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Whatever the event, you can create a free card, poster, etc… all at no cost to you with the easy templates on this site! I am so excited to find this and I thought I would share it with everyone. Each project is easily printed on your own home printer. The quality is not like ordering from a picture website, but for quick everyday uses, it is fantastic!

What kid or adult doesn’t love a special poster or card created just for them. Graduations are just around the corner and personalized posters make great decorations, too. Just print them out right at home!

In the past, I have made my own cards and invitations on my computer using Publisher and other programs, but this is so much easier! Anyone can do this! It is much quicker with the templates ready to go. You have an option to change any text to your own liking.

Here is a picture sample of a couple things I’ve made….



Make Your Own Cards, Certificates #cards #certificates #awards

Lots of templates for cards, posters, certificates, awards, etc.

If you’re a coach, children’s ministry leader, youth leader, Brownie or Girl Scout leader, Cub Scout leader, mom, grandmother, S.S. teacher, or school teacher (just to name a few), you’ll want to be sure to check this out. I receive no money from this recommendation, but just wanted to share it with you! I find it so easy and quick to do!

I love it and will be using it often!

Have fun creating!

The link is here.

Phyllis (Oma)


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Best Photobook & Photo Card Sites – A Quick List of Links and Recommendations!


Making memories are easy using these sites.

Making memories are easy using these sites.


Many people have asked me for the photobook & photo card sites that I have used for making all my books and cards. I have used many sites.The following is a list and their links. What I recommend is to register on each site. They will usually send you offers of free or discounted books. I always look for those offers and try to take advantage of them. The memories are priceless, but my pocketbook likes the free or discounted offers! Don’t you? Besides using them for grandchild memories, I like to make photobooks for myself and others, too! You can download your pictures to the sites, work on your book, save, and be ready to go when a good discount offer comes through.

  •   By registering on this link, you will receive free photos and 6 free 8×8 photobooks. Shipping is about $9.99 per book. This company gives lots of free photobook offers so I take advantage of these as well as other sites when I make multiple books for my grandchildren. They have a deluxe quality photobook, too, but I find the regular 8×8 books are fine for the kids. There are many other products and cards on their website as well. They do take some time to arrive as they ship from Hong Kong. For this site, you need to download their Silverlight program. It is completely safe. Also, on this site there are 3-D cards for all occasions along with other photo items.
  •   These books are better quality and they offer more size choices. This company often runs 50% off on various products. They also have nice photo cards for holidays as well as all-occasion cards. I like to make individualized birthday cards for my grandchildren with their picture on it and a special poem or message inside.  With their picture on the card, they don’t throw them away. It become a keepsake!  Check out the many other products that they offer, too! One special feature that I like is the storyboard where you can move the pictures and group them for each page. Then, they automatically go right into the book on that specific page. This helps when you want pictures in a certain order. I may not have explained this very well, but you’ll find out by going on the site.  Good product! Highly recommend!
  •  This site has a download for your computer. It is completely safe. They have many sizes of books and their product is also of good quality. They, too, will do different promotions so watch for specials. I have made many personalized birthday cards for kids through Winkflash..
  •  Nice quality books. Register and they will send you discounted specials from time to time. Good choice of sizes as well. Another great site! Photo cards are available, too.
  •  Picaboo has a great quality book. You do need to load their program on your computer.  Then, complete the book on your computer without logging into their site. When completed, you the send it online to Picaboo for printing.
  •  Very nice books. They have limited backgrounds to choose from, but the books are excellent quality. They do send specials from time to time.
  •   I haven’t used this site, but just signed up so I’ll see what specials they offer.
  •  If you need the book fast, you can make it and pick it up the next day. Quick turnaround time!
  •  I haven’t used this site, yet, but they offer stationary, too.
  •  This website is not for photo books, but for hologram and 3-D cards. This is a very different product. If you are doing the 2 picture flip cards, it works best to plan the picture. For best results, use the same setting, just have the person change their expression or make a slight change. For one of the cards I made, I had each child stand with both hands down. The next shot was both arms up. It looked like they were flapping their arms! Keep the background the same and just change the expression or something about their hand or foot position. These cards get cheaper by creating more than one card so I try to plan ahead and do cards for each grandchild all at once. The kids love the cards. You don’t need a special occasion to send a card. Just make one that says “I love you”.  Other items are available on this site, too. Check it out! I highly recommend this for something different!
  •  This site is a card or folder making site. You list words that either describe a person or words related to a main topic and it fits them in a fun graphic for the front of a card or folder. Look at some of the examples for ideas. Pictures are not involved in this project; just words. Very fun and different. You need to print these out on your own computer.
  •  If you are looking to make a collage, this is an easy site to do it! You simply download the pictures you want to use and then make the collage. Save this to your computer as one picture in your picture file. Then, you can turn this into a card or just a single photo on any other site you choose.
  • !  This site allows you to make cards and then print them off on your own computer. Most of the designs are free.  Some cost $1.00. They have a tutorial on how to make your card. You are able to download your own pictures to add to the card. With today’s cards costing up to $6-7 dollars, this is a nice cost-saving option and it’s personalized!

I hope this list encourages you to try something new. If you are new to photobooks, just play around with the sites until you are comfortable with them. Many of them have an “automatic fill” choice, too. That is where they put your pictures in the book for you. You don’t have to buy them until you like how it looks and you push the “purchase” button. Have fun trying it out!

Besides making books, I love making cards for my grandchildren as they really get excited when they get mail. Just another memory maker!!! So check out the card making sites, too! I figure that when you pay $3-7 for a regular card in the store, receiving a personal one with their picture on it is much more special! Don’t you agree?

HINT:   When making a book, collage or card, always hit “save” after each action. I have learned the hard way. You can always change it, but can’t get it back if lost, so “save” often as you go along!

Happy photobook, photo gift and card making!!!

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