for pictures and complete instructions!

36. The Right, Left Game

This game can be done with a few gifts or as a gift exchange where everyone has a gift. Sitting in a circle, each person hold a gift. Someone reads a “right, left” story. Every time the word right is read, everyone passes their gift to the right. When the word left is read, the gift gets passed to the left. At the end, the gift you are holding is the one you keep!

There are a couple versions of this “Right, Left Story”.

The Bible version is here.

The “Christmas with the Right Family” is here.




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Marshmallow or Pom Pom Shooters

I used this as one of the activities for our “Oma and Opa” Camp. I will use it again at Christmas time for an indoor game only I’ll use pom-poms.

First take a paper cup (I used a hot/cold 7 oz cup left over from 4th of July)

Cut out the bottom of the cup.

Slit the bottom of the balloon.

Tie a knot at the blow-up end and stretch the cut end over the cup. Put a little glue under the balloon to keep the balloon in place.

Now, set up some targets, bowls or hula-hoops to shoot at or through. See how high and how far they can shoot. Shoot the marshmallow up and catch it in their mouth. I’m sure you can think of lots of crazy things to do!

Using pom-poms in the house would also work. I will use these at Christmas with some holiday targets. I can just see having a “snowball” fight with white pom-pom! Set a timer and the team that has the most pom-poms on their opponent’s side wins!

Pretty easy to make and use!

This idea was from

A fun, easy idea! Try it!




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