“O Holy Night” Scrabble Ornament

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I just love the song “Oh Holy Night”! It’s a favorite Christmas carol with such powerful words and melody. This scrabble ornament is based on those words and an inspirational idea found on Etsy. Since I didn’t have the small figures and wanted it to be lighter in weight, I added the star at the top of the Scrabble letters.

O Holy Night Scrabble Ornament grandparentsplus.com


If you don’t have Scrabble letters, search online for them, find them at your local craft store, or look for Scrabble games at a thrift store.


Scrabble Letters:  O,-2, H-2, L-1, Y-1, N-1, I-1, G-1, T-1

Small star (wooden or foam) I used a 3/4 inch wide wooden star.

Gold Tinsel Stems

Gold ribbon or string for hanging


Step 1  – Glue scrabble tiles together and let dry completely  I found that using a stronger glue worked better.

I used GOOP.

Step 2 – Cut 2 Gold Tinsel stems-  1- two inches long, 1- three inches long

Step 3 – Fold tinsel stems in half and glue tinsel stems onto back of star.

O Holy Night Scrabble Ornament grandparentsplus.com


Step 4 – Glue Star onto Scrabble letter “O”

Step 5 – Glue ribbon or string on back of star for hanging.

Listen to the song while making this O Holy Night Scrabble Ornament….


With the ornament done, hang on your tree! It’s what Christmas is all about!

O Holy Night Scrabble Ornament grandparentsplus.cm




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