Black Cat Art Project for Kids

If you need an easy art project for early elementary kids, this Black Cat Art Project is a fun one to do for the month of October. The supplies are simple and each one turns out a bit different, but cute!

Black Cat Art Project for Kids



1  1/2 pieces of black construction paper

1/3  piece of orange construction paper

string or yarn

glue  (school glue works best, especially for the string or yarn)


From the black construction paper….

1.Cut a black circle (as large as you can) from both the large black piece of construction paper and the          1/2 piece of black construction paper. (save scraps for ears, eyes, and nose.)

2. Cut two black triangles for the ears

3. Cut two quarter-sized black circles for inside the orange eyes

Black Cat Art Project for Kids


From the orange construction paper….

1. Cut 3 narrow strips from the long length of the paper

2. Cut two large, round orange eyes


Put the black cat together….

Black Cat Art Project for kids

Lay yarn on for mouth and outline of the legs 

Glue with school glue

For and easier way to outline the front paws, make a template that kids can trace with pencil. This way, they know where to put the glue and yarn.  Let kids make their own expression for the mouth with the yarn. Some can be mad or funny looking. Let kids decide how they want it to look.

Black Cat Art Project for Kids

Some kids may ask about a tail. Let them add one. This cat’s tail is behind him! 

Have fun!


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