Spring Idea House 2014 – Part 2

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PicMonkey Collage2ap Spring Idea House 2014   Part 2

Today’s tour of the Spring Idea House takes us through the dining room, kitchen and small bathroom. This is an old house so some of the ideas are unique to this house, but certainly can be altered to fit other places in your home. I love that it gets the creative juices flowing!  Some ideas are trendy and some are timeless just by incorporating vintage items

 Upon entering the dining room area of the Spring Idea House, your eyes are immediately drawn to the white sideboard.  Above it,  squares of garden art with mirrors are hung in repetition on the wall! The mirrors are an addition to the back of them.

Spring 2014 Idea house 025jpgp Spring Idea House 2014   Part 2

The same garden art is hung in the windows and used under the glass top table.



Spring 2014 Idea house 022p1 Spring Idea House 2014   Part 2

Here’s a better view of how it is used under the glass top table…..

Notice the candles wrapped in twine! Great look and easy to do!

Spring 2014 Idea house 030p Spring Idea House 2014   Part 2

The napkin rings on the table are like “beaded bracelets”.  I found a beaded bracelet in my jewelry box and used it, too! For a women’s luncheon, wouldn’t these be a fun favor to make for your guests to take home!

Their version…..

Spring 2014 Idea house 024pp Spring Idea House 2014   Part 2

My version…..

Spring 2014 Idea House 164p Spring Idea House 2014   Part 2

Here’s a unique dining room light tied with macrame cord. This might inspire you to try something like this with a lamp shade you own. The macrame cord is supported by a wire ring both on top and bottom of the shade. This is above my patience level! How about you?

Spring 2014 Idea house 028p Spring Idea House 2014   Part 2


Next on to the kitchen…..

The window treatment was awesome! What a simple and cute idea to secure coordinating kitchen towels with a colorful napkin ring! Do you have a small window where this idea would work?

Spring 2014 Idea house 032pp Spring Idea House 2014   Part 2

Open shelving in the kitchen shows off the color scheme.

Spring 2014 Idea house 031p Spring Idea House 2014   Part 2


There’s a small niche’ in the kitchen.  A cute hand-painted, whimsical tree gives life to this space. Attached to the tree are three-dimensional flower magnet accents.

Spring 2014 Idea house 037p Spring Idea House 2014   Part 2

Here’s the secret of how they stay in place……

Spring 2014 Idea house 039p Spring Idea House 2014   Part 2

That’s right! They put a screw in the wall! The magnets now stick! So clever!

The bathroom off the kitchen used a unique wire piece as shelving storage.

Spring 2014 Idea house 043p Spring Idea House 2014   Part 2



Here’s another easy accent idea for a small window…


Spring 2014 Idea house 041pp Spring Idea House 2014   Part 2

They used rebar for the rod and set it on hooks! Another easy idea!

Spring 2014 Idea house 042p Spring Idea House 2014   Part 2


 Which decorating idea, from the Spring Idea House, inspired you today ?  There’s lots more to come!

Happy decorating and thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Very clever ideas! They are fresh and pretty! I love seeing old stuff repurposed, like the rebar, the bracelets and the wire shelf!

  2. I loved taking the tour! There were so many great ideas!!!

  3. Hi Phyllis. I’m stopping by from the Let’s Get Real Friday Link Party. There are so many wonderful ideas. I really like the use of garden tiles in the windows and grouped on the wall.

  4. This looks great! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams on Fridays :D Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party

  5. More beautiful ideas Phyllis. I love that teale blue – it is stunning. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x

  6. My favs are the table setting and the window treatments with towels. Genius!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Phyllis! I’m stopping over from Let’s Get Real today. You certainly have inspired me to take a look at making some changes in my house. I am especially attracted to the unique window treatments. Think how fun it would be to change those out every season.

    • Not very costly to do, either! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I just love this idea house, especially all that teal color, one of my favorite colors. Your napkin ring is just as pretty as theirs, I’ll have to remember that idea. In fact I think I’ll Pin it.
    Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

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