How to Make an Easy Catapult

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How to Make an Easy Catapult!

How to make an easy catapult

For our Oma and Opa Camp (aka cousins camp, grandma camp, etc.), I was researching catapult projects. I tried so many catapult ideas, but none worked very well. They were either so difficult to put together or the trajectory was that they just threw something straight down. (like the Kleenex box ones) How fun is that? For all the effort of putting it together, you want something that really works.  I, also, wanted  6-10 year old kids to be able to make it themselves without much help.

I finally found an idea that was both simple and worked! The materials were inexpensive and easy to obtain, too! I need to give credit to almostunschoolers  for this basic idea.

Materials Needed:

Tongue depressors or large craft sticks

Spring Clothespins

Approximately 4 inch wood square  ( cut from a 2×4) or buy these end posts from Menards

Milk Cap

Glue Gun


If you want to decorate the base with markers or paint, you may do that first or wait until it is put together. How to make an easy catapult

First glue the clothespin to the base…

How to make an easy catapult

Hot glue the milk cap to the tongue depressor or large craft stick.  Be sure to leave room at the end for pressing it down.

How to make an easy catapult

Next, glue the craft stick to the top of the clothespin.

How to make an easy catapult

When glue is dry, kids can decorate with markers or paint at this point, too.  Now, use pom-poms to catapult into the cups. Number the cups with points and give turns to see who can make the most points.

How to make an easy catapult

They enjoyed making the catapult, decorating it, and playing the game.  I call that success! How did it fit into a Science Camp? Well, we talked about simple machines and a catapult is one which uses a lever! You use force to push the lever down and the energy is transferred to the pom-pom which sends it flying up.

How to make an easy catapult

PicMonkey Collage2a

Now you know how to make an easy catapult that actually works and is easy to put together!

Have fun!


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  1. What a fun idea! I have two grandkids – ages 2 and 2 weeks – the 2 yo would love this! Thanks for sharing with us on Tuesday Talk!

  2. I saw the title and thought I would have never let my son get near this, but then opened up the post and can see it wasn’t anything to worry about, haha! It looks like fun! Thanks from all of us at Throwback Thursday for linking up to us this week! We can’t wait to see what you’ll bring next week. 🙂


    • It’s a small one, No worries!

  3. Making catapults are so much fun! We made these back in the fall and the kids had the best time with them! #ThisisHowWeRoll

  4. Thanks for sharing at our Tuesday Tips and Tricks Party! Such a great idea!

  5. This looks like so much fun!

    • The kids really enjoyed making and playing with them!

  6. We make em with 8 crafts sticks, a bottle cap & rubber bands! Pinning to the Practical Mondays board 🙂

    • Yes, but the only thing with that is twisting the rubber bands. That’s hard for the kids to do themselves.

  7. The kids at Holiday club would love this!

    • Any kid would like these especially if you include a game!

  8. We’ve tried some other catapults, but they broke too easily. I’m sure my kids are going to love these!

    • I tried several varieties that didn’t work or were too complicated, but this one worked.

  9. How cool! My little grandson is not old enough yet but I love doing craft work with him – special times. Thanks for sharing with us at #Overthemoon link up and have a great day!

    • Yes, those are special times with grandchildren.

  10. This is cute, Phyllis. I could see this as a VBS craft. Thank you for sharing with Thankful Thursdays.

    • Yes, it would be great for VBS!

  11. what a great idea! I wish I was this crafty! Blessings!

    • It really is easy to do. No crafty experience is necessary!

  12. Great idea! I’m pinning this one. 🙂

    • Thanks for pinning! It works, too!

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