Amazing Grace Easter Wreath

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The Amazing Grace Easter Wreath says what Easter is really about. While I’m not against bunnies and chicks, Easter is really not about them, but about the amazing grace given to us through Jesus Christ, God’s son, by paying our sin debt on the cross. 

I’m thrilled to have found a source for the beautiful wooden crosses. I’ve made my own displays by cutting out paper letters and forming a cross, but this wood cut-out is beautiful to just hang by itself or use in a wreath. It greets your guests with the message of Easter.  They make a wonderful hostess gift if you’re invited out for Easter dinner.

Amazing Grace Easter Wreath

I bought 3 Amazing Grace crosses at under $4 each. I thought I would need to paint them, but when they arrived, they looked absolutely fine without painting. That saved a step! Click on Artistic Supply to find them. They were quick on delivery, too! They have several different styles of crosses that would work if you would like a different style.

The first version I tried was working with this gathered green burlap wreath. I had bought it for a couple of dollars on clearance, as it was missing several pieces, and looked awful. For the money, I thought I could change it up into something worthwhile.  So, fixing some of the flaws, I used the cross in the middle and highlighted it with bunches of white lilies.

Amazing Grace Easter Wreath

This wreath went from the above picture to the one below!

Amazing Grace Easter Wreath

For the next design idea, it was simple, but tedious, to add the two types of ferns to the twig wreath. I had seen something similar and had the ferns at home, so just worked with it to tuck and glue the ends into the twigs.( A boxwood wreath works, too.) I simply added the cross in the middle. I felt it didn’t need any more than the simple greenery elegance to let the cross stand out. If you’re pressed for time, buy one!

Amazing Grace Easter Wreath

The third idea was to use palms for the base.

First, I cut a small rectangle from a cardboard box. I tried foam, but it stood out from the wall or door and I wanted it to be flush against the wall. The cardboard worked well.

Amazing Grace Easter Wreath

I found a small artificial bush that had eight palm branches on it. It was around $9.00 at Michael’s, but a coupon took that price down. With eight, I could make two of them.

Amazing Grace Easter Wreath


Using the glue gun, I secured the top and bottom palms on the cardboard.  Continuing  on with the other smaller palms, I glued them on horizontally forming a palm cross. Make sure that the top vertical palm part is slightly smaller than the lower part.


Amazing Grace Easter Wreath

I twisted some wire to form a hook for hanging, and glued it on the back of the cardboard.


Amazing Grace Easter Wreath

The last part was to carefully glue the wooden cross cut-out on top of the ferns.

Amazing Grace Easter Wreath

The last version turned out to be the easiest. So if you don’t have a wreath that you can use, make the version with the palm leaves. It really goes together fast!

Amazing Grace Easter Wreath

The wooden cross cut-out certainly may be used alone, but it looks outstanding on a wreath. I hops you enjoy your Amazing Grace wreath however you choose to make it!

Happy Easter! 


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  1. I like the second one which is made of ferns. Others aren’t bad.

  2. I love these!! The wreath you bought on clearance is my favorite. It turned out beautifully & you saved so much money! Good job 🙂

    Came over from Craft Frenzy Friday!

    • I always like a bargain, don’t you?

  3. These are all beautiful wreaths. I like all three of these for their uniqueness and the fact that they all have the common Amazing Grace in the middle. Yjamls for linking up at Share it.

    • They were all fun to do!

  4. These are beautiful! I especially love the cross with palm leaves. That would be a beautiful addition to our door this Easter! Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday this week!

    • That seems to be the favorite!

  5. What a beautiful idea Phyl. Pinned to the Five Star Frou-Frou board. Love, Mimi xxx

  6. These are lovely!

  7. What a great idea! I love all three design ideas. Thank you for sharing at Throwback Thursday!

  8. They are all great, but I love the palm one! Thanks for sharing on Happiness is Homemade!

    • It’s the easiest one to make!

  9. These are all so lovely. I especially love the palm branch one. Pinned and Tweeted. Thanks so much for sharing at Snickerdoodle Sunday.

    • It’s my favorite, too!

  10. Love it , you are so truthful it does say it all I love the palm it brings the story home.

    • The palms were my favorite, too! It ties Palm Sunday to Easter morning! Thanks for the visit!

  11. Great ideas and I especially like the cross. Thanks for sharing this with us on Throwback Thursday~


  12. Phyllis, I love your beautiful Wreaths and Cross! Please come share this with me and my readers tonight at the What to do Weekends party!
    Many blessings to you,

    • Will do! Thanks!

      • So grateful you brought this to share @ the party! I’ve pinned it to our Party Board and find it as great inspiration for myself and others. Be well. Happy Friday.

        • Thanks for pinning and for your lovely comment!

  13. Thanks for making this the most viewed and for the feature!


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