Easter Bunny Placesetting for Kids

Easter Bunny Placesetting for Kids grandparentsplus.com

What child wouldn’t be delighted with this Easter Bunny Placesetting ?  It is so quick and easy to do, too! The ears are wearable and the face is edible,! Watch their face as they sit up at the table to this cute Easter bunny placesetting!


Bunny ears – found at Dollar Stores or Target

Dessert Size Plate (preferably white)


Black licorice Crows

Black licorice rope

Strawberry Starburst

Bunny Placesetting for Easter   grandparentsplus.com

Place the dessert plate over the ears and add the face……

Two black crow candies are the eyes.

One strawberry Starburst, pressed into a circle, is the nose.

Cut the licorice rope into very thin small strips. They don’t bend easily so place in the microwave for about 10 seconds to make them soft and pliable. Now curl, bend, and cut into desired lengths and  shapes for the mouth.

That’s it! Now you have a cute Easter Bunny Placesetting for a special child (children?).

How many young kids will be at your Easter table?

Easter Bunny Placesetting for Kids   grandparentsplus.com



Check out the cute Easter bunny napkin ring clip.

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Easter Story Cookies – Resurrection Rolls

Easter Story Cookies & Resurrection Rolls   grandparentsplus.com


Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus and God’s plan for our salavation. Telling  the story to children with these “Easter Story Cookies”, is a  hands-on devotional that makes it meaningful for them. I’ve included a second idea of Resurrection Rolls, too.

These Easter Story Cookies are to be made the night before Easter. Through the making of the cookies, the Easter story is told along with the reading of the corresponding scripture passages.



1 c. whole pecans

Zipper Baggie

Wooden spoon

1 tsp vinegar

3 egg whites

Pinch of salt

1 c. sugar




Preheat oven to 300 degrees. This is very important. Don’t wait until you are half done with the recipe!

Place pecans in zipper baggie and let the children beat them with the wooden spoon to break into small pieces.  Explain that after Jesus was arrested, He was beaten by the roman soldiers. Read John 19: 1-3

Let each child smell the vinegar. Put 1 teaspoon vinegar into mixing bowl. Explain that when Jesus was thirsty on the cross, He was given vinegar to drink. Read John 10: 28-30.

Add egg whites to vinegar. Eggs represent life. Explain that Jesus gave His life in order to give us life. Read John 10: 10-11

Sprinkle a little salt into each child’s hand. Let them taste it and brush the rest into the bowl. Explain that this represents the salty tears shed by Jesus’ followers and the bitterness of our own sin. Read Luke 23: 27.

So far, the ingredients are not very appetizing……

Add 1 cup of sugar. Explain that the sweetest part of the story is that Jesus died because he loves us. he wants us to know and belong to Him. Read Psalms 34: 8 and John 3: 16.

Beat the egg white mixture with a mixer on high speed for 12-15 minutes until stiff peaks are formed. Explain the the color white represents the purity in God’s eyes of those whose sins have been cleansed by Jesus. Read Isaiah 1: 18 and John 3: 1-3.

Fold in broken nuts. Drop by teaspoons onto baking stone. (or use a baking sheet with parchment paper) Explain that each mound represents the rocky tomb where Jesus’ body was laid. Read Matthew 27:: 57-60.

Place in oven, close the door, and turn the oven off! Give each child a piece of tape and seal the door. Read Matthew 27: 65-66.

Go to bed!

Explain that they may feel said to leave the cookies in the oven overnight. Jesus’ followers were sad when the tomb was sealed. Read John 16:20 and 22.

On Easter morning, open the oven and give everyone a cookie. notice the cracked surface and take a bite. The cookies are hollow! on the first Easter, Jesus’ followers were amazed to find the tomb open and empty. Read Matthew 28:1-9


Resurrection Rolls


8 large marshmallows

4 Tbsp. butter

1 Tbsp. Cinnamon mixed with 3 Tbsp sugar

1 can of refrigerated crescent rolls


Lay the eight triangle rolls out.

In three separate bowls, place the marshmallows, melted butter and cinnamon/sugar mixture.

Dip a marshmallow in the butter and then roll in the cinnamon/sugar.

Place the marshmallow in the center of the crescent dough and fold around the marshmallow leaving no open spaces. Pinch together the edges tightly.

Resurrection Rolls  grandparentsplus.com

Put the roll into a slightly greased muffin tin.

Bake at 375 degrees for 10-12 min.

Crescent rolls should be lightly browned.


When you open the roll, the middle is empty.

Resurrection Rolls  grandparentsplus.com

Talk about how they discovered the empty tomb on Easter morning. Jesus is Risen!

Both the Easter Story Cookies and Resurrection Rolls will remind kids of the true meaning of Easter!

Happy Easter!

He is Risen!




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Juicy Ham Every Time!

Juicy Ham Every Time grandparentsplus.com

Are you tired of serving dry ham? Here’s the answer for a Juicy Ham Every Time!

A friend gave me this hint and it results in a Juicy Ham Every Time!  I will never ever again cook a  ham without doing it this way. Talk about moist!  All the juices are retained and the flavor and texture are fabulous. Try it and you won’t go back to your old ways!

No need to buy an expensive ham. I buy the cheapest ham on sale and it turns out so juicy every time!  Here’s the secret….


Juicy Ham Every Time!


  • 1 Ham - don't buy a spiral, but any other ham will do!
  • 1 can Sprite (12 oz.)
  • 1 oven cooking bag


  1. Place ham inside the cooking bag, but don't pierce the bag!!!
  2. Place bag with ham inside a large baking pan. (I line it with foil for easy clean up)
  3. Pour Sprite inside the bag.
  4. Seal bag as directed and put on a low rack of the oven so that inflated bag will not touch a heating unit.
  5. Bake as directed for the size of ham.
  6. Remove and serve.
  7. Note: Bag will inflate like a balloon so don't be alarmed. It will work as long as it doesn't touch a heating unit.
Schema/Recipe SEO Data Markup by Yummly Rich Recipes

Click on the “YUM” button to save to your recipe box.  

Juicy Ham Every Time grandparentsplus.com


That’s it! Think you can handle that?

I’ll admit that I was a bit skeptical until I tried it. Now, I know it is the best way to have a Juicy Ham Every Time!

Simply place the ham  in the cooking bag, but don’t cut the slits on top!

Juicy Ham Every Time grandparentsplus.com


Now, pour the can of Sprite inside the bag. Seal the bag tight and bake according to the weight.

Juicy Ham Every Time grandparentsplus.com


Out will come the tenderest, moistest (is that a word?), ham  you have ever tasted. No more dry meat!

Well, that’s the method passed on to me by a friend. I am passing it on to you! Try it and you will say,

“That’s the best way to cook a ham!”

You’ll have Juicy Ham Every Time!

Shred - Best Cheesy Potatoes grandparentsplus.com

Whether for Easter or any other gathering, you’ll always want to have a “Juicy Ham Every Time”!



By the way, along with the juicy ham, you’ll want to serve the best cheesy potatoes called “Shreds”. Check out my post for another easy, delicious recipe!  


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Easter Cross – Amazing Grace

Easter Cross Amazing Grace grandparentsplus.com

This easy Easter craft of the “Easter Cross- Amazing Grace” is a meaningful reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross and the “grace” (undeserved free gift”) that is extended to all who call on His name. The wonderful gift of salvation is given to us by His payment of our sins! AMAZING!


Cross Art #cross #Easter craft #kids easter craft

Easy to make for adults and kids!


Below is the inspiration for the craft……   Looks great, but you need wall space to hang it! Plus it is expensive to do!


Easter Cross - Amazing Grace #Easter #cross #amazing-grace www.grandparentsplus.com

Easter Cross – My inspiration piece!


This idea was on Pinterest. The original post is from keierleber It was the inspiration piece that gave birth to a simple and less expensive idea that became the craft  for our Mops group (Mother of Preschoolers) at our church. No, I don’t have preschoolers, but serve as a mentor mom to this wonderful group of moms.

The original cross is made from large letters purchased at craft store which are glued together to form this cross.  It looks “Amazing” and I love the message, but it was expensive to buy each of these letters. Since that didn’t fit into the budget, a member of our planning group had a Cricut and was willing to do the letters.

She used plain copy paper and made them 1- 1/2 inches tall. They worked perfectly! The cost factor was perfect, too!

Using scrapbook tag-board paper for the background, the letters were arranged on an  8 x 10 piece. We used mounting tape to adhere the letters to the background.  No messy glue! The finished product was placed in an inexpensive 8 x 10 frame to display!

With the  1   1/2 inch letters pre-cut, it only took 20 -25 minutes to put together! Of course, part of that time was having fun chit-chatting away and looking at what others were doing with their creations. For you, it may take even less time.

Easter Cross-Amazing Grace - Mops Moms  #Easter #Cross #Easter Art

Mops moms working on their projects and adding their creative touches!


Easter Cross Art Project  #Amazing Grace #cross #Easter  www.grandparentsplus.com

They turned out amazing! The moms took them home to display the real message of Easter! The framed cross is easily displayed standing or hung on a wall!


After  Mops ended, the idea came to me that this would work for kids by making it more kid-friendly. It makes a great craft for Wednesday night church clubs or Sunday School. By using foam letters (easier for kids to handle) and lightly placing a line for kids to follow down the middle vertically and horizontally, they would be able to make one, too! So off I went to get the foam letters…..  Foam letters are hard to find in one color, so use the cricut letters if you don’t like the multi-colored letters. Also, I found it very hard to find lots of “Z’s”‘ in one package. If you are making just a couple, the foam letters work, otherwise find someone that can cut out the letters.

Using small pieces of mounting tape works better than glue. Glue gets too messy for these letters. If  you are cutting out letters, making them larger makes it easier for kids to handle. If using larger letters, just use a legal-sized piece of paper and use a glue stick!

 This is the “elementary and up” kid version of this craft! I used construction paper for the background. It is simple, easy, inexpensive, and yet meaningful!! Notice the “n” on its side is a “z” and the “m” is an upside “w”!! It’s the best we could do for letters!

Easter Cross Amazing Grace

This craft provides a great opportunity to explain to kids the meaning of the Easter Cross.

Hope this gives Sunday School teachers, club volunteers and parents a great tool for talking about the real meaning of Easter!

John 3:16   For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son so that anyone who believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (The Living Bible)

There’s a great kids’ song called “A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. My grandkids love it! Check it out on Youtube.

Have a blessed Easter!



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Easter Games

Easter Games for Family Fun  grandparentsplus.com

With families getting together at Easter time, it is always fun to have some Easter games to play. It adds some fun and memories for both kids and adults.

Some of these Easter games my sister and I’ve made up, some are “old” ones, and some have links to where they can be found. As  I come across or “think up” new ones, I will update and add to this list.

You’ll notice a different version of the old-fashioned egg hunt which is turned into the “Bunny Banker”. Check it out and have fun with it!

Easter Games for Fun!

1. Bunny Hop

You will need….1 die, 12- 15  numbered paper slips (one set for each player), Paper carrots or stuffed bunnies.


Tape numbered paper slips on the floor each being one hop apart.

Players take turns and rolls the die. If it lands on an even number, they may “hop” 2 places forward on the numbered slips. If it lands on an odd number, they must “hop” back one . The first one to finish and reach the carrot, wins!

Easter Games

A large die was made from a gift box. Just color in the dots!


Easter Games #Easter #games #kid-activites  www.grandparentsplus.com


2. Throw Peter Rabbit into Mr. McGregor’s Garden or the Easter Basket

Take a small stuffed bunny and from a distance, try to land it in ‘Mr. McGregor’s garden” Use an Easter basket as the garden. Vary the distance according to age. Give each person 3-5 tries.

Rabbit Toss Easter Game #Easter #Games #kids-games www.grandparentsplus.com


3. The Easter Bunny Banker

This idea is from my sister. Instead of more candy, fill the eggs with coins or slips of paper with a coin value. After finding the Easter eggs, they had to go to the “Bunny Banker” to cash in their coins for dollar bills. This gives good practice for counting money. The Bunny Banker was her husband sitting at a table all dressed in rabbit ears, nose and chewing on a carrot!

Easter Games  grandparentsplus.com

He kept saying, “What’s up, Doc?”! He was a greedy bunny wanting all the eggs and was willing to “pay” for them. The kids had fun counting their money slips to turn in for cash! Hopefully you can talk your husband or relative to play the greedy “Bunny Banker” role! The kids loved it!

4. Guessing Jar

Place candy, cotton balls (bunny tails) or small objects in a jar and have them guess the number contained in the jar . Keep the number under 100 for younger children.

5. Egg and Spoon Race

Kids hold an egg on a spoon and race to the finish line.  (For older kids, use raw eggs; younger use hard-boiled or plastic)

Play this individually or use as a relay! If the egg drops, the player needs to pick the egg up, go back,  and start over from the beginning or if using raw eggs, get a new one.

6. Egg Bowling

Fill plastic eggs with rice or sand and tape shut. Give each team a different color. From a distance, roll eggs to knock down plastic rabbit figures or bottles place in a row. Inexpensive figures from the dollar store will do. Each team member gets one turn. Score points for the number of bunny figures or bottles knocked down. The next team gets their turn. Play several rounds and tally the points.

Or……Play individually and give each person 3 tries.

Here’s another variation of this Easter Game

7. Steal the Egg

This game is very similar to Capture the Flag.


8.  Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny or Pin the Egg in the Basket

  Free Easter Clipart


Play a version of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”

Draw a bunny figure  or basket and have kids blindfolded try to pin the tail on the bunny or land the eggs in the basket.

A ready-made game for Pin the Tail on the Bunny is available from…….  

Oriental Trading

9.  Easter Egg Toss

Play outside with a partner using either raw or hard-boiled eggs. Move back each time and see whose egg stays whole the longest!

10. Egg Scramble

Place an equal amount of each color plastic eggs in a large circle( for younger kids) or around in a designated area. Players have 3 minutes to find their color, only. (If you’re playing with a small group, give them two colors.) Count the number of their eggs found! (You need a  large number of plastic eggs for this game!

11. Carrot Scavenger Hunt

Take a bag or two of individual carrots and hide them throughout the yard.  Kids search for them and turn them in for a prize or money! Hey, no need to worry about carrots not found as they’ll get eaten by a real bunny! Warn the kids that they need to be washed before eaten! After all, carrots come from the ground so no need to waste them!

12. Egg Relay

Each team has a basket of plastic eggs at the start and an empty basket at the end. Teams need to pass the plastic eggs from one person to another. Any eggs that drop, must be returned to the starting basket. First team with all their eggs in the ending basket, wins!

Using lots of eggs makes this fast and fun!


13. “Hot” Hard-Boiled Egg – version of Hot Potato

Players sit in a circle and pass the egg quickly while the music is playing. When the music stops, the person holding the egg is “out”. Music starts again and play continues until there is one winner.

14. Treasure Hunt

Play this game in teams or as one group of kids. Clues are place in numbered plastic eggs. Starting with the first egg, the clue is read with a hint to where the next egg is located. Keep going with several clues until the last clue that tells where there are prizes for each child.

15. Egg Bocce Ball

Fill plastic eggs with sand or raw rice and glue together.(This gives them weight)  Play with teams 2-3 (teams have the same color eggs) or individually (everyone needs a different color egg).

Have one white egg or ball be the “jack”. One team throws the “jack”. The object is to get your “egg” the closest one to the “jack” to score a point. Check the complete bocce ball rules.

16. Easter Bingo

Lots of free printable Easter Bingo cards!

More Easter Bingo Cards!

17. Pass the Easter Cup

This game is changable for any season by changing the paper cup theme. Each player gets a straw and passes the cup from one person to another using only the straw place in their mouth to pass the cup. To make it harder, use a bendable straw!

18. Duck Relay

Players need to squat, grab ankles and walk like a duck to get their eggs and bring them back to the basket. Play with a small amount of kids or play as a relay with more kids.

19. Egg and Spoon Race

To make this harder, do as a relay and pass the egg from spoon to spoon. If outside, use uncooked eggs. Inside, use hard-boiled or plastic eggs.

20. Easter Egg Roll

As an inside game, make a target  area  with painter’s tape on a wood/tile/concrete floor. Players need to roll the egg by blowing into a straw and directing it to the target area. This works on carpet, too, just not as easily.

Or……Play on a card table so players can move around the table to land the egg in the target area! This way, people don’t have to get down on the floor. Use a timer to see who gets it in the fastest. You may want to make this harder by giving them 3 eggs to get into the target area!

Easter Games   grandparentspluls.com


21. Easter Basket Memory

Load up an Easter Basket with all sorts of goodies. Put in little stuffed animals, plastic egg, candy, money, carrot, plastic fruit, and small toys, etc.  Play this with teams, pairs or individually depending on the ages. Give them a few minutes to look at all the items in the basket. Next remove the basket and they need to write down the items they remember in the basket. Another variation is to remove only one item and teams take turns guessing as to which item is missing. If one team can’t name the item, the other team can steal the point by getting it right.

22. Bunny Tag

Each person has a “tail” (scarf). The tail is pushed into the waist of their shorts or pants so that the scarf is hanging out in back. The person that is “it” has to tag them by grabbing the “tail”. Kids then switch places and the new person that is “it” repeats the same.

23. Egg  Basketball

Place a basket on a high object. From a “free throw line”, kids throw plastic eggs into the basket to score points. Play individually or with teams.

24.  Oriental Trading has an inflatable bunny ear toss game.

Easter Bean Bag Toss Game, Egg Shaped Memory Cards, Easter Egg Popper Game, Jumping Bunnies and More……


Easter Party Supplies and Decorations

25. Easter Pictionary

Use terms like: Easter eggs, basket, bunny, chick, grass, egg hunt, ducks, decorated eggs, cross, church, tomb, stone, angel, Jesus, risen…..



Do you know some other Easter Games that I could add? Let me know!

I’d love to hear how these games worked for your family!

Have fun, but remember that Easter is about the risen Jesus! Celebrate Him!




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10 Spring Tea Tablescapes

Spring Tea Tablescapes

Since I have a “dish disease”, I am partial to beautiful tablescapes and tablesettings! Whatever you’re eating, tastes so much better when you sit down at a wonderfully arranged  table with pretty dishes!  Don’t you think? These Spring Tea Tablescapes look so lovely and inviting. Inspirations for Spring are just what you need after a long, cold winter. The women that attend this tea look forward each year to this special event! You will see why!

I am sharing 10 Spring Tablescapes using a variety of themes and color schemes. I’m sure you’ll find ideas for your own Spring tablescape, too!


Love the purple, don’t you!


Spring Tea Tablescapes  grandparentsplus.com

spring tea 2


The doilies on the back of the chairs give a great old-fashioned look!

Spring Tea TAblescape   grandparentsplus.com


Gold, green and deep red roses – an elegant combination!

red and gold p1


Aren’t these pink cherry blossom plates unusual?

Spring Tea Tablescape  grandparentsplus.com

Here’s a closer look…..   I think they must be hand painted.


Spring Tea Tablescapes grandparentsplus.com


On this tablescape, a plaid tablecloth coordinating with the colors of the dishes makes a big  impact.


Spring Tea Tablescape  grandparentsplus.com


This burlap and black tablescape would work for many seasons by changing the flower accents.

Spring Tea Tablescape   grandparentsplus.com

Using clear glass plates lets all that texture show through!

Spring Tea Tablescapes  grandparentsplus.com


At this tablescape, there are pretty blue plates mixed with a variety of flowered teacups! What a wonderful way to use your teacup collection!


Spring Tea Tablescapes


A combination of a blue tablecloth, green chargers along with perky yellow and white daisies sets off this table.

Spring Tea Tablescape  grandparentsplus.com


Subdued grey, pink and black combinations make an elegant statement for this tablescape.

Spring Tea Tablescapes  grandparentsplus.com


Notice the different colors of depression glass used on this garden-like tablesetting….

Mary, Mary, quite contrary! How does your garden grow?  Isn’t that how the rhyme goes?

So colorful and fun!

Spring Tea Tablescapes grandparentsplus.com

Which one is your favorite?

Thanks for stopping by!



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Origami Cross – Easter Cross Craft

Easter Cross Craft

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Origami Cross  #cross #Easter #origami www.grandparentsplus.com

Origami Cross
#Easter #cross #origami

While this is classified as an “Easter art project”, this Origami Cross Craft has real meaning. Easter is not about the bunnies, chickens, eggs, and candy. All those things are fun, but Easter is really about Jesus paying our debt on the cross.

Doing this craft will give you lots of time to talk about the real meaning of Easter with your child. 

Now, on to the tutorial…..

If your child can fold paper, they can do this project. If they have difficulty folding the paper, an adult can pre-fold the paper for them and they can assemble the pieces from that point.  Start with either 3 inch square post-it notes or cut paper into 3 inch squares.  Actually, post-it notes work great and save you the work of cutting , but they are more expensive. Use neon copy paper or post-it notes for a punch of color.  Construction paper is too thick for folding so use it only for the background.

Step 1

Fold the paper in half.

Step 1  Triangle Fold #sticky note #post-it note #origami art     www.grandparentsplus.com

Triangle fold with 3 inch paper square or post-it notes. #origami #cross #Easter www.grandparentsplus.com

Step 2

Fold the paper to form a V  by folding one corner of the folded top to the half way point and the same with the other corner. See picture….

Easter Cross - Step 2  #origami #Easter #kid art     www.grandparentsplus.com

Origami Fold
Step 2
#origami #Easter #post-it note www.grandparentsplus.com

Step 3

Fold background paper both horizontally into 1/3rd  and vertically in half. This gives you a lightly creased line to follow and place the folded pieces.

Orgami Cross #Easter #origami #Art   www.grandparentsplus.com


Easter Cross #Easter #Cross #Origami  www.grandparentsplus.com

Step 4

In the center, place 4 of the origami folded papers with the points touching to form a square.

Origami Cross #Easter #cross #origami     www.grandparetntsplus.com

Starting point …. 4 pieces with triangle points touching on the creased intersection point.


Step 5

Place other folded papers slightly inside the previous one working out in each direction to form a cross.

Origami Cross #cross #easter #origami    www.grandparentsplus.com

Place 4 triangle folds in the middle with the tip of the triangles in line with the lightly creased lines. #Easter #cross #origami www.grandparentsplus.com

Easy, isn’t it?  Any size square of paper works, but you need  a consistent size for this cross. Smaller squares make a lovely 3-D Easter card. The small squares are harder to fold, however.


Display your Easter Cross Craft to remind you what Easter is really about!

Jesus, God’s Son, came to pay for our sins on the cross. He conquered death and rose again. We have the choice to accept Jesus as our Savior, and receive the gift of salvation, choosing to live for Him each day. What a precious gift – the promise of eternal life with Him!

Celebrate the gift of salvation this Easter!

He is Risen!



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Spring Wall Hanging

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Colorful Spring Wall Hanging #DIY Spring # Craft # Spring

Welcome Spring with a colorful wall hanging! #Craft #Spring #Wall Hanging

After a long winter, it is time to think Spring!

It won’t be long before the northern USA will

 see the bare ground. (at least I hope!)

Time for a little Spring DIY craft idea to help

shorten the look of winter that is left and give a glimpse of what is to come!

Make this decorative DIY Spring wall hanging as big or small as you like.

Simply find an appropriate sized curvy branch and hang your creative

Spring-time items at varying lengths.


Items Needed:

Branch – leave natural color or spray paint

Scrapbooking paper or other patterned and colored paper

Cut-outs (foam or paper) or various Dollar Store items



Yarn or Ribbon

Colorful Muffin Liners

Variety of stickers or embellishments (optional)


This mobile was made by my friend, Vicki, who has allowed me to feature it. She included various sizes of pinwheels, kites, paper flowers, butterflies and birds.

Use handmade items or use several Spring things found at the Dollar Tree,too! They have eggs, foam flowers, birds, butterflies, etc. that work well for this project. Not everything needs to be handmade.


spring mobile 2

Colorful Spring items hand from colorful ribbon or yarn.  # mobile #DIY Spring decor # Spring

Add pinwheels, butterflies, flowers, kites, etc. and hang from ribbon or yarn in varying lengths.


Colorful folded paper flowers were made from a tutorial found at Origami Instructions.I like that you are able to do this without a special machine. Paper flowers made from cupcake liners are explained at intimateweddings.

A simple tutorial for the pinwheels is found at WendyShat. Pinwheels are easy for elementary kids to make so get your kids or grandkids involved.

Cupcake liner flower! #cupcake liner flower #crafts #Spring

Flower made from cupcake liners.


Butterflies that kids make from coffee filters work, too!

Putting all these ideas together makes for an interesting look!

This project is easy to do and easy on the budget!

It is nice that many of the materials needed are quite inexpensive and probably kept on hand for many crafts. 

Take off on this idea and design a meaningful Easter wall hanging with a cross, dove, empty tomb, Easter lily, lamb, butterflies, and foam Easter eggs. This idea is great for church groups. 

Another idea is making one with Easter eggs, chicks, bunnies, flowers, and lambs – perhaps a fun project for Girl Scouts!

The possibilities are endless.

Have fun and Happy Spring!

Many thanks to Vicki for letting me share her creation!

Vicki has started a non-profit organization for helping families whose babies die before, during or shortly after birth. Check it out on www.evansembrace.org



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