Snowman Craft – From a Brick!

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This is an easy craft for K-3 kids!


1 brick

Black stiff felt – one sheet

White Latex (Water-based) paint (this could be left-over house paint)

Black and orange acrylic paint

Material for scarf

Tacky Glue

Two circle end caps

(one larger than the other)

I used a chapstick end cap or a Nerf gun bullet and another bottle cap that was a bit larger. Any flat cap would do depending on its size.

Paint brushes.

small brush for the nose

sponge brush for the white paint


  1. Paint brick on all sides (except bottom) with white paint. To make it  easier with young kids, paint in stages with the brick laying down and not standing up.
  2. Cut out a hat shape from the stiff felt. (this could be any hat shape)
  3. Trace the bottom of the brick and cut out from black stiff felt or soft felt will do, too! .
  4. Glue felt to one brick end.  Glue hat on the top. (This gives a better idea for kids about where the eyes should go.)
  5. Dip larger circles into black acrylic paint and dot the eyes and buttons. (It helps kids to mark with a pencil where they should paint)
  6. Dip smaller circle for making the mouth dots. ( Again, it helps to make a light line or dots with a pencil right where they should paint.
  7. Paint nose with small paint brush or draw with an orange permanent marker.
  8. Cut fabric to go around the brick. Use holiday fabric or just any plain color.  Cut about 2 or 2  1/2 ” wide. Tie the scarf around the brick. Make two snowmen and use as bookends or just display for winter ! This is an easy and cute craft; one that you can keep for years. Each one turns out different. Great gift for grandparents, too.



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  1. Yes, mine is the red brick with three holes.

    • Find some without holes!

      • Check out the pavers, they don’t have holes!

  2. How did you cover up the holes in the brick you made into a snowman?

    • My brick didn’t have holes. What do you mean? Does yours have holes?

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