DIY Napkin Rings

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DIY Napkin Rings

Easy and inexpensive to make! #napkin rings #napkin #holiday

One of my favorite things at holiday time 

 is setting a beautiful table.  I have a love of dishes (inherited from my mom) and have several sets.  It is fun to use them and coordinate the table setting with the occasion. With each table-setting, I like to use napkin rings. They can get expensive when you multiply times eight-twelve settings.

The following ideas give you a great look for your table, are inexpensive and take very little time to do! I’ll share just a few …..

Supplies Needed:

Cardboard Tubes

Tacky Glue

Wire-edged ribbon


Bows, trims, or other decorations to use on your napkin ring

Paper Clips



Choose a wire-edged patterned or plain ribbon. The wire-edges give a nice finished look and curves around the cardboard tube easily. I purchased my ribbon at Dollar Store. There are so many ribbons to choose from that will give a great look.

Just be sure it is the width that you prefer.

1. Cut the cardboard a tiny(and I mean tiny) bit shorter than the width of the ribbon.

2. Cut a length of ribbon about  1/4″ longer than needed to go around.

3. Put glue on both of the outside edges of cardboard tube.

4. Wrap the ribbon around the tube. Overlap the ends of the ribbon and glue in place. To hold it until dry, use paper clips.

5. When dry, add the details or leave it plain.

Here are some examples:

This one needed nothing extra because of the design on the ribbon! This ribbon was $1.00 for the entire roll at the Dollar Tree! For a $1.00, I made all the napkin rings needed!

Pretty easy, right?

Same with this one!

It looks nice with my Lenox china!


The next one needed something extra.  I tried three different variations.  I felt it needed a band across it, so I glued a band of felt as I didn’t have a plain ribbon. Then I put the little gingerbread man cut-out on top of it. This will be cute with a gingerbread table theme.

 Another variation…. a snowflake!

And another….  holly!

The original leaves were too large for this napkin ring.

I  cut down the silk leaves in size and glued a small bit of berries on top.

Sometimes I like to use an ornament as a napkin ring.

I found these ornaments on sale at 90% off last January for $.20 each! Such a deal!

I will use them with a gold, green and red table!

Along with ornaments, I also look for floral picks that I can twist and use as a napkin ring.

The Dollar Store is a good place for inexpensive ones.

You see, the possibilities are endless! All of these ideas are so easy and quick to do!

Just save those paper towel and toilet paper rolls and you’ll have lots of napkin rings! Look for items at the after Christmas sales, too, for next year!

What unique creations will you make?

I’d love to see them!

Have fun setting a beautiful table!

P.S. This is not just for Christmas. This idea is useable all year-long for any occasion….birthdays, weddings, Valentine’s, Easter and so on…..

I appreciate your time and comments!

Phyllis (Oma)

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  1. wow too cool! love all the ideas! Who said the table had to be boring – lots of excitement at your table 🙂 Love that 20 cent ornament the best!

  2. Your napkin rings are amazing. They look like such great fun to make. Thanks for sharing them at the Creative Craft Challenge.

    • They are quick and easy to make!

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