Sunflower Art Project for Kids

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A Sunflower Art Project is perfect for 2nd-5th graders to show their creative touch. Just as each flower is unique, each project will be, too. They are beautiful to display or frame.Along with doing a Sunflower Art Project, kids can learn interesting facts about their project as they make it. This art project uses construction paper, pencil, scissors, paper punch, and glue.

Sunflower Art Project for Kids

A very famous painting of sunflowers is by the Dutch painter, Vincent van Gogh. Go to Wikipedia to see all these famous sunflower paintings.

Here is one…. Sunflower Art Project

Here are other photographs of sunflowers….


Sunflower Art Project


Sunflower Art Project


Making your own Sunflower Art is easy to do.

Follow these easy steps…..


For the Sunflower Art for Kids, you only need 4 colors of construction paper!

Black (or Dark Blue), Yellow (two shades if you want variation), Green, Tan

Black or Dark Blue is the background on which you place the sunflowers.


First, cut two- 4 inch squares, and four- 3 inch squares from the yellow.

Cut the corners to make a circle, draw a circle in the middle and draw the petals making sure they go out to the edge.

Sunflower Art Project for Kids

Next, cut out your sunflower. Don’t worry about the pencil lines. Just flip over and none will show.


Sunflower Art Project for Kids


Now, with the two cut-out sunflowers, glue together and bend out the petals to give it some dimension. Using a paper punch, make many tan seeds to glue in the middle. They can be glued on top of each other to give depth.


Sunflower Art Project for Kids

Cut stems and leaves and add to project.

Finally, arrange and glue all in place on your background.

Now, you have your amazing and easy Sunflower project complete!


Sunflower Art Project for Kids


Did you know?

The center of the sunflower is actually made up of tiny individual flowers called florets. Each one produces a seed when pollinated.

The normal stem of a sunflower can grow up to 10 ft. tall and the flower can get to over 11 inches wide.  The tallest sunflower was grown in Germany and it reached 27 ft. tall

There are different varieties of sunflowers. Some produce a black seed that is used to make sunflower oil. The striped seed is used for eating and bird food.

Ok, enough facts! Now, get busy and have fun making Sunflower Art!



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