Reason for the Season – Nativity

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Reason for the Season - Nativity

Reason for the Season – Nativity Set Tour

There has never been the birth of a child that has been internationally known and celebrated as is the birth of God’s Son, Jesus. He came to save a world that would kill Him. He loved us so much that He was willing to die to save us! What overwhelming love Jesus has for us!  Let the story of Christmas be celebrated and told around the world.

As we have traveled different places, instead of souvenirs, I decided to start a Nativity Set Collection from places that we’ve visited. Believe me, it is not always easy to find them, but I hunt them down. Some have been given to me as gifts from places I’ve never been. I always appreciate unique sets and like them especially when they reflect the culture. 


The first set I received was from my mom. She gave each daughter an Anri set from Italy. That started it….

Nativity Set Collection



It is still a favorite! I love the expressions on the faces.

The next one is from Mexico. On our first trip to Puerto Vallarta many years ago, I found this sweet set. They have lots of Nativity sets, but I’ve never again found one as detailed from Mexico.

Nativity Set Collection



The one on the left is carved from one piece of stone.  The one on the right is a slice of a nut. It is so unusual and measures only 1  1/2 inches wide and 1  3/4 inches tall.  This one was found at Tarpon Springs, Florida. These are the smallest in my collection!

Nativity Set Collection



While this is not a set with Mary and Joseph, I loved just the manger. It is by Annalee.

Nativity Set Collection


A Nativity Set made of small gourds from Columbia, So. America was a gift from a friend. Love all the detail!

Nativity Set Collection



This pottery set is also from Columbia. The small gourd is from Mexico.


Nativity Set Collection


Many years ago, I was on an adult exchange with Friendship Force (started by Jimmy Carter to foster friendships with other countries through adult exchanges). I went to Belarus and lived with a family for a week. It was a wonderful experience and we still keep in contact with the Belarussian family. Of course, I did find a Nativity set!

Nativity Set Collection



These next few Nativity sets are from a trip through Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic visiting the Christmas markets.

Nativity Set Collection


Two more small ones from Germany……

Nativity Set Collection


The next two are from the Czech Republic Christmas markets.

Nativity Set Collection


This one is made of dough. It has weathered pretty well for as many years as I’ve had it.


Nativity Set Collection


The smaller nativity set is from Austria and the globe is from the U.S.A.

Nativity Set Collection


On a visit to the Ozarks, these had to be in my collection!  The wood slice one is a favorite!

Nativity Set Collection


 Ahhh! From Israel where Jesus was born!


Reason for the Season - Nativity


This is not all of my collection, but a look at some of the more unusual and favorites that I display every Christmas. My grandkids like to go around and find all the sets I have displayed.

This is the true meaning of Christmas and the “Reason for the Season”!

 Jesus, God’s Son, came to earth to pay our penalty for sin! We have the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ! That’s something to celebrate! 

Have a Blessed Christmas! 



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  1. I love the one from Israel. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful collection.

    • Yes, it is fun to display all of them!

  2. Hi Phyllis, I always love your posts but this is my favorite! I love nativities and I have one of corn husks as well! Never thought I’d see another! I may start collecting for my granddaughters after reading this! Jesus is the Reason for the Season!Merry Christmas!
    , Donna

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! Yes, Jesus is the Reason for the Season!
      Have a blessed Christmas!

    • Thank you for your wonderful comments! Yes, Jesus is the Reason for the Season!
      Have a blessed Christmas celebrating Him!

    • Thanks for your kind comments! May you have a blessed Christmas!

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