DIY Spring Centerpiece


DIY Spring Centerpiece

I didn’t have the right vase or pot, but wanted to make a DIY Spring Centerpiece! I had some burlap on hand so decided to use it instead of going out to find the right vase. It was more cost friendly anyway!

I started by cutting a square piece of floral foam around 3″ by 3″. Vary this size if you want to make it larger. I , also, had some artificial greens on hand with different textures and shades of color. OK, now to put it together.



Floral foam

Variety of artificial greens


Bird or butterfly (optional)

DIY Spring Centerpiece

I just started cutting and poking the greens into the floral foam. Vary the heights of tall, medium and short. Start with the tall, add some medium and finish with short around the edges. Add a little bird, if you wish. 

When it was full enough, I cut a large square of burlap. (enough to fold up and gather together )  From a larger piece of burlap, I pulled two strings to use as ties.

Place the floral foam base into a plastic bag. This will keep the floral foam from sifting through the burlap and making a mess.

DIY Spring Centerpiece

This DIY Spring Centerpiece was quick, easy, and very inexpensive. When you see the cost of floral arrangements, it certainly saves money to make your own. Doesn’t it?

I needed a little touch of Spring on my side table. Quite a difference from the white snow background outside! Spring is sure slow to come this year!DIY Spring Centerpiece

Try making your own DIY Spring Centerpiece. Make it any size to use as a centerpiece on your table or as an accent anywhere you need a touch of Spring!

If you make it larger, add a flat weight of some sort under the floral foam. Another idea is to add some small rocks or kitty litter inside the baggie to keep it anchored down. Finish off with the burlap covering it all.


DIY Spring Centerpiece

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Happy Spring!



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Vegetable Centerpieces

Vegetable Centerpieces

 Vegetable Centerpieces

Usually we  think of mainly flowers and decorative items as centerpieces. Well, making Vegetable Centerpieces is something different and certainly spectacular with color, texture, and form! Gardens are now producing wonderful fresh vegetables which gives you the makings for your centerpieces right in your backyard! If you don’t have a garden, a quick visit to your local farmer’s market or grocery store will give you all the ingredients you need.

Vegetable Centerpieces

Easy to create!

When using vegetables as a centerpiece, they are spectacular for your party and still usable the next day. Flowers wilt and die, but there is no waste with using vegetables.

These large Vegetable Centerpieces are beautiful on any buffet table!

They make a gorgeous display for fall or Thanksgiving tables.

Vegetable Centerpiece! #vegetable #centerpiece #vegetable centerpiece

Vegetable Centerpieces
Easy to do!  #vegetable #centerpiece #vegetable centerpieces

I love the different textures and colors! By using an elongated dish or basket for the base, just arrange and change around as desired until you like the way it looks.  The center is higher while mixing the colors and textures on each side.  Items used are red and green pepper, cucumber, eggplant, zucchini, pineapple tops, asparagus, summer squash, and tomatoes.

Vegetable Centerpiece Variation

Another variation of a vegetable centerpieces! #centerpiece #vegetable #vegetable centerpiece


You don’t need designer talent to do this! It is such an easy centerpiece for any occasion! I also like that everything is  still edible, too!

A smaller version for your table….

Hint: To make vegetables stay in a certain spot, use a toothpick and insert in each one to hold it.

Vegetable Centerpieces

Vegetable Centerpieces

By the way, I found an oval tray and an oval basket at the thrift store! Great deal!

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