My Bluebird Story

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My Bluebird Story

Over Memorial Day weekend, we noticed that there was a lot of Bluebird singing going on. It was pretty to hear, but didn’t know the reason for it. The next morning we saw a bluebird sitting on the edge of my baker’s rack right on our back deck. This baker’s rack is under an overhang and I have decorative items displayed on it. I usually have some plants there,  but that was one of the projects that wasn’t finished, yet.

On the top shelf, there’s a cute decorative birdhouse with a heart-shaped opening. It has been there for a few years.  Upon looking inside the birdhouse, I found that there was the beginning of a nest! This certainly isn’t the ideal spot for a nest. We have an outside cat and an occasional raccoon rambling by. This female must have had a creative streak in her because she certainly settled for “cute” rather than “location, location, location”!


My Bluebird Story

Bluebird checking out my decorative bird house to the right.

The female was persistent and laid six eggs in her new home. My husband was afraid that a strong wind would blow it off the rack so he secured it on the edge making it so that the cat didn’t have a place to sit and reach in. We, also, limited our use of the deck by using a different entrance. (Anything for the birds, right?)

Finally, the eggs began to hatch. I had to quickly take pictures while the parents were away getting food.

My Bluebird Story


After about  1  1/2 weeks, we noticed that only two survived. Their eyes were not completely opened yet, but the blue feathers are now visible.

My Bluebird Story

We began reading about these birds and found out that they really like mealworms. Well, where do you find mealworms?

After calling around, we found them. They are not cheap, but anything for our little Bluebirds! After putting them out in a dish, they saw those things and dug right in. 

My Bluebird Story

How many worms can a Bluebird hold in its beak?

It was so fun to watch them feed their young with them. They were not selfish about just keeping themselves fed.

My Bluebird Story

Just near the deck is a White Pine Tree. This is the place where at least one of the birds would guard the nest while the other hunted for food. I caught this picture after they fed their young. It looked like they weren’t speaking to each other! Ha!

My Bluebird Story

They were growing quickly and when I would go out to take their picture, they crouched down and wouldn’t smile for the camera. One morning, I was going to try one more time for their picture, and they were gone! No good-bye or thank you! I did see flutters of blue in the woods. The parents are gone from their watch on the branch, too. I’m sure they are tending to their young and teaching them to find food on their own. It was fun to have them so close, but now we get to use the deck!

And…. that’s “My Bluebird Story”! I marvel at God’s beautiful creation, don’t you?

My Bluebird Story


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  1. Oh, I just love bluebirds! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. I just love the photo that has the heart “door” framing the babies. Giving up your use of the deck shows your true love for these beautiful birds.

    • Yes, now I miss them!

  2. When I was a kid we loved to watch the scrub jay dance around in Florida. This reminded me of them! Thank you for linking up with us at Tips & Tricks Link Party!

  3. Just want to let you know that your post will be featured this week at the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home. Be sure to stop by on Thursday evening.

    • Thanks for the lovely feature! I appreciate it!

  4. Great photos! We had a mocking bird nest in a bucket on our porch, it was fun watching the chicks hatch and grow. Thank you for linking up this weeks Merry Monday Link Party!

    • We don’t have mocking birds around here. Fun watching birds hatch and grow!

  5. What a beautiful post. How lovely to see a little piece of creation play out in front of you. I am sure there was a feeling of loss for a few moments after they left but satisfaction that you were permitted to be a part of this little miracle. Nice job on difficult photos too.
    Thanks so much
    Fridays Blog Booster Party #15

    • THANKS! I appreciate your kind comments!

  6. I love this story. Thanks for bringing it over to the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home!


    • You’re welcome! I’ll come again!

  7. What a wonderful story and I love your pictures. Bluebirds are such a pretty bird. I glad your able to use your deck again, but it sure sounded like you enjoyed watched the development of the baby bluebirds. Thanks for sharing this story. Visiting from Our Simple Homestead blog hop.

    • Yes, I really miss them, but we are grilling now!

  8. Oh, I just LOVE this story! I would love to have you post on my new blog hop—the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home

    • Sure, I’d be happy to stop by! Thanks!

  9. I’m not a huge fan of birds in real life…LOL…however I love reading about them and looking at photos. So cute!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

    • Thanks for stopping by and looking!

  10. What a delightful story and what a time to experience nature and God’s creations at their best. You captured the shots of them perfectly and up close. So glad I clicked on your picture on Motivation Monday.

    • I’m glad you did, too! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Aww, that was so sweet of you to go to the effort of securing the birdhouse and buying the meal worms! I recently found a baby starling (I know not a very desirable bird but still…) who had fallen from the nest into a large trash can that I had been throwing weeds in. It was a nice soft landing for him so he was fine but I was worried about him so I got online too and found out that you can feed them softened mashed up dog food mixed with parrot food. I have dogs but no parrot so I went to the pet store and bought parrot food for this little bird and stood out there feeding him with a straw that I cut the end to form a little spoon. He was almost to the point of learning to fly and when I went out again he was gone. I saw him a couple of days later hopping around my yard (still learning to fly) with momma bird on the fence coaching him!

    My friends think I’m crazy but I felt good helping mother nature!


    • No, I don’t think you’re crazy, although, if a Starling had nested there, I wouldn’t have been so happy! You have a big heart!

  12. Yum, this pie sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing at What’d You Do This Weekend?!

  13. Awwww. A lovely visit via Pink Saturday. Thank you .

  14. Hi Phyllis. I just found your blog from the SitsGirls Sat.Fest and am so glad I did! Your bluebird photos are beautiful and I love the thoughts you’ve shared. I’m looking forward to visiting again 🙂 Mar C

    • Well, thank you! I hope you come back soon!

  15. I do love to marvel at God’s creation…especially birds off of my back porch. I love it when I spot a bluebird. They are rare in my backyard but I just saw one last week. I love your bluebird story and the picture peeking through the heart shaped hole.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comments! Yes, they were rare, but have started coming back due to a Boy Scout program that encouraged people to make bluebird houses. They like a small hole opening. We have several bluebird houses out in the fields. They are full. Guess this one was looking for a cute one.

  16. That’s wonderful, Phyllis! I’m so glad you got to have that experience! Hey, would you consider adding my new party to your list of linkups? I’ve just started a new party at BigFamilyFrugal (dot) com.


    • Sure! I’ll stop by!

  17. Aww! Great story! I have a story too about a family of mockingbirds who built a nest right outside our kitchen window. Well, we have 2 cats and 3 dogs we had to protect the babies from! Thanks for the wonderful story!

    • I read your story, too! So fun to watch God’s creation!

  18. Such a pretty blue bird. Glad you were able to see the hatching of its family.

  19. Awww,isnt that awesome!! We had some sweet babies in our porch light, and i was always trying to snap some pictures!! They weren’t those beautiful bluebirds but sweet just the same!

    • Yes, God’s creation is awesome!

  20. Wonderful Post. Happy Friday.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by!

  21. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome story about bluebirds. My sister alwaays has bluebirds in Pennsylvania but I don’t get them here in Connecticut. They are such lovely birds, too. Best wishes for the weekend, Linda @Craft a la mode

    • They are such a pretty bird with a beautiful song!

  22. I would love to come over and sit on your porch! Thanks for adding this little piece of summer to the #funsummerfinds linkup!


  23. Phyllis, you did it again with this mouth watering dessert! Thanks for joining the #funsummerfinds linkup!


  24. Your fabulous dessert is featured in this week’s#funsummerfinds linkup!



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