Pilgrim Picture Napkin Rings or Favors

Pilgrim Picture Napkin Rings or Favors

Pilgrim Picture Napkin Rings or Favors grandparentsplus.com


At holidays, I like to personalize the grandkids’ place settings with something special. This year, I am making a Pilgrim Picture of each child to use at their place setting. I w ill either have them as a napkin ring or place their Pilgrim Picture as a table favor with candy. It won’t be hard to find their place with their picture right on it.

These personalized Pilgrim Picture Napkin Rings or Favors are pretty quick and easy to make once you find the pictures to use. Print the pictures so that the heads are 1-1/2  to 1-3/4 inch tall.  This might take some tries to find the right size. On my computer it asks if I want it full-page, 5×7, 4×6, or wallet size. If the picture was of  several people, I printed it larger. If it is a close-up, print it smaller. I simply used regular paper and reinforced the head by backing it with tag board as I cut it out.


Materials needed

  • Pictures – 1-1/2 in – 1-3/4 inch size
  • Black cardstock Paper (I used a textured black) This paper is found in the scrapbook aisle.
  • Brown cardstock Paper
  • Yellow paper  (I used a note pad)
  • White paper (I used just plain printer paper or construction paper)
  • Glue
  • Card board Tubes
  • Glue


Pilgrim Picture Napkin Rings or Favors grandparentsplus.com

Cut the patterns for the shoulders, caps, and collars. I labeled the sizes in case it printed out differently.

Pilgrim Patterns grandparentsplus.com

These patterns are easy to free-hand draw, too.  I made all the pieces for everyone before putting them together. The men’s hats have a small band which I cut from brown paper and then made a small yellow square for the hat. Cut out the middle for the buckle. You can see the texture in this close-up.

Pilgrim Hat grandparentsplus.com

After assembling, cut a band of black tagboard paper to fit the paper tube (I used about 1/3 of a toilet paper roll)

Glue the pilgrim picture on the roll. If using as a favor, place a candy cup inside the tube and fill with nuts and candy.


Pilgrim Picture Napkin Rings or Favors

Once you find the pictures, these are really easy! I hope the grandchildren will be delighted with their pictures!

Happy Thanksgiving!




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Using Scarves in Your Tablescape!

Using Scarves in Your Tablescape     grandparentsplus.com


You may think that scarves are just for wearing, but using scarves in your tablescape  gives  great color on your table! I found this scarf  at Walmart for $5.00  just last week (couldn’t go wrong for that price) and knew that the colors would be perfect on my table. I do plan on wearing it, too, but for now it looks wonderful in my Thanksgiving tablescape!

Using Scarves in your tablesetting


Along with the $5.00 scarf, I used items that I already had. The candlesticks are just brass from India and the horn of plenty is one that I’ve had for 30 years! Using things differently makes everything look new again!  Make the same look by spray painting any rattan horn of plenty in a gold color. If you are using different accents other than gold, spray it a color that coordinates with your tablescape.

Thanksgiving tablesetting 002pm


Notice the napkin rings? They are from a Dollar Tree artificial spray. Four flowers came on a small bush for $1.00  and I merely cut them off and wrapped the wire around the napkin. Pretty cheap! I like how the varied colors in the sunflowers blend with everything.

Using scarves in your tablesetting

Using scarves in your tablescapes opens up new possibilities. Bet you are running to your closet to find what you might have! HA! Total cost for the scarf and napkin rings was $8.00 for 12 settings!

Using scarves in Your tablescapes

The table in my dining room is quite different! Notice the drawers? There are four drawers on each side. I believe it was an old art table in a school. It does have some signs of use, but I call it “patina” and love it! I use the drawers for candle, votive and napkin ring storage. I think if I were a kid, I would have slipped my veggies in a drawer, but so far I have found nothing left from the grandkids!

Another idea for using scarves in your tablescape comes from my sister. She used a vintage candle piece from our mom. Then, she added  scarves  for this spectacular Thanksgiving tablescape!

Using scarves in your tablescape   grandparentsplus.com

She wove a couple of shades together to make this tablescape.

Using Scarves in a Tablescape    grandparentsplus.com


Using scarves in your Tablescape    grandparentsplus.com

Hope this opens up new possibilities for your tablescapes!

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Vegetable Centerpieces

Vegetable Centerpieces

 Vegetable Centerpieces

Usually we  think of mainly flowers and decorative items as centerpieces. Well, making Vegetable Centerpieces is something different and certainly spectacular with color, texture, and form! Gardens are now producing wonderful fresh vegetables which gives you the makings for your centerpieces right in your backyard! If you don’t have a garden, a quick visit to your local farmer’s market or grocery store will give you all the ingredients you need.

Vegetable Centerpieces   www.grandparensplus.com

Easy to create!

When using vegetables as a centerpiece, they are spectacular for your party and still usable the next day. Flowers wilt and die, but there is no waste with using vegetables.

These large Vegetable Centerpieces are beautiful on any buffet table!

They make a gorgeous display for fall or Thanksgiving tables.

Vegetable Centerpiece! #vegetable #centerpiece #vegetable centerpiece   www.grandparentsplus.com

Vegetable Centerpieces
Easy to do!  #vegetable #centerpiece #vegetable centerpieces     www.grandparentsplus.com

I love the different textures and colors! By using an elongated dish or basket for the base, just arrange and change around as desired until you like the way it looks.  The center is higher while mixing the colors and textures on each side.  Items used are red and green pepper, cucumber, eggplant, zucchini, pineapple tops, asparagus, summer squash, and tomatoes.

Vegetable Centerpiece Variation

Another variation of a vegetable centerpieces! #centerpiece #vegetable #vegetable centerpiece        www.grandparentsplus.com


You don’t need designer talent to do this! It is such an easy centerpiece for any occasion! I also like that everything is  still edible, too!

A smaller version for your table….

Hint: To make vegetables stay in a certain spot, use a toothpick and insert in each one to hold it.

Vegetable Centerpieces

Vegetable Centerpieces  www.grandparentsplus.com

By the way, I found an oval tray and an oval basket at the thrift store! Great deal!

Thanks for visiting! I enjoy your comments and answer any questions!

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Phyllis (Oma)

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Turkey Toilet Paper Roll Craft or Favor

Turkey Toilet Paper Roll Craft or Favor    grandparentsplus.com

This Turkey Toilet Paper Roll Craft or Favor makes a cute addition to your Thanksgiving table. Fill with candy and nuts and set at each place.

 Even if you have lots of guests, this doesn’t take long to put together!

Make from either construction paper, felt or craft foam.  I used a combination. If you use a Pilgrim hat, use construction paper for the head as the hat is too heavy for the felt.

Turkey Toilet Paper Roll Craft Directions:

Cut the toilet paper roll 2 1/4″ in length.

Wrap brown construction paper or craft foam around the tube and glue. (glue gun works better with foam)

The head measures 2 1/2″ in height and about 1 ” wide.

The feathers are 2 1/4 ” lengths cut into a pointed oval.

Glue all pieces together. Tacky glue works for this.

Add details.

Insert a paper nut cup and fill with candy and nuts.

I used craft felt for the details on this turkey!

My inspiration came from the Christmas Critters on http://craftsnob.com/2011/11/treat-bucket-ornamment/


Fill with candies and nuts!

This craft fits perfectly with the “Turkey Tootsie Pop Holder” post and the “ Kids’ Thanksgiving Place Setting” post. Be sure to check them out, too! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Turkey Toilet Paper Roll Craft or Favor

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When Thanksgiving is at our house, we need two tables. One table is for the adults and one  for the grandchildren. They are now old enough to manage by themselves and they are within reach if help is needed. The kid table is set with them in mind.  I use either butcher paper or white paper and tape it to the tabletop. At each child’s place-setting, I use a dessert size plate and trace around it (circle) and add a turkey head, feathers and feet. At each place, there are color crayons to decorate their turkey as they wish.This keeps them busy while waiting for their food and when they are done, they can continue coloring. It gives the adults time for their meal.

Colorful turkey Tootsie pop holders were made by my daughter. They were at everyone’s place. Directions can be found on the Turkey Tootsie Pop Holders Post.

This was the place setting for each child.

Dessert consisted of the usual pies, but also turkey cookies which the kids had help me make before the meal. We used fudge-striped cookies and small peanut butter cups (actually they were from Wal-Mart and had carmel inside but they were the same shape). Items used were: candy corn for the beak, red hots for the eyes (or a small cherry chip) and  a small piece from Twizzler Pull-Aparts for the wattle. Everything was “glued” with melted chocolate chips as it sat on a chocolate star drop. The kids age 5 and up were able to put these together.

Turkey Game:

After dinner we had a “Turkey Feather Toss”. I got this idea from the Family Fun Magazine. It said to tape a weight to the end of the feather. My husband taped a nail that had a head to the end of the feather and it worked great! All ages could take part in this one. We just moved the basket a little closer for the younger children.

If you don’t have turkey feathers, use pheasant. (probably available where they sell artificial flowers).

Of course, I captured memories via photos and made a photo book of Thanksgiving.  I sent one to each child at a later date. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving together and perhaps some of these ideas could be used by you at your celebration of giving thanks to  God!






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