Jeweled Wire Heart

Make this lovely Valentine jeweled wire heart to hang in your window and let the sunshine show off the colored beads! That is, if you have some sunshine! Oh well, sunshine or not, it looks great in your window.

This is a Valentine to keep and use each year. Hang in a window or hang several of varying sizes from a chandelier for that special party! While it is easy for elementary kids to string the beads, an adult needs to help shape the wire into a heart.

Jeweled Heart for Valentines! Easy craft for elementary kids! #craft #Valentine #heart

Beautiful jeweled wire heart craft! Easy for elementary kids to do!

Items Needed:

Supplies of Bead and Sequins. Vary the sizes and colors! #heart #craft #beads #valentine

I happened to have a package of sequins that had flowers and hearts – Perfect!
They added a lot of sparkle!


  1. 12 gauge Aluminum wire to make the shape (any color wire will do)
  2. 24 gauge Aluminum wire to string the beads
  3. Faceted Beads or other various beads or sequins
  4. Suction Cups – for hanging on the window
  5. Needle Nose Pliers

First, bend the 12 gauge wire into desired shape. I used about 18 ” to make the heart. If you have trouble making the shape, form around a large cookie cutter! Another method is to make a circle, find the half-way mark and make the bottom point of the heart. Then push the twisted area down until you have a heart shape.

Colored Wire for Jeweled Heart Craft  #Valentine #craft #heart

Found this wire at Michael’s after Christmas on sale! Any color wire will work!

Wire heart  #heart #craft #Valentine

Wire heart can be formed to any size. This is about 5 in. across.


Next,  measure a length of 24 gauge wire to go back and forth 3-4 times inside the shape.

Twist the 24 gauge wire to the top of the shape and start threading the beads. Use different shapes and sizes of beads along with sequins, if you wish. When it reaches the other side with the beads, string the wire across and then wind it tightly around the wire a few times. Start back to the other side and string more beads and sequins. When finished, be sure to secure the wire well by twisting it around several times.

Jeweled Heart   #beads #heart #craft #Valentine

Thin 24 gauge wire is used to go back and forth after beading sparkly beads and sequins.


Using a variety of beads works well and gives it lots of sparkle and color!

Jeweled Heart displayed in a window! How lovely!  #heart #Valentine #craft

By hanging in a window, the sunshine bounces off the colored beads and makes them sparkle!

This Valentine craft is worth keeping each year!

Add another to it next year!

Isn’t this easy?


 Have fun!


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Suncatcher – Melted Beads

This melted bead craft worked so well with ages 5 yrs and up! In fact, I liked making these myself for my garden! Only drawback is the melted plastic does give off a plastic odor in the house so do it on a day where you can open a window.

I used different shaped metal cookie cutters with the kids. I had cars, planes, and animals as well as hearts, flowers and circles. You can also use a muffin tin and just put the beads in there, too. The, cookies cutters that worked best were the ones without many sharp corners as it was hard for the kids to get the beads into those little places. Putting smaller beads into the corners might have worked.

Place the cookie cutters on top of a metal pie plate, cookie sheet, or cake pan. Fill with the plastic beads making sure that all the beads are touching each other, but only one layer.  It doesn’t matter if the beads are sideways or flat. They will still melt the same.

Place the tray in the 400 degree oven for 20 minutes. Watch to see that they are all melted before taking out. Let cool and they will pop out quite easily. To hang them, drill a small hole in the top and thread with fishing line.

 All the kids loved how they turned out and wanted to make more than one!

Check out as this inspired me to try it.

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