Fruit & Vegetable Animal Creations

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Fruite and Veggie animal creations  #fruit #centerpieces # fruit animals

Fun collection of ideas for whimsical fruit & veggie creations. #fruit #vegetable #animals

Just recently, we went on a beautiful Caribbean Cruise. Luckily it wasn’t the ship that was stranded! We cruised on the Liberty of the Seas by Royal Caribbean and it was fabulous! I highly recommend Royal Caribbean! The food, service, entertainment and the ship itself was outstanding! The presentation of the food was so beautiful. One night they had a dessert buffet where they displayed such fun, creative fruit creations.

Fruit & Vegetable Creations 2

Fruit & Vegetable Creations 3 Fruit & Vegetable Creations 7 Fruit & Vegetable Creations 8

Fruit & Vegetable Animal Creation #fruit animal  #centerpiece #fruit centerpiece

More variations of fruit and vegetable creations!

Final product!

So many fun designs!


I loved the whimsical animals! I had never thought of doing this for a centerpiece! My creative juices started and I got to thinking of all the possibilities that could be made. The nice thing is after using your creation for a centerpiece, the fruit and vegetables are still usable the next day!

I took some pictures of a fruit creation that a chef was making and thought I might try these at home for a special occasion! Some of them didn’t look that difficult if you know some of the secrets.  The only tools needed are a couple of sharp knives (small & large),  pliers and bamboo skewers along with a variety of fruit and vegetables. The bamboo skewers hold everything together and then they are snapped off with the pliers when everything is in place. The pictures tell the story of how to create it.

Animal Fruit Creations #fruit #centerpieces #fruit centerpiece

Fun creations using fruit and veggies!

To make the wings stick out, insert a small part of cantaloupe underneath each wing.

Fruit & Vegetable Animals   #fruit  #fruit centerpiece #fruit animals

Making the eyes

A slice of carrot, radish and grape make the eyes.


Fruit Animal   #fruit  #fruit centerpiece #fruit creation

Adding the eyes and nose

A strawberry for the nose or try a carrot, too! The hat is either a cut of watermelon, a red or green pepper or whatever you choose.

Fruit & Vegetable Animal Creation   #fruit #vegetable #centerpiece

Another variation of a fruit and vegetable animal

Whimsical Fruit & Veggie Centerpiece Creations! #fruit #centerpieces #fruit creations

Make a whimsical centerpiece with fruit and veggies!


Fruit & Vegetable Dog Creation    #fruit  #vegetable  #fruit centerpiece

Puppy Dog made from fruit and vegetables!

Puppy Dog made from fruit and vegetables!  #fruit  #vegetables #centerpiece

Side view of the puppy dog!

Use red pepper for the tongue and oranges for the ears and feet.

A decorative cut cucumber makes the tail!

Fruit & Vegetable Creations 12

Fabulous way to present fruit kabobs!

What a way to present fruit kabobs!

Fruit & Vegetable Creations 7

Other creations seemed more difficult and I’ll post those later. Meanwhile, happy creating with fruits and veggies! I think the possibilities are endless! I’m going to try these for a special occasion! I think they would be great for a summer centerpiece, don’t you?

Smaller versions would work, too. Perhaps combining an orange and grapefruit instead of using a cantaloupe and making a smaller individual animal for a child.  

I love these fruit and vegetable animal creations! They make you smile, don’t they?

Thank you Royal Caribbean chefs for inspiring me!


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  1. How awesome! I love all the fun things on cruises. Good picks and good lessons. Thank you for sharing this in our Crafty Showcase!

    Susie @Bowdabra

  2. Wow are you amazing! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Darling! My kiddos would adore these 🙂

    xo, Tanya

  4. Adorable!!! Thanks for sharing at Pinworthy Projects!

  5. Oh my goodness! I absolutely love food shaped as animals and things! I have a board on Pinterest called “Too Cute to Eat!” Love these! I’d love for you to share this at my weekly link party on Tuesdays. I like to feature a “beauty for your body” and a “beauty for your abode” each week as well as “Party Food, etc.” and this is so fun! Link up at my Show Off Your Shell Party!

  6. Too cute and lots of fun!

  7. Wow!

  8. The monkey is definitely my favorite! Thanks for visiting and linking to One Creative Weekend at!

  9. Those are adorable!!

  10. I love these! What a great idea to put together for a party – thanks for sharing!

    • They would really be a hit!

  11. These are just amazing! Wow! Saw them at the party at I Gotta Create and had to stop over to say hello. Pinning!

  12. These are more than adoarble1 And edible too!

    So fun!
    You are quite the artist!

    hugs x


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