Freezing Tomatoes the Easy Way!

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Freezing Tomatoes the Easy Way!

There is nothing better than a fresh, ripe tomato from the garden! The flavor is wonderful, but often you get more than you can eat! Now what? How do you quickly and easily save them for soups, chili, or stews?

Now, I don’t like skinning tomatoes! It’s a messy job! Besides, you do lose the nutrients contained in and right under the skin. Why not make it easier? Freezing Tomatoes the Easy Way is better, less messy and quicker, too! Let me show you how….

Freezing Tomatoes the Easy Way!


You will need a food processor or bullet. Just simply core the tomatoes and cut off any blemishes. Put them into the food processor or bullet and process.

Freezing Tomatoes the Easy Way

Puree the tomatoes and pour into muffin tins.

Freezing Tomatoes the Easy Way

Place in the freezer. When completely frozen, set in warm water for just a few seconds until they loosen. Dump into  freezer bags,  place in your freezer, and you’re done! Take out what you need to add to your recipes, reseal, and keep the rest for the next recipe. Now, isn’t that easy?

Freezing Tomatoes the Easy Way


I don’t know if this is a new idea or not, but I thought I’d try it and it worked for me! Hope this helps you, too!



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  1. Can I tell you how many tomatoes I have that I have no idea what to do with from my plant? This looks like it would be a great idea I just need the freezer space now! Thank you for linking up with us at the Tips and Tricks Link Party! I hope to see you back next week!

    • Do this method and then make lots of soup, chili, and spaghetti!

  2. Great Post!! Going to have to try it! Thanks for sharing on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday!! Hope to see you again this week!! I pinned this to My 2 Favorite Things Pinterest Board!

    • Super fast and easy!

  3. This sounds much easier. I don’t have tomato plants but a lot of my friends do. I will definitely shar this with them. Thanks for linking up at #HomeMattersParty

    • Thank you for visiting! I used to do it by skinning and then freezing, but you have to use the whole bag. This is a lot easier!

  4. Hi Phyllis, stopping by from Robin’s Creative Muster Party. I hate peeling tomatoes too, what a pain. But, this is a brilliant way to freeze tomatoes and a handy way to use them in recipes too, I love it! Thanks for sharing.


  5. What a great idea! I usually cook mine down a bit and go after them with an immersion blender, but this would be much easier!!

    • Yes, this is much easier!

  6. What a smart idea. Thanks for the info.

    • It works for me! Thank you!

  7. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing at the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home!


    • Thank you! It prevents a lot of waste. You can use just the right amount.

  8. I was JUST looking at my tomatoes and contemplating what I should do with them. I don’t have enough ripe ones to make sauce yet, but I don’t want the ones I have to spoil. Your idea is fabulous! Thanks for sharing. =)

    • Glad it was good timing for you and that it was helpful! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. This is such a fantastic idea! I just got a bunch of local tomatoes and I know I’ll want them in the middle of the winter!

    • Thank you! It comes in handy!

  10. Phyllis, this is brilliant! Wish I’d planted tomatoes this year! Oh well, there’s always next year.

    • It is so easy! Plant tomoatoes next year and enjoy!

  11. What a good idea! Thank you.

    • You’re welcome!

  12. We had an enormous batch of tomatoes this year, and basically this is what we did. The only difference is we used our food sealer and sealed them in bags which also stack nicely in the freezer. I use a lot of tomato sauce/ puree when making soups, spaghetti and chili in the Fall and Winter. This was SO easy!!

    • I use my food sealer, too! It looked rather strange in the picture!

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