Spring Idea House 2014 – Part 3

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Spring Idea House 2014  Part 3

Come with me for a peek into the Spring Idea House Part 3, where we enter a bedroom, den/reading room, hallway, and small bathroom. Many of the ideas, the decorators used, have the ability to be incorporated into your own home.  I know you’ll be inspired by their beautiful rooms.

Walking up the stairs to the bedrooms and den, the decorators  hung  framed wall panels backed with teal colored fabric and embellished with large artificial flowers. Very striking, don’t you think?

Spring Idea House 2014 Part 3


At the top of the stairs is the Reading Room/Den with many re-purposed vintage items.

Spring Idea House 2014 part 3  grandparensplus.com

The shelving is made from re-purposed gym benches.

Spring Idea House 2014 Part 3  grandparensplus.com

This lighting fixture was one of the most unusual ideas. They took a plastic lampshade and cut slits all around the outside. At each slit, they pushed in a folded book page. Perfect for the “reading” room!

Spring Idea House 2014  Part 3  grandparentsplus.com

Here’s a better look at the inside….

Spring Idea House 2014 Part 3  grandparentsplus.com

You need to make sure the bulb is a safe distance from the pages!

The coffee table in the room is a re-purposed industrial cart!


Spring Idea house Part 3  grandparentsplus.com

Have a shadow box that you don’t know what to do with? Fill with artificial succulents! Succulents look artificial anyway, so no one will really know! This makes an  interesting wall accent!

spring Idea House 2014 Part 3

The master bedroom color scheme is navy blue, white, teal, with an accent of the bright green! The main wall is dramatic when painted navy blue. The stencil  goes right around the corner. Half of the stencil is painted as a blue shadow against the navy background. Great look!

Spring Idea House 2014 Part 3

Here’s a closer picture showing the stenciling. Love the chevron drapes, too!


Spring Idea House 2014 Part 3  grandparentsplus.com

Next, is the spare bedroom……

The wall pattern is repeated many different ways in this room. Look for the repetition.

I may be showing my age, but before computers, we used these metal stands for typewriters. It now serves as a night stand.

Spring Idea House 2014 Part 3   grandparentsplus.com


Look at how a vintage luggage or mail cart is re-purposed as a bench/coat rack with storage below.

Spring Idea House 2014 part 3 grandparentsplus.com


Because of this house being very old, there isn’t a large master bath. However, the small bathroom always has some unique ideas.

The decorators used a bookshelf as storage for towels and various bathroom items. Also, a piece of driftwood makes a “one of a kind” wall shelf!

When the ice is off the lakes, I’ll be looking for that perfect piece of driftwood to use in my home, too! 

Spring Idea House 2014 Part 3  grandparentsplus.com

A dish towel with a napkin ring highlights the small bathroom window.

Spring Idea House 2014 Part 3   grandparentsplus.com

Now, that’s easy to do for a small window! Do you remember the kitchen windows in Part 1? This is a variation of that  idea.

I have a small kitchen window in our cabin where this treatment would look great! Just need to wait for warmer weather to get there. Until then, I’ll be looking for the perfect kitchen towel to use.

Did you get some decorating ideas from the Spring Idea House Part 3? Well, there’s more good things to come! Be sure to subscribe to be notified of future posts.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these great ideas for decorating. I love all the curtain ideas – especially the bathroom window! 🙂

    • I like that one, too!

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  3. There are some great ideas listed here! I’m glad I found your link through Create Link Inspire linky party.

  4. I am not really sure where to begin! All of these ideas are great. Thanks for sharing this at the In and Out of the Kitchen Link Party!

  5. Love love love the reading room! Pinned the lamp.

    • That lamp is really unusual! Thanks for pinning!

  6. What a simply delicious home! I love all of their re-purposing ideas!!
    Pinning for sure….!!
    Happy Easter…. 🙂
    “hugs” Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

    • Thanks for pinning! It is easy to forget the ideas so its great to pin for later!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing at the Twirl & Take a Bow Party! Love the repurposed vintage items! Have a great week.

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