Recycled Aluminum Pan Art


Recycled Aluminum Pan Art

Recycled Aluminum Pan Art is a “reuse” art project for elementary age children. Save those disposable aluminum pans of any size and reuse them to make a creative design to hang in a window, on a door, or in a garden.  You need to use permanent colored markers on this project, so be careful about getting color on clothes. While we made some fun patriotic decorations and flowers, this project is easily adaptable to any season.

First cut the sides so you can flatten the pan. Make straight cuts, v-cuts, diagonal, or however you might like it. Use a kitchen scissors to make the cuts. Be sure to use caution as the cut edges are somewhat sharp. Flatten the pan out.

Recycled Aluminum Pan Art

If you’re making a flower, round the outside edges or cut into a v-shape to form petals.

Recycled Aluminum Pan Art

Make more indented details by using a dull pencil and marking them on the pan. Placing the pan on a dish-towel and gently pressing the pencil, helps make the indentations show up. Now, use permanent markers to color it. If you get permanent marker on the aluminum pan in the wrong place, use nail polish remover on a cotton ball or Q-tip to wipe it off.

Stickers work, too!

Recycled Aluminum Pan Art

A couple of flowers…..

Recycled Aluminum Pan Art


Recycled Aluminum Pan Art

Some Patriotic Art, too!

Recycled Aluminum Pan Art

 Poke holes in each section and add some wired stars from a garland.


Recycled Aluminum Pan Art

Square pans,  circle pans, big and small pans all become aluminum pan art! 

Recycled Aluminum Pan Art




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30+ Easiest Wreaths of the Season

30+ Easiest Wreaths of the Season

No matter what season it is, wreaths are a wonderful home decoration. When used on a front door, they’re a lovely visual welcome to your guests. The history of the wreath goes back to Greek and Roman times where it was associated with victory, but today, wreaths are for any season and any reason. They can be large or small and displayed anywhere outside or inside your home.

Buying wreaths can be quite spendy!  For those who like to stay within a budget,  making your own is more cost-effective and fun to do. It seems that wreaths can be made from just about anything such as dried materials, sweaters, jeans, burlap, ribbon, Christmas balls, paper, or fabric scraps.

I’ve gathered together “30+ Easiest Wreaths of the Season” ideas. Some of my own creations are included in this collection. Each wreath idea has a link to complete instructions.

Go to….. 30+ Easiest Wreaths of the Season!    or click on the picture above.

I know you’ll find some creative ideas to make for your own home whatever the season!



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DIY Textured Vase

This DIY Textured Vase is a ” knock-off ” of a vase that I saw in a store. Looking at it carefully, I thought it would be easy enough to do myself instead of spending big money. The white color really sets off the red geraniums, but any color paint would work depending on your own color scheme. The best thing is this project cost me nothing since I already had the geraniums, paint, jar, and burlap. Don’t you feel good about a project that costs nothing?

DIY Textured Vase Centerpiece

Here’s the inspiration……

DIY Textured Vase Centerpiece

Materials Needed:

Glass Jar ,Bottle, or Jug  (height depends on where you are using it)

White Acrylic Paint (if you want a lot of texture, use a little Plaster of Paris mixed in the paint) I just used the paint..

Acrylic Spray (optional)


Flowers and Ribbon of choice

DIY Textured Vase



I used a jar left from the Sauerkraut that I used in my Colorful Sauerkraut Salad.  The jar had a pattern both at the top and bottom which I thought would make the vase more interesting than a regular Ball jar.  Also, it was the right height for a table centerpiece.

Using a bit of cheap burlap ribbon, I dabbed it into the white paint. I wanted to control the amount of paint so I also dabbed the burlap on newspaper until it had less paint. With minimal paint, the holes on the burlap show and make the texture. Do as little dabbing or a lot. When you get your desired look, let dry. Apply acrylic spray, if desired.

DIY Textured Vase

I added the red geraniums to make a centerpiece for my table.

It’s just the right size for my red and white tablesetting.

DIY Textured Vase


This is the same textured vase with a Patriotic look. Great idea for Memorial Day or 4th of July centerpieces!

DIY Textured Vase

This DIY Textured Vase project doesn’t take long to do. The drying time is quick, too! Now, start looking for interesting jars and make one for yourself. Did I inspire you to try?



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Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons!


Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons!

Do you have some old puzzles that have some pieces missing? If not, you can find them easily at garage sales and thrift stores. Puzzles are frustrating when there are pieces missing so might as well recycle them into some puzzle piece crafts.

I’ve included a few ideas that I have done and then rounded-up lots more for all seasons of the year! Hope they come in handy!

To get started, on a nice calm day, place puzzle pieces in a box and spray paint. If  painting each piece by hand with acrylic paints, the paint stays better on the back side of the puzzle pieces. Otherwise, spray paint is fine on the front.

Paint  pieces with many different colors. It’s a good way to use up extra spray paint, right? You will want a variety of colors so you have them on hand for any season. Let dry and bag them according to color.

Red for Valentines, Apples, Christmas

Green for Christmas Trees, wreaths, Spring leaves, aliens or monsters

Yellow for sun, Easter Cross, lions

Orange for pumpkins, fall leaves

Pink for Valentines

Black for Halloween bats, faces on pumpkins

White for lambs, bunnies, snowflakes, snowmen

Brown for reindeer, trees


Here are ideas for each season:



Wreaths – Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

                                                       Wreath from

Place a child’s photo inside the wreath!


Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Go to  for a complete tutorial!

puzzle piece crafts for all seasons

Go to

Nine other puzzle piece crafts  from Daniellesplace include: lion, cow, whale, turkey, penguin, Frankenstein, butterflies, baby and giraffes!

Now that should be enough to keep you busy for months! But wait! There’s more!


Jesus – The missing piece in Christmas….

I love this one – also from

It makes a wonderful Christmas card!


Puzzle piece crafts  for all seasons

Candy Cane- 

This is one I have done!

Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Santa’ s Hat –

Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Go to www.familycrafts

Christmas Tree

Another idea from www.familycrafts

Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Here’s another variation with a tutorial on both the tree and wreath.

Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

                                                                                          Go to www.worldofwhimm


Add a little bling to your tree….

Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

visit :



Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons



I love this cute snowman!

Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

                                                                  For complete directions go to

 Large Snowman

Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

This is adorable!   Go to thesenorthernskies

Christmas Garland


Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Go to  CarolineKiberd for complete instructions!


Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Go to 123toddlerandme

Some adult crafts for inspiration, too! Great looks for your Valentine decor! Sorry, but I found no identification on these photos or websites for these crafts! Please let me know if you know the source!

Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons


Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons



Easter Cross

Easter Cross - Puzzle Piece Craft

Go to



Whimsical Lamb

Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Found at

Spring Tree

No need to paint puzzle pieces if you can find similar colors to create a picture!

Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons



Lamb and Lion


Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Idea from …  thesenorthernskies

Earth Day Idea

Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons




Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Use puzzle pieces that have muted shades of the same color.


Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Complete directions found on



Autumn Trees

Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Idea from  meaningfulmama

Pumpkin Place Card

Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Go to exquisitelyunremarkable


Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons


I love the brown paper bag background!


Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Go to  Jadaroo


Puzzle Piece Crafts for all Seasons

Miscellaneous Ideas:

I thought this idea was so cute. Imagine it on a card.

  Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons Go to squidoo


Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Found on Folksy

Napkin Rings

Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Found on

Framed Name Using Puzzle Pieces – Such a great idea!

Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Go to NurseryProject to see this!

Aliens, Monsters, and People

Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Found on CreationsbyCheryl

Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Found on funfamilycrafts

Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Found on AllKidsNetwork


I like the use of denim puzzle pieces on this frame!

Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Go to MakingFriends

Puzzle Piece Crafts for All Seasons

Go to BuggyandBuddy for instructions

This by no means is a complete list of possibilities, but it will give you lots of ideas to try. Perhaps,  more than you need!

Hope you found some new ideas of what to do with your old puzzle pieces!

Thanks for stopping by,


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Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Centerpiece

Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Centerpiece

Great for any patriotic occasion! Very inexpensive and easy to do!


Thinking of both Memorial Day and 4th of July coming up, I made a trip to the Dollar Tree store and came across these fabulous red and blue vases! What I like about them is that they are different heights and shapes so they look great used together just as well as separately!  It was easy to create a Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Centerpiece without spending lots of money. The white hobnail vase is one that I already had in my cupboard. It you don’t have a white one,  use any small vase and paint it white.

Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Centerpiece

The red and blue vases are from Dollar Tree. Love the colors! Only $1.00!


I added a few flowers that I had on hand along with a bit of whimsy. My Uncle Sam is a figure that I’ve had for several years. He is made by Analee.

Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Centerpiece

Using Dollar Tree vases for a Patriotic Centerpiece, makes it quick, easy and inexpensive!

The napkin rings are easy to make and add a lot of patriotic color, too! Go to my post on DIY Napkin Rings.

Here’s a closer look at Uncle Sam.


Red, White and Blue Patriotic Centerpiece

Uncle Sam always makes an appearance on patriotic occasions!


Create your red, white, and blue patriotic centerpiece to use in your tablesetting or use as a coffee table arrangement!



Red, White and Blue Patriotic Centerpiece

A red, white and blue tablesetting!


OK, I’ll bet you have the Dollar Tree vases on your list, right! You can’t go wrong for a $1.00!

Red, White and Blue Patriotic Centerpiece

I hope all your patriotic occasions are wonderful get-togethers with friends and family celebrating our freedoms that we enjoy in this country. Don’t forget to honor those that served our country to  protect our freedoms, too!




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S’mores – 7 Recipe Variations!


S'mores - 7 recipe variations

Make a S’more even better!


Spring was late in arriving, but in the grocery stores they featured all the makings for S’mores! They knew it was time to stock up on the ingredients. It seems that summer campfires and S’mores go together. I’m sure you have lots of memories sitting around a campfire on a beautiful evening, roasting marshmallows, and making S’mores! Well, try a twist on some new flavors and combinations this summer. Perhaps even offer a” S’mores Bar” where guests choose their own makings for one. Here are some ideas I’ve tried and love!


Red, White & Blue S’more

Just in time for Memorial Day is the Red, White, and Blue S’more! Now, that’s patriotic!

Red, White, and Blue S'more

First add a nice, thick layer of sweetened, spreadable cream cheese.  Now, place strawberries and blueberries on top.  Of course, add a toasted marshmallow and eat! YUM!

Here’s a better look at the inside ingredients…..

Red, White, and Blue S'more


Double Strawberry S’more

Now try a Double Strawberry S’more!  Add strawberry, spreadable cream cheese with fresh strawberries and top it off with a gooey marshmallow.  If you like a bit of chocolate, add a piece of chocolate bar and spread the cream cheese and strawberries on top of that! WOW!

Double Strawberry S'more

Fresh strawberries and strawberry cream cheese!



Pecan Pie S’more

If you love Pecan Pie, you’ll love this combination.   Spread honey pecan flavored cream cheese on the bottom of the graham cracker. Sprinkle pecan pieces over it. Now, drizzle caramel ice cream topping and add a toasted marshmallow. Enjoy!

Pecan Pie S'more

All the flavors of Pecan Pie!

Pecan Pie S'more

The taste of Pecan Pie without the work!


Peanut Butter and Jelly S’more

Make it just like the sandwich and top it off with a marshmallow.   Another variation is to spread one side with Nutella and the other side with peanut butter and place the marshmallow in the middle!  Of course, you can put the jelly in there, too! Cold you consider this lunch?

Peanut Butter and Jelly S'more

Better than a sandwich!


Peanut Butter and Banana S’more

Layer peanut butter, banana and marshmallow. Add Nutella, too!

Peanut Butter and Banana S'more


Butter-Brickle Toffee S’more

Instead of a plain chocolate bar, use butter-brickle or toffee pieces. Put a layer of Nutella and add the toffee pieces or just use a toffee candy bar whole. The whole toffee bar is a bit hard for the kids to bite so breaking up the bar makes it easier for them to eat.

Butter Brickle Toffee S'more


Nutella and Peanut S’more

I love the flavors of sweet and salty together especially chocolate and peanuts! For this variation, I used Nutella for the chocolate part.  I needed a spread that would secure the crushed peanuts. Altogether, this really satisfied my taste buds! Try it!


A great combination of sweet and salty!

A great combination of sweet and salty!


Chocolate and Bacon S’more

Chocolate and Bacon S'more

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. You might be surprised how good it is!

Now, don’t scoff until you’ve tried it. At our state fair they sell bacon dipped in chocolate so why not include it in a S’more?

For the picture, I put the chocolate on the bottom, but by placing the chocolate in the middle, it melts on the bacon better! Yes, it is GOOD! It’s another sweet and salty flavor combination.


You may notice this is more than seven. Yes, once I got started on this idea, my grandson and daughter got in on the ideas and came up with more.

Here are more combinations for you to try…


Cookies and Cream S’mores

Spread sweetened cream cheese on a graham cracker and top with broken Oreos. Of course, add a roasted marshmallow.



Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough S’mores

Spread pasteurized cookie dough on a graham cracker. Top it with a chocolate bar and marshmallow.


M-m-m-m-m- Good! I’ll have some more, please!

S'mores - 7 recipe variations for Summer Fun

Lots of ideas for delicious, mouth-watering S’more recipes!


Is this enough ideas for your summer campfires? Perhaps try a different one each week! You almost have enough variations for the entire summer! Now, you add the fun and sing some favorite songs, too!

Enjoy and make memories!


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Patriotic Rag Wreath

Patriotic Rag Wreath

Short on time to make something special or different for Memorial Day or the 4th of July? This idea takes very little time and may be the project that is just right for you. It is easy enough for a child to do as long as they can tie a knot. You see, tying a knot is the greatest skill level needed to make this Patriotic Rag Wreath.

Patriotic Rag Wreath

 This idea was born after I saw a 4th of July Rag Wreath here.

I wanted to make it more in the traditional red, white and blue.

I happened to have  red, white and blue sheets that were in a bag ready to be donated to a thrift shop. When I thought of  making this, I went right to that bag and salvaged those sheets! Lucky I had not given them away! I just happened to have everything on hand. Here are the supplies I used….


red, white and blue material 

  I liked the sheets as there was no wrong side. The solid color was on both sides. You might want to remember this if you buy material. (If buying material, adjust amount to the size of the wreath. One fourth yard of red and white will be more than plenty – 1/8 yd. of blue for a 6 inch wreath)

Wire – 12 gauge   (this can vary – it’s just what I had on hand)

Foam glitter stars or any stars



Tear or cut material into 1  1/2 inch wide strips

Cut strips into approx 5 1/2 inch lengths

I used 21 (5 1/2″) lengths of white, 21 lengths of red, and 10 lengths of blue.  This was for a 6 inch diameter wreath.

If you make a bigger wreath, you will need to adjust those lengths. You want an open area in the middle of the wreath. Trim lengths if you find them too long.

Bend wire into a 6 inch diameter circle and bend a hook or loop for hanging the wreath.  ( Adjust this diameter to your liking.)

Fold in half and tie each length on to the wire. I tied 3  of red and then 3  of white. For the blue area, I tied 10 lengths.

Patriotic Rag Wreath

Alternate red and white.

When finished tying all the lengths, add foam sparkle stickers to the blue area.

Make is as fluffy or flat as you choose.  Hang on a door, window or use in your decor as a patriotic accent!

Fast, easy and turns out great!

patriotic Rag Wreath

 Check out my other 4th of July Patriotic posts for more games and crafts Part 1 & Part 2

Other options: Make a larger wreath using a hanger for the wire base. Adjust the length of the pieces to the size of the wreath.

Rag Wreath

It works as a candle ring, too!


Happy 4th of July!

Phyllis (Oma)

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4th of July Toddler Crafts

4th of July Toddler Crafts

4th of July Toddler Crafts

A friend of mine asked me for some toddler ideas for the 4th of July. The three that I came up are easy and use materials you most likely have on hand. Remember, I like easy, inexpensive and quick crafts! With the short attention span that toddlers have, these 4th of July toddler crafts are just the right time length for success! The end products look great, too!



1. American Flag


Red, White and Blue Construction Paper


White Tempra Paint

Brush, Glue

Small star cookie cutter or white foam sticker stars



Cut a rectangle to fit in top left hand corner of the white paper.

Cut strips of red construction paper into squares.

Very lightly, draw lines for the red stripes. It makes it easier to know where to glue the squares on the white paper

Take blue rectangle and add stars.


#1 Dip cookie cutter in white paint and stamp on the blue paper.

#2 Use stickers for the stars.

#3 Use finger and dip in paint and apply to blue rectangle.

4th of July Toddler crafts

Paste blue rectangle in the left corner of the white paper.

Using a small sponge, sponge brush, paper squares or just a finger dipped in paint, make the red stripes of the flag.

4th of July Toddler crafts

This method uses red squares cut out of construction paper. Other methods mentioned above work, too!


4th of July Toddler craftsSample of a brush method or finger method of painting the stripes.

Cover with contact paper and use as a placemat!

2 Patriotic Flower Centerpiece

Along with the placemat,  you need a centerpiece! Kids can’t mess this one up. Anyway it is painted, it works.


White coffee filters

Pipe Cleaners

Red and Blue Tempra Paint

Paint brush ( small foam or other)



Paint one coffee filter red in a circle pattern. It’s OK that it is not perfect. You do want some white showing.

Paint another one blue.

4th of July Toddler Crafts

This is the mom’s part:

When dry, fold 2-3 pieces together into fourths. You can use one plain  coffee filter for the middle one.

Cut a small hole and insert the pipe cleaner and bend around to secure. Wrap a piece of tape around the opening.

Cut slits going half way down.

4th of July Toddler Crafts

Open the flower and separate filter pieces.

Place 3 in a bud vase.

4th of july toddler crafts


3.  Translucent Stars

    Window Decoration

Another kid-friendly 4th of July Toddler Craft! They will love the beautiful colors showing through!


Red, White & Blue Tissue Paper ( Cut into squares -you don’t need to be precise)

Contact Paper



Place a piece of contact paper down with sticky side up

Apply squares of tissue paper, in random order, covering the entire surface . Overlap colors.

4th of July Toddler crafts

Place another sheet of contact paper on top.

Cut out stars of various sizes.  Place on a window to show the patriotic colors.

4th of July Toddler Crafts


 Have fun with your toddler making these easy crafts!

4th of July Toddler Crafts

Happy 4th of July!

Phyllis (Oma)


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Patriotic Tree

Patriotic Tree

This post is part of the awesome Red White Blue Series over at Sugar Bee Crafts. I am pleased to be a part of this series of wonderful patriotic projects. Thanks to Mandy for including my Patriotic Tree as one of the featured projects. Buzz on over to Sugar Bee Crafts and see all the wonderful projects.

Sugar Bee Crafts Red White Blue



Patriotic Tree

You may have noticed that I have done a few patriotic posts from t-shirts to decorations. Now I’m presenting another one with the Patriotic Tree.

Did you know there are four holidays to use this patriotic craft? Memorial Day, 4th of July, Flag Day and Veteran’s Day!  That’s maximum use for your patriotic decorations! This tree does not use a “Christmas tree”, but uses tree branches or a jewelry tree (which I happened to have and don’t use ). Each of the decorations on the tree are easy for kids to make so let them have fun creating this project!

It’s OK that every star is different!


Paper Mache’ Stars (cost 67 cents) I found these on sale for 40% off!! Yea!

Star Beads with red, silver, and blue beads (these came together in one package)

Pipe cleaners

Small wooden stars (optional)

Foam sticker stars (optional)

Glitter, garland pieces and other patriotic decorations (ribbons & bows?)

Red, White & Blue Paint or colored markers for the wooden stars

Patriotic Tree

Lost cost supplies to make a great centerpiece!


Patriotic Tree

Found a garland on sale which even included some rings for hanging!



Paint stars or color with markers (both sides).  When dry, adhere decorations or foam stickers on the flat back side of the mache’ stars.  Use glitter on top side or leave plain.

Decorate small stars with stickers, glitter or paint.

Patriotic Tree

Wooden stars colored with markers. Glitter glue and foam stickers were added. Drill a small hole for hanging.

String beads on pipe cleaners  (Turn end over to secure beads and make a hook-like end for hanging) This is easy enough for a preschooler to do!

Patriotic Tree

Threading the beads on a pipe cleaner is easy for kids to do!

Use small pieces of patriotic garland for decorating the tree, too!

Find branches (no leaves),  place in a vase, and decorate with patriotic ornaments. Branches also look good painted white or silver!

patriotic tree

Place painted or natural branches in a vase and add the decorations.

This is my jewelry tree that worked well, too!

Patriotic Tree

Using a jewelry tree works, too!

From small kids to adults, anyone can make something to add to this tree!

Have a great holiday!

Phyllis (Oma)

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July 4th Decorations, Crafts and Games – Part 2

This is  “Part 2” with lots more ideas for July 4th Decorations, Crafts and Games! Some are ideas I have gathered and some are my own ideas. I give credit for those that I’ve rounded up so click on the links for their complete posts.

July 4th Decorations Crafts Games Part 2

 July 4th Decorations, Crafts and Games

Part 2


July 4th Decorations:

1. Patriotic Wreath

This is an easy one to do and turns out to be very impressive! A great tutorial is given on this site, too!


2. Pinwheel Wreath:

Another fun wreath made from printable pinwheels! This site gives complete instructions and free printable pinwheels!   Go to

Print out pinwheels and place them on a wreath.

Here’s another site for printable pinwheels…...

Another site is here.


3. Rosette Wreath:

This wreath is made from pinwheels or rosettes!

july wreath

Complete directions are found at


4. Patriotic Centerpieces:

An earlier post of mine is found here.

4th of July Centerpieces #centerpiece, #4th-of-july #Memorial-day
Quick & easy decorations for Memorial Day or 4th of July!

Many other posts for 4th of July decorations are found on the menu above. Check out  “Holidays”- 4th of July for the $1 Patriotic Star, Patriotic Candle Ring and others.

5. Flag Wreath:

Very simple to make wreath using small flags.  Go here for directions.

crochet wreath

waving eagle

                          from   favecrafts






Kid’s Crafts

1. Make a cute Uncle Sam Puppet….

Directions found at notimeforflashcards


2. Luminaries:

  Decorate Jars with red, white and blue tissue paper. Even toddlers can do this one! Place a LED votive light or glow stick inside. Use as a table decoration or line your walkway!


For complete directions, go to

3. Patriotic Fireworks:

Love the look of these paper decorations.  This site has a wonderful tutorial on how to make them. Use these in the wreath decoration idea above.


4. Patriotic Centerpiece:

 Simple, but cute for your table!

This idea is from    Go to their site for a free download of 4th of July crafts.

5. Printable Craft Ideas:

DollarStoreCrafts has tons of printables listed here.




1. Conversation Games:

I came across some fun conversation starter games and ideas for all ages from happyhomefairy

2. 4th of July Ring Toss at RootsandWingsCo

3. Online Games: Well, if you must have some online games for when it rains, here they are…

4. Word Games and Word Searches

found here at

5. Family Parade!  

Have on hand lots of crêpe paper streamers, some printables, tape, scissors, ribbons, colored paper, banners, pinwheels, and all sorts of patriotic decorative items. (Dollar Store items) Let kids (perhaps adults, too) make a float, decorate a bike, scooter, stroller or wagon and have a fun family parade! Use drums, whistles, bells, etc., too! Record and play patriotic music. Take lots of pictures! Award prizes for different categories such as: most patriotic, funniest, cutest, sportiest, craziest, most artistic, etc.  Make up categories so each participant gets an award. Need some ideas? Go to   for some cute pictures and ideas for your family parade! Fourth of July Bike Clip Art

This picture is from the Martha Stewart site that has lots of free printables to use for a bike parade  …  HERE!

6.Lots of free printable July 4th word games, memory game, patriotic dominoes:

more on this site…

7. More printable games and ideas are found on this site….

and here….

8. Pass the Flag:

Arrange kids and adults into two teams. Give them a flag and they have to pass it from person to person without using their hands. Don’t make the flag too big. The smaller flags make it harder! If it is all young kids, the bigger flag works better!

9. Patriotic Program:

If you have elementary kids, let them create a Patriotic Program. Give them some printables, decorations, patriotic CD music and let them put together a program for the adults! Give them this idea ahead of July 4th so they can come up with ideas on their own, too!

10. Ring the Flag:

Place a flag some distance away (adjust for different ages). Players throw the hula hoop to try to ring the flag. Give players 10 tries and count the number of successful rings. Variation: Place several flags around the yard. Play like a golf game. Once they ring it, they move to the next one. Lowest score wins!

4th of July games

11. Flag in the Bottle:

Place a jar or a wide mouth bottle on the ground behind a chair. Player kneels on chair facing the back  and tries to see how many flag toothpicks they can land inside the jar. Hands need to rest on the top back of the chair when dropping them.

12.  A complete packet of printables

for ages 3-7 is from Gift of Curiosity.

13.  More printables

for preschool and older from 3 Dinosaurs.

Hope this gives you lots of ideas for your celebrations. Pin them and keep them for other years, too. If you missed Part 1, you’ll want to check out those ideas as well here.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful 4th of July!

Phyllis (Oma)

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4th of July Food Favorites

4th of July Food Favorites

When it comes to entertaining, I like what is easy, delicious, and fun! The 4th of July entertaining is no exception! Entertaining is not fun when you are overwhelmed with every little detail and try to do too much. Choose what you can accomplish realistically and you will do it more often. Having fun together is the most important thing. These 4th of July Food Favorites are easy and fun to put together. They will make a hit at your gathering.

Many of these ideas I chose are great for kids to put together themselves. When the family gets together, it’s fun to have a food activity for them and many of these fit that category. Involving them in the process is a memory maker event, too! It takes a little of the pressure from having everything finished before everyone arrives! The outcomes may not be as perfect as when you do it, but they will still taste the same!

 While the pictures show ten, I included 13 favorite picks! Thirteen stands for the 13 original colonies!

4th of July Food Favorites #4th of July #picnic food #patriotic
13 easy ideas to make your 4th of July special. 13 is for the original 13 colonies and 13 stripes on the flag! #4th-of-July #holiday #patriotic



#1 and #2     4th of July Dipped Strawberries

4th of July Dipped Strawberries #strawberry #4th of July

Easy and quick 4th of July treat!


These spectacular looking treats are from


Have all the ingredients ready and let the kids put these together! They may not look perfect, but they still will taste good and the kids will love doing it!

Hint: Strawberries should be washed and completely dry! White chocolate coating doesn’t stick to a damp or wet strawberry!

An alternative is to have a bowl of vanilla yogurt and blue sugar for dipping. Dip and eat! No prep involved!



Strawberry Treats - 4th of July

Idea from ….   Cupcakes, Kisses ‘n’ Crumbs


If you have any white chocolate left over after dipping strawberries, dip pretzels , sugar cookies, sugar ice cream cones or glass rims (see # 4)



 #3 Cream Cheese Filled Strawberries


 Baker’s Royale


Do this one yourself! This is too hard for kids to put together, but will be a hit with both kids and adults!

Another version is this…..


25 jumbo strawberries

     3/4 c heavy whipping cream

     3/4 c milk

     1 small box vanilla instant pudding

     1/2 tsp almond extract

Mix together

Put mixture into a plastic bag. Cut corner of bag and pipe into the strawberries.

Top with a blueberry



#4 Fourth of July Drink Picks

4th of July

Add a festive touch to drinks to celebrate the 4th!


This is another idea for kids to put together! The idea originated with Martha Stewart. With a small cookie cutter, cut out stars from jicama or pineapple.  Have kids thread the items on the skewers or straws for people to add to their drink. Dip glass rims in white chocolate and then red, white and blue sugar for an extra festive touch.


4th of July Raspberry Lemonade with star picks!

 My Recipes


#5    Flag Cupcakes

This idea is good for a kids’ cupcake decorating station. Have the frosting, blueberries and fruit leather ready to go. It helps to cut the fruit leather into strips beforehand.

4th of July Flag Cupcakes

Easy for kids to put together!


Idea from…



#6.  Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwiches

Another kid friendly idea! Insert a stick in the ice cream sandwiches, dip it into sprinkles and eat!


4th-of-july ice cream sandwiches!

Fun for kids to decorate and eat!

Ice cream Sandwiches can be found on



#7   Red, White and Blue Cake

While this idea is not exactly kid-friendly for helping, they certainly will love to eat it. Make this the day before so everything won’t be last-minute! I had to include this as it is so delicious looking and fun with the combination of the red cake, white frosting, raspberries and blueberries. Instead of a layer cake, make a 9×13 cake and decorate with raspberries and blueberries. ( much easier)

4th of July Cake #4th-of-july # patriotic dessert #red,white, blue www.

Show-stopping Dessert!

idea from


#8  Patriotic Brownies

I included this idea because it is an easy dessert to put together. Wh the strawberries and blueberries on top, it looks so festive and tastes good, too. Make cupcakes or make individual brownies in muffin papers and then decorate! I couldn’t find the original link of this picture! I searched and searched so if you know, please contact me and I will edit this post.

Patriotic Brownies #4th-of- July dessert #brownie dessert #

Quick and easy to put together. Makes a big impact!


Use the rest of the cream cheese recipe for frosting from the filled strawberries above! Then add the blueberries and strawberries!


#9   Red, White and Blue Parfait Jello

What kid doesn’t like Jello? This is so easy to make and have it ready the day before! No last-minute rush! Perhaps this could be just for the kids, however, some adults would like this, too! Add a flag pick for the top!

Recipe found here…

#10  Flag Toast or French Toast

You can even make breakfast patriotic with this Flag Toast! Let kids can make their ow. They would have fun putting this together by themselves. So what if the rows aren’t perfectly straight! Put some sweetened cream cheese or Cool Whip on and then add the strawberry jam, bananas and blueberries! YUM! What a patriotic way to start the day!

Directions are here….


Use this idea for French Toast! Instead of cream cheese,use whip cream or Cool Whip on the toast. Add strawberries, bananas and blueberries.


 #11  Patriotic Rice Krispie Bars

4th of July Rice Krispy Bars

Just add food coloring for the red and blue layer when making the rice krispie bars! Kids loves these!


Photo by…..flicker


#12 White Chocolate Patriotic Tart

Patriotic Tart

White Chocolate Blueberry Tart


Recipe found at  …


#13   Individual Cookie Tarts

4th of July Tarts


Let your guests build their own tarts with a sugar cookie as the base!


This idea is from

Ingredients for cream cheese spread:

1  (8-oz.) pkg. cream cheese, softened

 2  tablespoons frozen limeade concentrate, thawed

1/2  cup powdered sugar

Mix together

This is enough for approx. 20 cookies

Have strawberries and blueberries washed and ready to place on cookies.

Make these ahead of time or an easier way is the have  bowls of the cream cheese mixture, strawberries, blueberries and let your guests make their own! The sugar cookies can be store-bought. Just don’t tell anyone! So easy! If you make your own sugar cookies, use a star cookie cutter!

 Well, these are my favorite picks for an easy, kid-friendly, no big fuss, 4th of July Food Favorites for a non-hectic 4th of July celebration! Whew! That was a mouthful!

While I call them kid-friendly, adults love these ideas, too!

Lots of these ideas are changeable for other holiday celebrations as well! Just change the color scheme!


Let’s celebrate the freedoms that we have in this country!


Which idea is your favorite?

Happy entertaining!

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July 4th Activities, Crafts and Games

 July 4th Activities, Crafts and Games

Part 1

Making your celebration special is easy when you incorporate a couple of patriotic activities, crafts or games. Here is a variety of suggestions for your 4th of July holiday event! Choose what is appropriate for your gathering and have fun!

First a little history…..

While picnics, parades, fireworks,  games and outdoor activities go hand in hand with  this  mid-summer celebration. Unfortunately, many kids and perhaps some adults don’t know what we really celebrate. It is the birthday of our nation!  

On July 4th, 1776, the  Continental Congress passed the Declaration of Independence.

John Adams, one of the founders of our new nation, said, “I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward for evermore.”

Patrick Henry  was an attorney, planter and politician.  He became known as an important orator during the movement for independence.

His famous quote was….
“Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel.”
“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government — lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”
Good words for today!
Now, on to the 4th of July Activities, Crafts and Games!

Patriotic July 4th Activities for your celebration:

Incorporate one or more of these….

1.  Say the Pledge of Allegiance and explain what it means.

      There is a  good YouTube video of comedian Red Skelton explaining the pledge here

2.  Sing the National Anthem

3.  Play patriotic music or sing patriotic songs. Lyrics are here.

4. Printable 50 star America Flag Coloring Page available here.

5.  View the 4 minute clip on the Declaration of Independence here.(for older kids)

        For younger kids here....

6. Who was Uncle Sam? How did he get to be the icon for The United States?

Find out here:

7. Watch the Youtube video on the Preamble by Schoolhouse Rock or Fifty Nifty United States here



 July 4th Crafts

1.  Make T-shirts


I’ve grouped a couple of former t-shirt posts that are great ideas for 4th of July. For this  first one, I saved the idea from the Family Fun magazine perhaps ten years ago. I looked, but couldn’t find the link. Even though the grandchildren were  the ages of 3-5, they were able to make these great looking shirts. I taped the areas ahead of time and they did the painting. The stars were just drawn freehand on the wide painter’s tape then cut and applied on the shirt. We used wide sponge brushes and wherever they painted, it turned out just fine because of the taped off areas.

4th of July T-shirt Craft    #t-shirt #craft #patriotic



White T-Shirts (pre-washed)

Red and Blue Fabric Paint

Sponge Brushes

Painter’s Tape


First place painter’s tape on the t-shirt and mask the stripes.  Make them horizontal, diagonal, or vertical.  With tape, square off the blue area and adhere stars.

Next,using sponge brushes, paint the stripes red and the star area blue. When paint is dry, peel off the tape.  Set the paint according to the fabric paint recommendations.

4th of July Flag t-shirts



They were very proud of how they turned out!

I’m a Mops Mentor and we used this idea as a craft in our Mops group. Each Mom brought a prewashed  t-shirt or onesie for their child and taped it off at the meeting. Some did a diagonal design and others did theirs vertically & horizontally.Whichever way they taped it, they all looked great! Each mom took it home to paint.

(MOPS stands for Mothers of PreSchoolers)

Look! I even found a manufactured shirt for sale using the same method!

4th of July T-shirt

Check out my other t-shirt post here. 

Another t-shirt idea here.

2.   July 4th Hats and Sparklers

Have the kids make these cute hats to wear! Click on the link below for complete directions.

Fourth of July craft

Thanks to for allowing me to share this idea.


3.     July 4th Visor……..


$1 foam visor

Glitter Star Foam Shapes Stickers

Glitter Glue ( this takes a long time to dry so eliminate if they want to wear immediately)


  Place foam sticker shapes of various size stars, etc. on the visor!

Now, that’s easy!!!!


DIY 4th of July Crafts #kids #4th-of-July #Patriotic


Let kids create their own visor!

4th of July Visor Craft

July 4th Games

1. Water Balloons: With the weather usually hot, the old stand-by of throwing water balloons is always fun! Vary the game with water balloon tag. One person is it and tags another by throwing a water balloon.

2. Patriotic Bingo: free printable bingo cards here Free Printable Patriotic Bingo Cards {Activities for Kids}, shared by Lorie A on Tip Junkie

3. Near the Flag:  Stick an American flag (small or medium size) in the ground at some distance away from players. Play this game with frisbees or balls. The person who successfully lands his frisbee or ball nearest the American the flag scores a point.! The one scoring the point for that round gets to decide where to move the flag for the next round. First one to score 5 or 10 points, wins! (similar to bocce ball) Use pom-pom shooters, too. Using marshmallows, the person closest to the flag gets a point and moves the flag to a different position. Go here to find directions for the pom-pom shooters.

4. Frisbee Golf: Play this game in an area with trees. Place a number on each tree. (doesn’t need to be 18 trees) Players throw the frisbee trying to hit the numbered tree. Once the player hits the first tree, then go to the second, third, etc. Count the number of throws and the one with the lowest number wins. (Just like golf) For young children, three trees is plenty. For 4th of July version, use lots of flags on the trees!

5. Duck, Duck, Dump!: This game is a variation of Duck, Duck, Grey Duck. Players sit in a circle and the one that is “it” has a cup of water. They walk around the circle saying, “Duck, Duck”….. and when they say “Dump”, they dump the cup of water on the one chosen and run around the circle trying to get back to the place of the one they chose. Play this with water balloons, too!

6. Flag Hunt: Buy a couple packages of little flag picks (the ones you use for cupcakes, sandwiches, etc.) Place these in different places around the area (in a bush, near a flower in the garden. under a table, on a tree). Be sure to place them where they won’t get stepped on by bare feet! See who can find the most flags in a 5 minute time.This works well if you have some wooded areas around.

7. Play a game of 20 questions. Find facts about the signing of the Declaration of Independence online and do a “test” with teams. Do either multiple choice or fill in the answer. Teams go to different spots so they can work together on the answers! No I-phones allowed!

8. Star Tag: This game is played like a regular tag game except there are stars which are safe spots. You cannot be tagged while there!  The person that is “it” chases to tag another person, but if that person runs to a star, they are safe. They count to 20 and need to run to another star for safety again before being tagged. Make stars by using a cardboard cut-out.  Place cut-out stars on the lawn and sprinkle with flour or use white spray paint (paint will grow out). Do this in several places.

9.Night-Time Star Game: This is played when it is dark. It is similar to Duck, Duck, Grey Duck (Goose). Kids lay flat on ground with feet toward the inside of the circle. They need to be spaced an arm’s length apart. The person laying on the ground picks a star in the sky and stays focused or staring at that star. The one who is “it” goes around the circle with a flashlight. When “it” shines the flashlight on their face, they must quickly get up and race around the circle trying to catch the person before they get back to the open spot.

Hope these ideas help in planning your 4th of July events. More ideas to come in July 4th Decorations, Crafts, and Games! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the post!

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Patriotic Candle Ring

Patriotic Candle Ring

Patriotic Candle Ring

When grandchildren come over, I’m always wanting a craft that the kids can help create! This simple Candle Ring is an easy and inexpensive patriotic craft where kids can be involved. The idea is so simple and is easy to vary according to their level. The finished Candle Ring placed on the table certainly gives that patriotic touch to July 4th or Memorial Day!


 8 Wooden Stars (3 in.)

4 stars (2 in.)

Red, White & Blue Paint (spray or acrylic)

Glitter, glitter glue or other decorations of choice

Hot glue gun

These stars are edged with glitter glue…

Patriotic Candle Ring

Painted Wooden Stars



Paint wooden stars and decorate as you wish.

Place stars around a candle or candle holder to determine size of circle. (8 stars go around a pillar sized candle)

Hot glue the stars for the candle ring .

Add white stars or other accents of your choice.

Hint: If using glitter glue, allow to dry overnight!

"Patriotic Candle Ring"

Perfect for Memorial Day or July 4th!

"Patriotic Candle Ring"

An easy and inexpensive patriotic craft!

A variation of this craft is to hang as a wreath decoration. Just add a bow!

"Patriotic Candle Ring"

Quick, easy and inexpensive to make!

Easy, isn’t it? 

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Patriotic T-Shirt

 Patriotic T-Shirt!

A personally designed Patriotic T-Shirt is always fun for the whole family to make for Memorial Day or Fourth of July!  In the last edition (June 2013) of Family Fun Magazine, they showed a T-shirt idea made by using a corrugated cardboard stamp. It sparked an idea of combining two methods to make a great patriotic designed  T- shirt. One method is fine, but the combination is even better!


4th of July T Shirt

The combination of two techniques blend into one fabulous patriotic t-shirt!




T – Shirt (I used Royal Blue)

newspaper or paper grocery bags

Freezer paper or foam star stickers

Spray bottle


Red Fabric Paint

Corrugated Cardboard (Cut up a shipping box)

Cap from a pop bottle or toothpaste cap


1.  Pre-wash and dry shirt.

2. Cut several stars from freezer paper and adhere on with a hot iron, shiny side down

If using foam star stickers, just adhere the stars on the shirt. Be sure to press down each tip of the star.

(I had foam stars on hand so I used them)

3. Place several thicknesses of newspaper or use a grocery bag placed inside shirt to prevent bleach from bleeding through to the other side.

(I trace the shirt on a grocery bag and then cut it out and slip into the shirt)

4. Spray the shirt with 1/2 water and 1/2 bleach combination in a spray bottle. Put the nozzle to a fine mist spray and spray the front of the shirt. The sun will bleach it, too. If you want a lighter color, spray again. Do this until desired lightness.

DIY 4th of July Patriotic T-Shirt ww/

Step #4

(I sprayed about 3 times, but it depends on the strength of bleach to water)

5. Remove inside paper and put shirt into water to stop the bleach process.  Remove the foam or freezer paper stickers.  Dry shirt.

Shirt will look like this after the bleach process. 

DIY 4th of july T-Shirt

Remove the stickers and it should look like this.


6. Cut stars from corrugated cardboard. Hint: remove a layer of cardboard before you draw the star. By doing this first, your points will stay nice.
It speeds up the process to have the corrugated stencils cut out ahead of time.

7. Hot glue cap to non-corrugated side of the star. It is much easier for kids to grip the stamp this way.

  Patriotic T-Shirt

Hot glue a cap from a pop bottle or one from a toothpaste tube. Any cap will do!

8. Place small amount of paint on a disposable plate, spreading it around.  With your star stamps, gently dip into paint so that only the corrugated part holds the paint.

Corrugated Star Stamp

9. Place on t-shirt in desired areas.  Repeat for more stars. If you prefer, use different sizes of star stamps.

10. Set the dry paint with a hot iron (placing a cloth between iron and painted area) or according to manufacturer’s instructions.

11. Proudly wear your personally designed patriotic t-shirt for Memorial Day or 4th of July!

DIY 4th of July T-Shirt

Great combination of techniques!


This process is easy enough for kids to do. Carefully supervise the bleach process, however.

This t-shirt turns out awesome!

Both adults and kids will be proud to wear it.

Why not have the whole family design a patriotic t-shirt? You will certainly be noticed in a crowd!

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Happy Memorial Day and Fourth of July!

Phyllis (Oma)

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$1 Wooden Star

$1 Wooden Star


Craft ideas for Memorial Day and 4th of July

These DIY $1 wooden star crafts or wall art for Memorial Day and 4th of July are so inexpensive to make. Yes, the large wooden star cost less than $1  and it didn’t come from the dollar store.I saw something like this at an antique show for $15, and the only difference was that they used “antique” wood.  Since I didn’t have any “antique” wood, I thought of a way to make the wooden star craft using something everyone can find!

$1 Wooden Star

What an easy, fast decoration to make for Memorial Day & July 4th!

I went to my local lumber store and found lathe! Perfect!

I happened to find a bin with seconds and it had several wooden lathe pieces that were only 29 cents each! They were just right! With further digging, I found some broken ones for only 15 cents each! So, I went out of there with enough pieces for two large wooden stars and one smaller star – all for around $2.00! That makes each wooden star less than $1. If you need to buy paint, that would be extra, but I had some leftover spray paint that I used. See, it really is a $1 wooden star!

Another option is to use yardsticks, but I had only one!

Directions for making a $1 wooden star:

1. Cut 5 pieces all the same length. (I used 24 inches for the large wooden star)

DIY $1 Star

2. Lay wood pieces out one at a time  just the way you would draw a 5 point star.

(You know, the ones teachers draw on kids’ papers.)

Adjust so that they look the way you want.

 $1 Wooden Star

3. Hot glue or staple each point in place. (I used hot glue)

4.  $1 wooden star – finished! (except for paint). That was fast, right?   If staining, I recommend applying it before putting it together.

Make the $1 wooden stars different sizes and different colors (red, white & blue or stain)

If using this for a kid craft, put together the stars ahead of time and let kids decorate them in red, white and blue paint, markers, patriotic star stickers, glitter, sequins, etc.

Using smaller pre-colored craft sticks in the same way, the stars  look like this…..

$! Wooden Star

Another option for a $1 Wooden Star

The colored sticks came from a package of Super Jumbo Sticks approx 5 inches long (30/pkg). The package cost $2.99. It was more than the lathe!

Kid friendly idea:

Kids have  fun decorating these with glitter, beads, stickers, etc.! Hang in a window,  from a chandelier, or use in a mobile for the 4th of July!

I made the red wooden star crafts above  from a  package of pre-colored  5 1/2 inch slim sticks.

(125 pieces / various colors @ $2.99)

$1 Wooden Star

So many of the pre-colored sticks are colors other than red, white, and blue. You have very few pieces of the patriotic colors. If you’re looking to save money, it is cheaper to buy the plain wood sticks and paint them yourself.

All of these ideas are so inexpensive! Visit your local craft store or the next time you visit the lumber store, check out the lathe and make a $1 wooden star for yourself!  Proudly display it on Memorial Day and 4th of July! Add a star to your patriotic arrangements.

$1 Wooden Star

Add a wooden star to your decor.

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