Blue and White Russian China

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Blue and White Russian China


 I purchased some  blue and white Russian china while on a visit to the former USSR and Belarus.  I carefully hand-carried this china back home. It now is a visual reminder of the wonderful friendships that began on that trip and continue today.

With the Olympics in Sochi, it reminds me of the special time that I spent in Belarus and Russia. I went on an adult exchange called “Friendship Force” – started by former President Carter with an “old” college girl friend (our husbands stayed home). We stayed with the mayor of the town called Villeika, outside of Minsk. He and his lovely family played host to us for a week. We grew to know and love this family and learned that we have more in common than differences in a very diverse world.  Our ties to that family remain strong today and we stay in touch via FB and emails.

While there, I admired the beautiful blue and white pieces of china that I saw during the trip! Of course, it was the “usual” china for them. 

They graciously brought me to a store and I managed to carry a set of 6 dessert-sized plates, cups  saucers plus a whole set of extra pieces safely back home! Wish I could have carried more as I would have loved to have more than six. Their sets come with a covered butter dish, napkin holders, coffee and teapots, sugar and creamer! WOW! I believe I paid the equivalent of $30 American dollars for all those blue and white Russian dishes! I wonder what you would pay today?

So, here’s my salute to the Sochi Olympics with my blue and white Russian (Belarus) china!


The tiny glass is a vodka glass, but since we don’t drink vodka, I use it as a tea light! (These were a gift from the Belarusian family.)

Belarusian and Russian dinners last a long time with many eloquent toasts throughout the evening. Also, they serve on plates the size of our dessert plates, so it was hard to find regular sized dinner plates. I probably couldn’t have made it back with the larger plates anyway!


Remember how I said they include china napkin holders?


Blue and White Russian China

So, while watching the Olympics, I can relax and sip tea in my blue and white Russian china teacup!

Blue and White Russian China

Here’s to good memories and wonderful friendships made in Belarus (part of the former USSR)!

Now, back to watching the Olympics!




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  1. How lovely — and what a great back story! I was part of an International exchange program for several years as a host with visitors from all over. Getting to know other people, how they live and why they do the things they do goes a long way toward building understanding and “getting along”!

  2. That is Gorgeous!!

  3. Beautiful china! The tea pot in particular has so much grace. Thanks for sharing. -Brenda-

  4. Beautiful china, reminds so much of my grandma china hutch! Thanks for coming over and sharing at The Weekend Retreat hope to see you back on Thursday!! 

  5. What beautiful china – so many people in our disposable culture, don’t really appreciate china anymore, but I sure enjoy it. Glad you are enjoying yours also. 🙂 Gentle Joy

  6. Oh my, such beautiful china. Love that gorgeous teapot too. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  7. This is special and so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this at What’d You Do This Weekend.

    Have a great week,

  8. Your china is just gorgeous!

  9. Very pretty!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  10. Lovely! It’s nice that you have something both special and useful to remind you of your trip. We carted home a set of dishes from China that were given to our daughter when she left her orphanage. 🙂

  11. LOVE your china!! It’s gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it with us this week!

    Enjoy the Olympics!


  12. Beautiful china! Love the colors and the design. What a wonderful way to remember you trip and new friends. Thanks for sharing at TTF!

  13. Your china is simply beautiful. I am a big fan of blue and white. Thank you for sharing such a lovely tablescape. ~Kelly

  14. I LOVE blue and white china and always enjoy seeing a new pattern. This is beautiful.

  15. I love Lomonosov china…both because of the blue and white and speaking Russian. What a pretty set!

  16. It’s just lovely and your table looks beautiful. I wish I’d known about Russian china when my daughter was in Moscow a couple of years ago! I had no idea.

    • Thank you! I even saw it being sold on the street corners in Minsk! Just wish I had more room to bring more back!

  17. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  18. Those are so beautiful, I love the extra pieces that come with it that wouldn’t come in most sets. What a great opportunity! I went to Russia 10 years ago, it was so neat to see so many historical places that seem like a dream. We went to a Russian circus while we were there it was the most amazing thing!

    • Just to think that we were such enemies years ago! Lots of beautiful historical places to see!

  19. Lovely blue china! So elegant…..sounds like it was a wonderful trip with many fond memories.

  20. Beautiful dishes. It’s always nice to be reminded of fond memories.

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