Hosta Haven

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I enjoy sitting on my front porch in the morning gazing at my Hosta garden. I call it my little “Hosta Haven” as it is so relaxing with the multitude of textures and shades of green! There’s not much else I can grow in this spot between the pine trees. It is very shaded with lots of roots from all the trees. Pine needles, from the White Pines, create a needle bed under the plants. At first, I thought they would never grow in such soil, but they find a spot and thrive among all those gnarly roots! They’re tough and seem to like the acid pine needles!


Hosta Haven

Scattered through the hosta are a few little pieces I’ve found to highlight the garden.  Of course, I have a windmill. Found it at a yard sale! Being of Dutch heritage, it fits perfectly!

My Hosta Haven

A few large rocks for interest….


My Hosta Haven


My Hosta Haven

The different shades of green change with the sun throughout the day.


My Hosta Haven

Each year it gets better and better as they mature and fill in little open spaces. Sprinkled in are Huchera, ferns, and a few other shade loving plants. I try to mix color, texture and size.

This grouping is right next to my front porch. I like the gradual decrease of sizes. The large hosta in back are Montana, next is Chiquita, Christmas Tree and finally Kabitan.

Hosta Haven

From the front porch, there are Guacamole Hosta, Red Salvia and Stella-de-Oro Daylillies .


Hosta Haven

Coral bells, so delicate, against the hosta.

Hosta Haven

Hosta Haven


Hosta Haven


Throwing in a bit of color, with Impatients planted in a little cart, gives a striking contrast. Hosta Haven

Even my little turtle enjoys the view!


Hosta Haven

I like to divide my plants in the Spring just as they are coming up. That way, they never look like they’ve been touched. It is hard to distinguish one from another so in the fall, I place a red plastic knife beside the plants I intend to divide and write the name of the plant on the knife (both top and bottom). In the spring, I know exactly which ones to divide and what variety I have!

Hope you enjoyed my “Hosta Haven” tour. I have some hosta around a tree in the back, but this year the deer ate them all! I didn’t get my Coyote Urine ( yes, gross!) deterrent on fast enough! Ugh!

How is your garden growing?


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  1. Wow…absolutely beautiful! I love all the hidden treasures, especially the little flower cart! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Share The Wealth Sunday xoxo

  2. I didn’t really understand Hostas until I moved to Minnesota 25 years ago!! Now I have one, too! Your’s is lovely! Thanks for linking up with us at Throwback Thursday!


    • They are so easy to grow and they look so pretty with the different greens!

  3. Just beautiful! My Stella day lilies just don’t bloom….could they be in TOO much shade?

  4. You’ve gone and done it now, Sweetie’s gonna have his hands full planting some of those. Magical Hosta Haven, Bella! BB2U

    • Thank you! They are easy to grow as long as you can keep the deer away!

  5. The variety and variation in your hosta garden is just stunning. Beautiful!

  6. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful garden! I love hosta – so many varieties and wonderful color and texture! If you have a chance, I’d love to have you share at our garden party!

  7. Wow this garden looks great! Thank you for sharing this post at City of Creative Dream’s City of Links on Friday! I appreciate you taking the time to party with me. Hope to see you again this week 🙂

  8. Your hosta garden looks amazing! I have several hostas, and now you have me wanting to head to the garden center for a LOT more of them. I also like how you added other plants with them. Cute turtle, too. 🙂

    • Oh, thank you! I like my little turtle, too! The other plants compliment in additional color and texture!

  9. Wow your garden area is beautiful… want to stop by my house next??
    Thanks for linking up at the Saturday Snickerdoodle Party!

  10. I love Hosta’s, I have found that they and Day lilies are the best things for my garden. Other things do OK but they excel. I love to see a hosta garden like this. It makes me glad that I have made that choice for my garden and it encourages me to get more

    • They are so easy to take care of if only the deer stay away!

  11. Very very lovely! I wish I had shade to grow some.

    • Many are sun tolerant. I have some in another garden that gets full sun. Just search for “sun-tolerant hosta” and you’ll find many.

  12. Phyllis your hosta garden is beautiful. I started a hosta garden at my previous residence and it was coming in quite nicely. I need to get to work on it at my new house. I like your accent pieces. They add a nice bit of interest while still allowing the hosta to be the star of the show.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate your nice comments!

  13. My mom would love this garden.

    I like the garden, the windmill & the turtle.

    I’m visiting from Friendship Friday.

    • Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Your hostas are very beautiful! I especially like the variety of colors and textures – just gorgeous! I didn’t know deer liked hostas. Will they come back anyway, or are they gonners?

    • After a rain, I need to apply more deterrent. They are persistent! To deer, hostas are a special treat! We had a cabin up north where I had a whole row of hosta by the back side where our bedroom was located. One night, we awoke to some slurping and chomping sounds. The deer were eating the entire row! I gave up on hosta there!

  15. Stunning garden. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Just lovely! We moved to into our latest home in TN and will be needing to do some yard work. This is going on my Pinterest board for reference when we are ready.

    I found you via Let’s Get Real Party. I’ve noodled around your site a bit, and adore your Oma and Opa Camp! My siblings and I spent a week at a time at my grandparents when I was little, and it was such a joy. I have many warm and wonderful memories of those special times, and I have no doubt your grandkids will have similarly delightful memories of your camps, too!

    • Thanks! Yes, we have a lot of fun together! Just now getting ready for next week when they come for this year! Needless to say, I won’t be on the computer very much! Thanks again for visiting!

  17. Your hostas are gorgeous! I have a hosta garden too but it is out of control. They are so big that they are taking over everything else. I am so afraid to divide them but I know I must. I like your idea of the knife in the Fall. Thanks!

    • You really can’t hurt them! They’ll survive the divide!

  18. I am now drooling over your Hosta! It is so beautiful! I planted some this year in what I believed to be a shaded area, but it was not. It’s getting too much sun so I had to put it in pots on my porch.

    • There are many hosta that do fine in the sun. Just google “sun hosta” and you’ll find lots of varieties that work!

  19. Your garden is simply amazing!!!! Thanks for linking up to Inspire Me monday, featuring this weekend and pinned

  20. I LOVE your garden! Hostas happen to be my favorite plant to grow. They are so hearty and grow pretty much anywhere. Just last year I divided up 2 plants into 12 new ones and they are all thriving.

    • I like that they give you free new plants, too!

  21. Beautiful beds. I too love hosta and have several varieties in my yard. I also keep a propagation bed going with new starts that I can dig and pot for basket donations to charity auctions. However I am losing track of the names of the ones I have, and serious gardeners like to know what they are buying. Do you know a good resource for hosta identification?

    • I don’t! Let me know if you find one. I’ve lost some of the names of mine, too! A grandson rode his bike through the garden before things were coming up and I lost many of the ID tags! Oh, well!

  22. Our son lives in northern florida and has tons of pine needles in his yard. I’ll have to mulch with them .

  23. Thank you! It is peaceful.


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