Easy Notebook Cover

This Easy Notebook Cover idea is so easy, yet it looks amazing! It is simple enough for kids to make while adults can make this elegant looking. It makes a lovely special gift, too. Materials are easy to find and very inexpensive.

Easy Notebook Cover grandparentsplus.com

Materials needed:

  • Natural Sponge –
  • Acrylic Paint – 3 shades or colors
  • Fun Foam – choice of color
  • Decals, Stickers, Artificial Flowers, Buttons, Felt, Permanent Markers, or any Semi-Flat Decorative Objects
  • Glue Gun
  • Round Elastic
  • Notebook – any size, but I prefer journal-size (without a metal coil) I found ones at Walmart for under a $1.00

First, lay the notebook open on the Fun Foam and measure around it leaving an extra 1/4 in – 3/8 in to cover completely. You may use a regular scissor or a decorative one to cut out the cover. (For small kids, I did this part ahead of time.)

Easy Notebook Cover grandparentsplus.com

Next, with the Fun Foam laying flat, lightly dip the sponge in a dark color. Dab it on newspaper a couple of times so your paint is very light on the sponge. Now, dab the paint over the sheet of Fun Foam. Be sure to leave spaces for the other colors. Let dry in between colors.

Easy Notebook Cover grandparentsplus.com

With a lighter color (you can mix just white with the base color), continue dabbing the paint onto the Fun Foam.
Easy Notebook Cover grandparentsplus.com

Using an accent or third shade, dab again over the Fun Foam sheet and let dry.

Easy Notebook Cover grandparentsplus.com

This project used one color of acrylic paint. Start with the dark color and apply. Add white to lighten and sponge the paint again. Finally, lighten even more for the third step.

Easy Notebook Cover grandparentsplus.com

Finally, when you have reached the way you want it and it’s completely dry, fold the Fun Foam over the notebook. Use black elastic to keep the cover in place. Place the elastic in the middle of the pages in the book and around the outside cover. Tie a knot in the elastic and slide the knot inside the notebook so it is not noticeable.

Easy Notebook Cover grandparentsplus.com

At last, decorate the cover with stickers, artificial flower, feathers, etc. It works best to have the decorations fairly flat on the cover.

These Notebook Cover samples were made by my grandchildren. The foam colors they started with were red, black, and white. Stickers were applied after the paint dried. Using a black permanent marker, one child made a black border around the edge. Their choices were entirely made by them.

Easy Notebook Cover grandparentsplus.com

As I said, this project isn’t just for kids. You can make this elegant, too. It makes a great hostess gift or sell your creations at a craft sale.

Easy Notebook Cover grandparentsplus.com

This Notebook Cover was one of the crafts I did with my grandchildren (ages 6-12) at our Oma and Opa Camp this past summer. They really enjoyed making them. But remember, this is not just for kids!



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Watercolor and Oil Art

Watercolor and Oil Art explores a science fact in a very fun and colorful way.  Oil and water don’t mix, you see, so you’ll have interesting things happen with your art project.  It’s so exciting to see how oil makes waves and moves the color. By using a glue gun, you can design shapes or squiggles that make a design among the melding colors.

Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com

Using just liquid watercolors, a glue gun, and oil, you never know just what you’ll end up with for color variations. It’s fun to watch. Change this project for any holiday theme or design you would like to use. This is one art project that can be done over and over again. It will never turn out the same. Use your imagination and try different combinations.

The materials include: Watercolor Paper, Glue Gun, Liquid Watercolors, Brushes, Vegetable Oil, tray (optional), and Eye Dropper.

Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com

Here’s an easy way to keep this project from getting messy. I bought 9×13 metal cookie trays at the Dollar Tree. They are the perfect size for any painting or craft project. It keeps the mess contained and if things need to dry, you can just dry them right on the trays. For this watercolor project, they can be stacked to dry by placing one tray horizontal and the next vertical. I have one for each grandchild, and it sure helps to keep glitter, glue, paint, etc. all contained! When the project is done, they are easy to wash off.

Ok, now to the directions….  This project requires watercolor paper. Construction just doesn’t work well. It is better with liquid watercolors, too. If you haven’t tried them, they are very colorful and easier to use than the watercolor paint trays. Have some wider brushes to use such as small sponge brushes.

You can buy liquid watercolors from Blick Art Supplies on the sidebar.

I’ve seen paintings that merely cover the entire paper, but I decided to experiment using some shapes outlined with hot glue. I liked the outcome. If you are using a shape, draw it lightly with a pencil and go over it with the glue gun. (I recommend that an adult operates the glue gun.)This will keep the shape from mixing with the other colors and it will stand out from the painting.


Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com

Outline a shape with the glue gun.


Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com

Paint watercolor inside the glue area.

Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com

Drop oil in several places and watch it work!

Continue on and paint the background.

For our Oma and Opa Camp, I did the kids’ names in bubble letters with hot glue and they used liquid watercolors to make their project colorful and dotted it with oil . Even the boys got into it and thought it was “cool”!


Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com

After you have painted a section, while it is still wet, drop oil in squiggles or drops, and watch it change the paint. Continue until the entire paper is painted the way you like. If the watercolors dry too much, just get them wet again with more color or spray with a little water before you drop the oil. The action will continue for a while as it dries.

Let dry for a day and enjoy your watercolor and oil art that you’ve created. 

There are so many ways to vary this project. For instance, you can outline a pumpkin, stars, names, trees, bells, angels, cross, bunnies, fall leaves, and flowers, just to name a few. It is changeable for any season and the outcome is always different. 

For Easter…..

Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com


Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com

The oil was also dripped on the trees above.

Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com

For Valentines…..

Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com


This cross was painted with the usual watercolor tray instead of the liquid watercolors. It’s not as bright and harder to get the oil action to show. You need to use very deep colors, paint it heavy with color, and still it doesn’t have the same intensity as the liquid colors.

Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com

It’s a good investment to get the liquid watercolors as they last a long time. Your kids will enjoy those bright colors! No messy watercolor trays to clean, either.

Now, what will you plan on making with your watercolor and oil art?  Have fun!

Watercolor and Oil Art grandparentsplus.com



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Black Cat Art Project for Kids

If you need an easy art project for early elementary kids, this Black Cat Art Project is a fun one to do for the month of October. The supplies are simple and each one turns out a bit different, but cute!

Black Cat Art Project for Kids grandparentsplus.com



1  1/2 pieces of black construction paper

1/3  piece of orange construction paper

string or yarn

glue  (school glue works best, especially for the string or yarn)


From the black construction paper….

1.Cut a black circle (as large as you can) from both the large black piece of construction paper and the          1/2 piece of black construction paper. (save scraps for ears, eyes, and nose.)

2. Cut two black triangles for the ears

3. Cut two quarter-sized black circles for inside the orange eyes

Black Cat Art Project for Kids grandparentsplus.com


From the orange construction paper….

1. Cut 3 narrow strips from the long length of the paper

2. Cut two large, round orange eyes


Put the black cat together….

Black Cat Art Project for kids grandparentsplus.com

Lay yarn on for mouth and outline of the legs 

Glue with school glue

For and easier way to outline the front paws, make a template that kids can trace with pencil. This way, they know where to put the glue and yarn.  Let kids make their own expression for the mouth with the yarn. Some can be mad or funny looking. Let kids decide how they want it to look.

Black Cat Art Project for Kids grandparentsplus.com

Some kids may ask about a tail. Let them add one. This cat’s tail is behind him! 

Have fun!


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Easy Bird Art for Kids

Easy Bird Art for Kids   grandparentsplus.com


This may look difficult, but “Easy Bird Art for Kids” is actually doable for many  preschool through primary age kids with some adult direction. It gives practice with both cutting and math skills. For measurements, we used the Safe-T-Compass. If you’re not familiar with it, you may want to  view the post of the Best Art and Craft Tool. I couldn’t be without this tool as it makes circles with such ease.

First, have the child draw the background on a white piece of paper. Let kids scribble with a light blue crayon to make it look like the sky.  Cut an uneven long piece of brown paper for the branch. Add another small branch to make a “V”.

Easy Bird Art for Kids  grandparentsplus.com

Directions are for two birds…….

Next, draw two  blue, one light orange, and one brown, 4 inch diameter circle.  Cut circles out. This will make two bluebirds.

Remember to talk about the diameter measurement. This is a math skill they can learn while doing this project.

Draw and cut out ( 2) – 2  1/4 inch circles of blue for the heads. Let the kids cut them out as they don’t have to be perfect!

Easy  Bird Art for Kids   grandparentsplus.com


Now, overlap the two half circles of blue and orange and glue.

Easy Bird Art for Kids   grandparentsplus.com

Add the small circle for the head, glue and color in the eye with a crayon.

Easy Bird Art for Kids  grandparentsplus.com

Bend the second half-circle for the wing and add a small triangle for the beak.

Easy Bird Art for Kids  grandparentsplus.com

Color the nest with a brown crayon to add some depth.  A few scribbles will do.

Place nest near the “V” on the branch and place the bird to the right of the nest just elevated a bit to leave room for the feet.

Easy Bird Art for Kids grandparentsplus.com

Add the eye,  feet, leaves,  and little birds in the nest (just a little circle with a small beak). Now, you have a wonderful work of art for Spring.

By using the colors of brown and red, it changes to a robin!

Easy Bird Art for Kids   grandparentsplus.com


Easy Bird Art for Kids  grandparentsplus.com

Put a worm in the robin’s mouth and place the robin down in the grass.  Birds can be anywhere!

Easy, isn’t it? Have fun with your children and grandchildren as you do this art project! Let them be creative as to where they want to place the bird.

This Easy Bird Art for Kids’ Project is one that you will want to display!

Talk about the birds migrating back in the Spring. How do they know how to do that? God created them to do that!

Easy Bird Art for Kids   grandparentsplus.com

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