Christmas Tree from a Sweatshirt

Christmas Trees from a Sweatshirt


The stores are full of Christmas decorations and I’ve seen trees made from everything imaginable! There are burlap trees, felt, wooden, yarn, sequined, painted, feathered etc……

Here are some interesting yarn ones…

Christmas Trees

Have you ever seen one from a sweatshirt?

Well, the other night, I needed some trees for a cabin themed table setting. I didn’t have nubby yarn so thought I’d  make some felt trees. My supply of green felt wasn’t enough so I went looking for something usable for this project.  In my closet, I have certain clothes that I have for “painting”.  My eyes fell on my green sweatshirt with paint stains on the outside. When I turned the sweatshirt inside out, I found that it had a wonderful texture and decided I would try to make a tree from it.

Christmas Tree from a Sweatshirt


Christmas Tree from a Sweatshirt

First, I made a cone from tag-board. I merely taped it together.

Christmas Tree from a Sweatshirt

Next, I cut a strip of the fabric and glued it on the base so that the white cone wouldn’t show through the fringed layer.

Christmas Tree from a Sweatshirt

Then I cut the strips about two inches in width for these small trees. Cutting half way up, I fringed the strips.

Christmas Trees from a Sweatshirt

Start wrapping each layer and gluing in place.

Christmas Trees from a Sweatshirt

Continue to the top!

Christmas Trees from a Sweatshirt

When you reach the top, take a small strip and glue together gathering the top and holding in place with a paper clip until dry.

Christmas Trees from a Sweatshirt

Finally, once it is dry, you can decorate it with snow (paint), add red balls, green glitter or whatever you choose.  Paint is easily added to the sweatshirt fabric either before or after you wrap the pieces or add some fake snow.


 Christmas Trees from a Sweatshirt!

There you go! Bet you never thought of using a sweatshirt this way before!  By the way, I still have my paint sweatshirt as I just used part of the sleeves. Now it is a “short- sleeved paint sweatshirt” unless I decide to make more trees!

Cost: $0.00

You might be on the lookout for green sweatshirts at a thrift store!




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Christmas Idea House 2013 – Part 1

2013 Christmas Idea House Part 1 The 2013 Christmas Idea House was filled with fun, unique items. I love that I always find some surprises of re-purposing old things in new ways. Once again, I was not disappointed!

The outside of the Idea House was so festive and colorful. The arrangements all featured bright reds! You could not miss the flower boxes and outside pots filled with greens highlighted with the red!

2013 Christmas Idea House


Christmas Idea House part 1



The porch was set-up as a Cocoa Bar!

Christmas Idea House 2013 Notice the cute snowmen made from log segments. These would be easy to do if you had access to the wood. The Christmas trees under the large pot are wooden tree ornaments.


Here’s a closer look at the wooden snowmen……


Christmas Idea house 2013

Sweets to add to your cocoa were displayed on this cute toboggan.


Christmas Idea House 2013



The porch windows were accented with Christmas dishtowels fastened with chalkboard clips.


Christmas Idea 2013


  The front ledge was decorated with luminaries lit with an LED candle in between bouquets of greenery.


Christmas idea House 2013


Now this is unique! Talk about re-purposing!

Christmas Idea House 2013

Anyone have access to a semi? Well, these truck tire rims stacked together sure make an interesting conversation piece. Adding a glass top makes a one-of-a-kind side table! The inside was filled with artificial greens and large pine cones.

Christmas Idea House   A display of Christmas trees! Christmas Trees

Wooden trees with thick nubby yarn give a great textured look.

Next, this is a simple idea, too!  

Christmas Idea House  

Which idea was your favorite?

More coming in Part 2!

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