Origami Cross – Easter Cross Craft

Easter Cross Craft

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Origami Cross  #cross #Easter #origami www.grandparentsplus.com

Origami Cross
#Easter #cross #origami

While this is classified as an “Easter art project”, this Origami Cross Craft has real meaning. Easter is not about the bunnies, chickens, eggs, and candy. All those things are fun, but Easter is really about Jesus paying our debt on the cross.

Doing this craft will give you lots of time to talk about the real meaning of Easter with your child. 

Now, on to the tutorial…..

If your child can fold paper, they can do this project. If they have difficulty folding the paper, an adult can pre-fold the paper for them and they can assemble the pieces from that point.  Start with either 3 inch square post-it notes or cut paper into 3 inch squares.  Actually, post-it notes work great and save you the work of cutting , but they are more expensive. Use neon copy paper or post-it notes for a punch of color.  Construction paper is too thick for folding so use it only for the background.

Step 1

Fold the paper in half.

Step 1  Triangle Fold #sticky note #post-it note #origami art     www.grandparentsplus.com

Triangle fold with 3 inch paper square or post-it notes. #origami #cross #Easter www.grandparentsplus.com

Step 2

Fold the paper to form a V  by folding one corner of the folded top to the half way point and the same with the other corner. See picture….

Easter Cross - Step 2  #origami #Easter #kid art     www.grandparentsplus.com

Origami Fold
Step 2
#origami #Easter #post-it note www.grandparentsplus.com

Step 3

Fold background paper both horizontally into 1/3rd  and vertically in half. This gives you a lightly creased line to follow and place the folded pieces.

Orgami Cross #Easter #origami #Art   www.grandparentsplus.com


Easter Cross #Easter #Cross #Origami  www.grandparentsplus.com

Step 4

In the center, place 4 of the origami folded papers with the points touching to form a square.

Origami Cross #Easter #cross #origami     www.grandparetntsplus.com

Starting point …. 4 pieces with triangle points touching on the creased intersection point.


Step 5

Place other folded papers slightly inside the previous one working out in each direction to form a cross.

Origami Cross #cross #easter #origami    www.grandparentsplus.com

Place 4 triangle folds in the middle with the tip of the triangles in line with the lightly creased lines. #Easter #cross #origami www.grandparentsplus.com

Easy, isn’t it?  Any size square of paper works, but you need  a consistent size for this cross. Smaller squares make a lovely 3-D Easter card. The small squares are harder to fold, however.


Display your Easter Cross Craft to remind you what Easter is really about!

Jesus, God’s Son, came to pay for our sins on the cross. He conquered death and rose again. We have the choice to accept Jesus as our Savior, and receive the gift of salvation, choosing to live for Him each day. What a precious gift – the promise of eternal life with Him!

Celebrate the gift of salvation this Easter!

He is Risen!



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Spring Wall Hanging

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Colorful Spring Wall Hanging #DIY Spring # Craft # Spring

Welcome Spring with a colorful wall hanging! #Craft #Spring #Wall Hanging

After a long winter, it is time to think Spring!

It won’t be long before the northern USA will

 see the bare ground. (at least I hope!)

Time for a little Spring DIY craft idea to help

shorten the look of winter that is left and give a glimpse of what is to come!

Make this decorative DIY Spring wall hanging as big or small as you like.

Simply find an appropriate sized curvy branch and hang your creative

Spring-time items at varying lengths.


Items Needed:

Branch – leave natural color or spray paint

Scrapbooking paper or other patterned and colored paper

Cut-outs (foam or paper) or various Dollar Store items



Yarn or Ribbon

Colorful Muffin Liners

Variety of stickers or embellishments (optional)


This mobile was made by my friend, Vicki, who has allowed me to feature it. She included various sizes of pinwheels, kites, paper flowers, butterflies and birds.

Use handmade items or use several Spring things found at the Dollar Tree,too! They have eggs, foam flowers, birds, butterflies, etc. that work well for this project. Not everything needs to be handmade.


spring mobile 2

Colorful Spring items hand from colorful ribbon or yarn.  # mobile #DIY Spring decor # Spring

Add pinwheels, butterflies, flowers, kites, etc. and hang from ribbon or yarn in varying lengths.


Colorful folded paper flowers were made from a tutorial found at Origami Instructions.I like that you are able to do this without a special machine. Paper flowers made from cupcake liners are explained at intimateweddings.

A simple tutorial for the pinwheels is found at WendyShat. Pinwheels are easy for elementary kids to make so get your kids or grandkids involved.

Cupcake liner flower! #cupcake liner flower #crafts #Spring

Flower made from cupcake liners.


Butterflies that kids make from coffee filters work, too!

Putting all these ideas together makes for an interesting look!

This project is easy to do and easy on the budget!

It is nice that many of the materials needed are quite inexpensive and probably kept on hand for many crafts. 

Take off on this idea and design a meaningful Easter wall hanging with a cross, dove, empty tomb, Easter lily, lamb, butterflies, and foam Easter eggs. This idea is great for church groups. 

Another idea is making one with Easter eggs, chicks, bunnies, flowers, and lambs – perhaps a fun project for Girl Scouts!

The possibilities are endless.

Have fun and Happy Spring!

Many thanks to Vicki for letting me share her creation!

Vicki has started a non-profit organization for helping families whose babies die before, during or shortly after birth. Check it out on www.evansembrace.org



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Almond Rusks (Biscotti)

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Almond Rusks go with coffee or tea! A great morning or afternoon treat! grandparentsplus.com #rusks # almond #recipe #snacks #biscotti

Almond Rusks have a nutty almond flavoring that is great with a cup of coffee! Enjoy!

 A delightful nutty almond flavor makes these rusks or biscotti a wonderful combination with a cup of tea or coffee!

This recipe has been a family favorite for 3 generations. My mom used to make this and keep on hand for someone stopping by. (People don’t seem to do that anymore, do they?) Well, you don’t need to have company to enjoy these almond rusks or biscotti! I love it in the morning with flavored cream cheese or butter, but if you’re a coffee “dunker”, you’ll enjoy this just plain! This recipe is so easy to put together and it makes a lot!

I’ve seen these called “Swedish” Almond Rusks. The Swedes may try to claim them, but everyone loves these biscotti-like rusks.

Almond Rusks

1 cup butter

1  3/4 cup sugar

2 eggs

2  1/2 tsp. almond extract

1 cup sour cream

1 tsp. baking soda

5 cups flour

1  1/2 cups sliced almonds



Mix sugar and butter together and add eggs, sour cream, almond extract, flour and baking soda.

Mix well.

Add almonds and mix by hand.

Make 3 long rolls (approx 3 inches wide) and place on two un-greased cookie sheets.

Almond Rusks  grandparentsplus.com #recipe #rusks #almond #biscotti

Make long rolls.

Bake approx. 45 minutes at 300 degree oven. When light brown, remove and cut into angled 3/4 inch slices. Place slices on their sides on same cookie sheets.

Almond Rusks  grandparentsplus.com #almond #rusks  #recipe  #biscotti

Slice and bake at 300 degrees (turning over once) until lightly brown and crisp.

Put back into 300 degree oven until very light brown on bottom. Turn over and lightly brown the other side.  (approx 30 minutes total). Remove rusks from oven when they feel crisp.

Now, just invite someone over for coffee to enjoy them with you!

These freeze well so you can keep them on hand.

The trouble is that they need no defrosting before you can enjoy them so you can often steal just one!

Nutella goes well with them, too, if you’re craving a little chocolate!

Anyone made these before? Is your recipe a little different?




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