Korean Salad

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This is an old, old recipe! The recipe card with the Korean Salad recipe is actually written in my mother’s writing. I remember her making this recipe a lot! I have forgotten about this Korean Salad  and recently made it for a gathering. Everyone loved the salad! I guess what is an old recipe becomes new again with another generation.
It certainly is easy to put together. A little planning ahead is necessary to make the dressing. The recipe says to make it 24 hours ahead. I find that making it in the morning works fine if you just shake it a couple of times to mix the ingredients well or blend in a blender. After all, it is sometimes hard to plan a day ahead, right?
Korean Salad Dressing:
1  cup of salad oil
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup ketchup
1/4 cup white vinegar
salt and pepper to taste
Salad Ingredients:
1 lb. fresh spinach
1 can water chestnuts, drained and sliced (optional)
1 cup fresh bean sprouts (I never measure, just add what you like)
8-10 fresh mushrooms sliced
1 lb. bacon, fried
2-4 hard-boiled eggs (I like 4 eggs) You may slice or grate them into the salad.


  1. In a bowl, mix oil, sugar, ketchup and vinegar. Season with salt and pepper. Cover, shake and chill at least 24 hours. If preparing in the morning, put in a sealed container and shake several times during the day or blend in a blender.
  2. Place egg in a saucepan, cover with water, bring to a boil, and remove from heat. Cover pot and let eggs stand in hot water for 12 minutes. Pour in cold water and let sit until cool. Then peel and slice or grate.
  3. Cook bacon in a skillet until browned. Drain and crumble.
  4. In a large bowl, mix eggs, bacon, spinach, water chestnuts, bean sprouts and mushrooms. Toss with dressing just before serving. ( I prefer to pass the dressing and let people add the amount they like. That way, any left-overs are good the next day.)

Serves 8-10

This salad is hard to improve upon. The dressing has a sweet, tangy flavor and really enhances the taste combinations. Try it and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Have you  ever made this recipe?



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  1. It’s all about the dressing I tell ya! Thanks for sharing at #BloggersBrags again this week! I’m pinning this to our board right away.

    • Yes, it is! Thanks for pinning!

  2. Oh yummy! That salad looks great!

    • It is one of my favorites!

  3. I might need to try this out. I have lived in Korea twice and really liked a lot of the food. If this is really Korean, I’m sure I would love it. Thanks for linking up to Tips and Tricks. Hope to see you again soon.

    • Not sure how Korean it is, but it is delicious!

  4. Sounds amazing! I’m sharing your salad in my Friday Features… thanks for linking up to Inspire Me Monday.

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  5. Just shared your post on Facebook! Pinned! And I’ve plans to make it. When I was first married my neighbor made the salad and it was delicious.

    Thanks Phyllis for sharing it with us at Project Inspire{d}!

  6. Yum!! I love this! I am always looking for guest bloggers on my website Blissful and Domestic. My blog is about creating a beautiful life on less and this post fits right in with that 🙂 Check out my blog and see if it would be a good fit for you. I’d love to have you!

    Danielle@ Blissful and Domestic

  7. Sounds tasty 🙂

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  8. I will for sure be trying this!! Thanks for linking up to Tips and Tricks

  9. Both of these look and sound amazing Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂

  10. i love finding new salad recipes! Thanks for coming over and sharing at The Weekend Retreat hope to see you back on Thursday!! 

  11. Oh my gosh this sounds yummy!

    Thanks again for joining the Link Up this week!

  12. Other than being named Korean salad, I’m not so sure it has anything to do with Korean food. But it looks pretty good just the same!!

    • Probably due to the bean sprouts, I guess.

    • Nothing Korean about the recipe…weird.

      • I agree, but that’s what the old recipe is called. Perhaps the bean sprouts?

  13. I’ve had a similar salad, but not sure if it used ketchup. Can’t wait to give your version a try. Thanks for sharing at Inspire Us Thursday on Organized 31.

  14. This looks so good! Thanks for sharing the recipe at TTF!

  15. This looks delicious, Phyllis! This is a great and tasty way to add more veggies to my diet. Pinning this now!

  16. I will want to try this for sure! I have recently been obsessed with salads that have hard boiled eggs in them–it makes it taste soo good!

    I love vintage recipes, too. It’s like being able to step back into my Great and Great Great Grandmas’ kitchens and taste what they tasted, cook what they cooked. I like them so much, I made an entire blog centered around this topic where I update and attempt various vintage recipes. Perhaps you might like it? It’s at http://ourvintagekitchen30.blogspot.com/

    I enjoyed reading this post!

    • Thank you! I’ll come and visit!

  17. sounds very tasty
    come see us at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  18. I’ve had a salad like this before, loved it, but didn’t know it was Korean… thanks for sharing! Visiting from Krafty Inspiration Thursday.


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