Watercolor and Oil Art

Watercolor and Oil Art explores a science fact in a very fun and colorful way.  Oil and water don’t mix, you see, so you’ll have interesting things happen with your art project.  It’s so exciting to see how oil makes waves and moves the color. By using a glue gun, you can design shapes or squiggles that make a design among the melding colors.

Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com

Using just liquid watercolors, a glue gun, and oil, you never know just what you’ll end up with for color variations. It’s fun to watch. Change this project for any holiday theme or design you would like to use. This is one art project that can be done over and over again. It will never turn out the same. Use your imagination and try different combinations.

The materials include: Watercolor Paper, Glue Gun, Liquid Watercolors, Brushes, Vegetable Oil, tray (optional), and Eye Dropper.

Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com

Here’s an easy way to keep this project from getting messy. I bought 9×13 metal cookie trays at the Dollar Tree. They are the perfect size for any painting or craft project. It keeps the mess contained and if things need to dry, you can just dry them right on the trays. For this watercolor project, they can be stacked to dry by placing one tray horizontal and the next vertical. I have one for each grandchild, and it sure helps to keep glitter, glue, paint, etc. all contained! When the project is done, they are easy to wash off.

Ok, now to the directions….  This project requires watercolor paper. Construction just doesn’t work well. It is better with liquid watercolors, too. If you haven’t tried them, they are very colorful and easier to use than the watercolor paint trays. Have some wider brushes to use such as small sponge brushes.

You can buy liquid watercolors from Blick Art Supplies on the sidebar.

I’ve seen paintings that merely cover the entire paper, but I decided to experiment using some shapes outlined with hot glue. I liked the outcome. If you are using a shape, draw it lightly with a pencil and go over it with the glue gun. (I recommend that an adult operates the glue gun.)This will keep the shape from mixing with the other colors and it will stand out from the painting.


Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com

Outline a shape with the glue gun.


Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com

Paint watercolor inside the glue area.

Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com

Drop oil in several places and watch it work!

Continue on and paint the background.

For our Oma and Opa Camp, I did the kids’ names in bubble letters with hot glue and they used liquid watercolors to make their project colorful and dotted it with oil . Even the boys got into it and thought it was “cool”!


Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com

After you have painted a section, while it is still wet, drop oil in squiggles or drops, and watch it change the paint. Continue until the entire paper is painted the way you like. If the watercolors dry too much, just get them wet again with more color or spray with a little water before you drop the oil. The action will continue for a while as it dries.

Let dry for a day and enjoy your watercolor and oil art that you’ve created. 

There are so many ways to vary this project. For instance, you can outline a pumpkin, stars, names, trees, bells, angels, cross, bunnies, fall leaves, and flowers, just to name a few. It is changeable for any season and the outcome is always different. 

For Easter…..

Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com


Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com

The oil was also dripped on the trees above.

Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com

For Valentines…..

Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com


This cross was painted with the usual watercolor tray instead of the liquid watercolors. It’s not as bright and harder to get the oil action to show. You need to use very deep colors, paint it heavy with color, and still it doesn’t have the same intensity as the liquid colors.

Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com

It’s a good investment to get the liquid watercolors as they last a long time. Your kids will enjoy those bright colors! No messy watercolor trays to clean, either.

Now, what will you plan on making with your watercolor and oil art?  Have fun!

Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com



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Preschool Pumpkin Craft

Here’s a quick,  easy, and fun preschool pumpkin craft. It looks great, too! Just a little prep by an adult and your preschooler can handle the rest! I always try to come up with something that fits the short attention span of a preschooler.

Preschool Pumpkin Craft grandparentsplus.com


Tag board (if you are going to hang this up)

Orange and Black  Construction Paper

Glue, scissors

Brown Crayon

Orange pompoms –  1  1/2 bags for one side.


Preschool Pumpkin Craft  grandparentsplus.com

First, cut a pumpkin shape out of the tagboard. This pumpkin pictured is approximately 5 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches. Cut the same shapes for both the front and back out of the orange construction paper and glue on the tagboard. Color the stem brown.


Preschool Pumpkin Craft grandparentsplus.com

The orange construction paper will prevent the white showing through while the tagboard gives it strength for hanging.  If you don’t intend on hanging the pumpkin,  the construction paper alone will work.

Prepare a shallow dish of glue so that the pom-poms can be dipped. It is so much easier for kids to do it that way. Start by gluing the pom-poms around the outer edge and then fill in.


Preschool Pumpkin Craft   grandparentsplus.com

Add black triangles for eyes and nose.  Cut a black mouth and glue on top of the pom-poms.  If you wish, do the same to the other side.

Preschool Pumpkin Craft  grandparentsplus.com

Looks cute to hang on a window or from a chandelier.

Have fun!


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Halloween-Harvest Games

Looking for some fun ideas for your Halloween – Harvest Parties? I’ve created and compiled many Halloween-Harvest games for both adults and children. The best fun is laughter and good times together. Make some memories with these games and activity ideas.

  Halloween-Harvest Games grandparentsplus.com


Pumpkin Bowling:

Halloween-Harvest Games grandparentsplus.com

Use a small mini pumpkin. Participants “roll” the pumpkin towards plastic bottles set up in bowling fashion. Each person gets two tries. With small groups, you may repeat and add the score from earlier tries.  Judge the distance by the age of your participants.


Gather the Pumpkins:

Using small candy pumpkins, set them behind lamps, books, and in various places around the house. Use a disposable cup and kids need to gather and find as many as they can in  3 -5 minutes.


Pumpkin Decorating Contest:

Set out duct tape, Washi tape, markers, self-stick foam, acrylic paints, pom-poms, stickers, buttons, eyes, yarn, ribbon, raffia, etc. and let them decorate a pumpkin. Have prizes for funniest, craziest, sweetest, scariest, cutest, most artistic……you get the idea.  Give a time limit  – 30 – 60 minutes.

Halloween-Harvest Games grandparentsplus.com

Leaf Relay:

Halloween-Harvest Games grandparentsplus.com

Contestants move artificial or pressed fall leaves from one area to another by sucking them up with a straw.   Give a time limit for each contest or use as a relay.


Leaf  or Pumpkin Match:

Each person has an envelope with twelve different pairs of cut-out leaves. On a given signal, each opens up the envelope and matches the pairs. This works with pumpkins, too. Just make them slightly different shapes.


Pin the Tail on the Donkey Variation:

Pin the nose on  the Pumpkin, Pin the Tail on the Cat, Pin the nose on the Witch, etc……..


Guess the number of Pumpkin Seeds!

Take a pumpkin and have kids guess the number of seeds there will be in it.  Cut it, clean it, and count the seeds!


Pumpkin Toss:

Halloween-Harvest Games grandparentsplus.com

Take a pumpkin, small, medium or large (size depends on age of participants) and see how far they can toss it. (outside)


Corn Hunt:

Fill a bin or large container (it needs to be deep) with dried corn (buy at a feed store).  Add pennies or nickels in with the dried corn. Kids have a certain time to find all the coins they can.


Corn Scatter:

Throw dried corn out on your yard. Kids have 3-5 minutes to find as many kernels as possible. Left over corn will be appreciated by the wildlife!


What is IT?:

Have several covered boxes with bowls inside. Put various items in each bowl that need to be identified by just feeling.  Contestants are blindfolded and need to say what it is before removing their hand. Give them 10 seconds.  Examples….mashed bananas, peeled grapes, spaghetti, cut-up tomatoes, baked beans, oatmeal, cottage cheese…….  Who identified the most?



Since Halloween and Harvest Parties are often about candy, here’s a few candy games…..  (They work for other holidays, too!)

The Candy Game:

Go to  GuesstheCandy.com   There are twenty pictures of candy bars. It is a multiple choice game to name each one.  A different variation is to buy several candy bards,  number them, and place on separate dishes to pass around the group.  Participants need to write the name of the candy bar down. The one who identifies the most wins! Be sure to break them in half so it shows the inside.


The Candy Bar Match Game:

Go to FamilyReunionHelper for this game


Roll the Dice Candy Game:

Go to IceBreakerCandyGame


Pumpkin Throw:

Halloween-Harvest Games grandparentsplus.com Have several buckets or containers labeled with point values. From a starting line, Individuals or teams take part by throwing mini-pumpkin into one of the containers. Count the points toward the team or person’s score.  Determine the number of tries for each team or person.

Variation: Try dropping candy pumpkins into a small container by kneeling over the back of the chair. (similar to dropping clothespins in a bottle)


Eyeball Bounce:

Halloween-Harvest Games grandparentsplus.com  

Draw an eyeball on a ping-pong ball.  The object is to bounce the eyeball into a plastic pumpkin (with a large opening).

 Decide distance depending on the age of the participants.

Eyeball Roll:

In this version, roll the eyeballs across the table into numbered cups. Give 5 chances and add up the score.

Halloween - Harvest Games grandparentsplus.com


Pumpkin Hockey


This needs a large outside area to play. Players move the pumpkin around obstacles to a finish line using a hockey stick, broom, or long stick. Time each participant. Shortest time wins. Using as a relay, divide into two teams and move to a marked area in a gym or outside and come back again. Hand off to the next person.Variation: for indoors, use a broom and move around a marked area (around furniture, chairs, etc.) One person plays at a time. 



Free Printable Game Sites:









For another activity, try these Pumpkin Carols! 

Pumpkin Carols at Night.net

Also…. Peanuts Pumpkin Carols



Hope you enjoy these Halloween – Harvest Games!

Have fun!



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