Patriotic Candle Ring

Patriotic Candle Ring

Patriotic Candle Ring

When grandchildren come over, I’m always wanting a craft that the kids can help create! This simple Candle Ring is an easy and inexpensive patriotic craft where kids can be involved. The idea is so simple and is easy to vary according to their level. The finished Candle Ring placed on the table certainly gives that patriotic touch to July 4th or Memorial Day!


 8 Wooden Stars (3 in.)

4 stars (2 in.)

Red, White & Blue Paint (spray or acrylic)

Glitter, glitter glue or other decorations of choice

Hot glue gun

These stars are edged with glitter glue…

Patriotic Candle Ring

Painted Wooden Stars



Paint wooden stars and decorate as you wish.

Place stars around a candle or candle holder to determine size of circle. (8 stars go around a pillar sized candle)

Hot glue the stars for the candle ring .

Add white stars or other accents of your choice.

Hint: If using glitter glue, allow to dry overnight!

"Patriotic Candle Ring"

Perfect for Memorial Day or July 4th!

"Patriotic Candle Ring"

An easy and inexpensive patriotic craft!

A variation of this craft is to hang as a wreath decoration. Just add a bow!

"Patriotic Candle Ring"

Quick, easy and inexpensive to make!

Easy, isn’t it? 

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Phyllis (Oma)

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Patriotic T-Shirt

 Patriotic T-Shirt!

A personally designed Patriotic T-Shirt is always fun for the whole family to make for Memorial Day or Fourth of July!  In the last edition (June 2013) of Family Fun Magazine, they showed a T-shirt idea made by using a corrugated cardboard stamp. It sparked an idea of combining two methods to make a great patriotic designed  T- shirt. One method is fine, but the combination is even better!


4th of July T Shirt

The combination of two techniques blend into one fabulous patriotic t-shirt!




T – Shirt (I used Royal Blue)

newspaper or paper grocery bags

Freezer paper or foam star stickers

Spray bottle


Red Fabric Paint

Corrugated Cardboard (Cut up a shipping box)

Cap from a pop bottle or toothpaste cap


1.  Pre-wash and dry shirt.

2. Cut several stars from freezer paper and adhere on with a hot iron, shiny side down

If using foam star stickers, just adhere the stars on the shirt. Be sure to press down each tip of the star.

(I had foam stars on hand so I used them)

3. Place several thicknesses of newspaper or use a grocery bag placed inside shirt to prevent bleach from bleeding through to the other side.

(I trace the shirt on a grocery bag and then cut it out and slip into the shirt)

4. Spray the shirt with 1/2 water and 1/2 bleach combination in a spray bottle. Put the nozzle to a fine mist spray and spray the front of the shirt. The sun will bleach it, too. If you want a lighter color, spray again. Do this until desired lightness.

DIY 4th of July Patriotic T-Shirt ww/

Step #4

(I sprayed about 3 times, but it depends on the strength of bleach to water)

5. Remove inside paper and put shirt into water to stop the bleach process.  Remove the foam or freezer paper stickers.  Dry shirt.

Shirt will look like this after the bleach process. 

DIY 4th of july T-Shirt

Remove the stickers and it should look like this.


6. Cut stars from corrugated cardboard. Hint: remove a layer of cardboard before you draw the star. By doing this first, your points will stay nice.
It speeds up the process to have the corrugated stencils cut out ahead of time.

7. Hot glue cap to non-corrugated side of the star. It is much easier for kids to grip the stamp this way.

  Patriotic T-Shirt

Hot glue a cap from a pop bottle or one from a toothpaste tube. Any cap will do!

8. Place small amount of paint on a disposable plate, spreading it around.  With your star stamps, gently dip into paint so that only the corrugated part holds the paint.

Corrugated Star Stamp

9. Place on t-shirt in desired areas.  Repeat for more stars. If you prefer, use different sizes of star stamps.

10. Set the dry paint with a hot iron (placing a cloth between iron and painted area) or according to manufacturer’s instructions.

11. Proudly wear your personally designed patriotic t-shirt for Memorial Day or 4th of July!

DIY 4th of July T-Shirt

Great combination of techniques!


This process is easy enough for kids to do. Carefully supervise the bleach process, however.

This t-shirt turns out awesome!

Both adults and kids will be proud to wear it.

Why not have the whole family design a patriotic t-shirt? You will certainly be noticed in a crowd!

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Happy Memorial Day and Fourth of July!

Phyllis (Oma)

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$1 Wooden Star

$1 Wooden Star


Craft ideas for Memorial Day and 4th of July

These DIY $1 wooden star crafts or wall art for Memorial Day and 4th of July are so inexpensive to make. Yes, the large wooden star cost less than $1  and it didn’t come from the dollar store.I saw something like this at an antique show for $15, and the only difference was that they used “antique” wood.  Since I didn’t have any “antique” wood, I thought of a way to make the wooden star craft using something everyone can find!

$1 Wooden Star

What an easy, fast decoration to make for Memorial Day & July 4th!

I went to my local lumber store and found lathe! Perfect!

I happened to find a bin with seconds and it had several wooden lathe pieces that were only 29 cents each! They were just right! With further digging, I found some broken ones for only 15 cents each! So, I went out of there with enough pieces for two large wooden stars and one smaller star – all for around $2.00! That makes each wooden star less than $1. If you need to buy paint, that would be extra, but I had some leftover spray paint that I used. See, it really is a $1 wooden star!

Another option is to use yardsticks, but I had only one!

Directions for making a $1 wooden star:

1. Cut 5 pieces all the same length. (I used 24 inches for the large wooden star)

DIY $1 Star

2. Lay wood pieces out one at a time  just the way you would draw a 5 point star.

(You know, the ones teachers draw on kids’ papers.)

Adjust so that they look the way you want.

 $1 Wooden Star

3. Hot glue or staple each point in place. (I used hot glue)

4.  $1 wooden star – finished! (except for paint). That was fast, right?   If staining, I recommend applying it before putting it together.

Make the $1 wooden stars different sizes and different colors (red, white & blue or stain)

If using this for a kid craft, put together the stars ahead of time and let kids decorate them in red, white and blue paint, markers, patriotic star stickers, glitter, sequins, etc.

Using smaller pre-colored craft sticks in the same way, the stars  look like this…..

$! Wooden Star

Another option for a $1 Wooden Star

The colored sticks came from a package of Super Jumbo Sticks approx 5 inches long (30/pkg). The package cost $2.99. It was more than the lathe!

Kid friendly idea:

Kids have  fun decorating these with glitter, beads, stickers, etc.! Hang in a window,  from a chandelier, or use in a mobile for the 4th of July!

I made the red wooden star crafts above  from a  package of pre-colored  5 1/2 inch slim sticks.

(125 pieces / various colors @ $2.99)

$1 Wooden Star

So many of the pre-colored sticks are colors other than red, white, and blue. You have very few pieces of the patriotic colors. If you’re looking to save money, it is cheaper to buy the plain wood sticks and paint them yourself.

All of these ideas are so inexpensive! Visit your local craft store or the next time you visit the lumber store, check out the lathe and make a $1 wooden star for yourself!  Proudly display it on Memorial Day and 4th of July! Add a star to your patriotic arrangements.

$1 Wooden Star

Add a wooden star to your decor.

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Phyllis (Oma)

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Best Brats! Beer & Onions!

Best Brats! Great flavor!

Summer is here! Along with summer goes brats! They just seem to go with summer picnics, bar-be-ques, family, and holiday gatherings. You may think that brats can’t get any better than just grilled. Well, try this way of fixing them and you’ll agree that these are the BEST BRATS!

Beer & Onion Brats

The best brats ever!

Here is how to make the BEST BRATS you’ve ever tasted! ( I am not a beer drinker, but I do love these brats! The alcohol cooks off so don’t worry about serving to your guests that don’t drink. )


Onions and Beer for the Best Brats


Brats (your choice)

Onions (lots – Vidalia if you have them otherwise yellow onions will do)

Vegetable oil

Beer (your choice) I bought the cheapest one!


Slice onions and sauté with vegetable oil or butter in pan until translucent.  The amounts depend on how many brats you are making. Don’t skimp, be generous.  For 4-6 brats, I would do at least 2-3 onions depending on size.


Vidalia Onions for Best Brats

Slice about 1/4 inches wide!


Onions for Best Brats

Saute until translucent and just beginning to brown.

When onions are ready, place them in a saucepan or a pot large enough to easily hold as many brats as you are making. Add beer and bring to a boil.

Best Brats with beer and onions

Onions brewing in beer


 Grill brats until  browned, but just a little underdone inside.

Place grilled brats in saucepan with the onions and completely cover with beer.  Let simmer on low until brats are completely cooked. At this point, leave brats in this brew until ready to serve.

Best Brats in beer and onions

When cooking for a large group, this method makes it easy to have brats done ahead of time. The crock pot works well for this, too. Keep at low temp ready to serve. Remove onions to place on top of the brats. Offer sauerkraut and other condiments on the side for guests to add to their brat. Now bite into the BEST BRATS you’ve tasted and enjoy!

Happy grilling!

Phyllis (Oma)

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Crock Pot Orange Pork

Two ingredients added to pork? Really?

Yes! Just add orange soda and soy sauce!

orange pork

Who could guess that such an odd combination could make such a tasty main dish?

I would never think to put orange soda and soy sauce together! I read a recipe for chicken made this way long ago and placed it in my files. Just recently I came across it and decided I had to give it a try.  I had boneless pork chops thawed so instead of chicken, I decided to try it with pork.


1  – 1/2 lbs. boneless pork

1/2 cup Soy Sauce ( I used lite sodium and gluten-free)

1 can ( 12 oz.) orange soda (I used Fanta because it is caffeine free)

Place all ingredients in a crock pot and let cook on low for 5 hours

The first time I made this, I served the pork chops over rice and thickened the juices with flour for gravy. For gluten-free, use cornstarch to thicken the juices.

Crock Pot Orange Pork

Easy way to fix pork or chicken!

The second time I made this orange pork,  I broke apart the meat after cooking for 5 hours, I thickened the juices with flour, and cooked for another 1/2 hr. I like this way the best!  Serve over rice or noodles. It was like a pork stroganoff.

You probably know this, but be sure to put flour in cold water, mix together, and then add to the crock pot. Just adding flour to a hot mixture makes lumps.

Pork with orange soda and soy sauce

Next time you want a simple two ingredient crock pot dish, try Orange Pork or Orange Chicken.  Optional items to include are sautéed mushrooms, onions or frozen peas ( added at the end). With this easy dish, there is very little time spent in preparation! Dinner made easy, right?

Phyllis (Oma)

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