Spring Idea House 2016 Part 2

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Part 2 for the Spring Idea House is another glimpse into the ideas and new trends for decor using both new and vintage finds. This house is prepared by a team of decorators that come up with new ways to incorporate unique items into your home decor. If you missed Part 1, you’ll want to check that out, too!

Spring Idea House 2016 Part 2 grandparentsplus.com

Right as you enter the main part of the house, a small vintage table is highlighted and made more important by the added salvaged wood pieces placed behind it. The added mirror and drawer pulls also add interest. The beautiful tall arrangement gives it color and height. When a small piece of furniture doesn’t work, add something tall behind it!

Now, as you enter the dining room, the table is set for an elegant party! Grey, the new neutral, becomes the base with pops of coral accents in the flowers, napkins, and table runners. The bottom layer of the table is actually wallpaper that looks like vintage ceiling tiles.

Spring Idea House 2016 Part 2 grandparentsplus.com

The same wallpaper makes an accent behind the four mirrors above the sofa table. I actually thought the tiles were actual ones until I touched the wallpaper. They carefully attached the paper with staples instead of hanging it.


Spring Idea House 2016 Part 2 grandparentsplus.com


Spring Idea House 2016 Part 2 grandparentsplus.com

Back to the dining room table…… Such an interesting and fun way to use color and drama with just a napkin! Placing it in the wine glass adds height and certainly shows it off!

Spring Idea House 2016 Part 2 grandparentsplus.com

The buffet has an assortment of gray vases, white chunky candle sticks, and a dramatic spring arrangement of coral flowers and pussy willows.

Spring Idea House 2016 Part 2 grandparentsplus.com


While the kitchen is small, it doesn’t lack for decorating ideas. Vintage blocks, placed on a metal industrial frame, form a unique work island. The top is covered with glass for easy cleaning. 

On the far wall, a vintage sifter, with an added shelf inside, makes a perfect accent for the wall. 

Spring Idea House 2016 Part 2 grandparentsplus.com

Repeated square metal serving pieces, with decorative inserts, fit perfectly in this little cove in the kitchen. 

The clock is mounted on top of an old wire rack.

Spring Idea House 2016 Part 2 grandparentsplus.com

Over the stove, wall art certainly makes this area beautiful. 

Spring Idea House 2016 Part 2 grandparentsplus.com

A small bathroom has a farm (cows and chickens) flavor. Over the sink and stool, an old wire gate with an added shelf, looks amazing while a clothes line holds hand towels. 

The vintage sink has a skirt of chicken wire and fabric to hide the plumbing.

Spring Idea House 2016 Part 2 grandparentsplus.com

How’s this for a unique toilet paper holder? 

Spring Idea House 2016 Part 1 grandparentsplus.com

Finally, a mounted metal rake serves as a place to hang your purse or scarves as you enter the back door.

Spring Idea House 2016 Part 2 grandparentsplus.com

What a variety of decor ideas! Some are easy to do while some will take finding just the right object. Perhaps you have some of these objects stored in your garage and now the inspiration comes to you on how to make it into something special! That’s fun! 

Don’t forget to come back for the next two posts for more decor ideas! Can’t wait to show you!

Hope you enjoyed the variety of ideas. 


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  1. I love the dining room table. So many pretty ideas on here

    • One of my favorites, too! Oodles of ideas!

  2. I absolutely love how that accent wall is made! Such a smart idea. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday this week!

    • I think that is brilliant, too! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Some beautiful decor ideas and inspiration! Thank you for sharing with us at Snickerdoodle Sunday this week! Pinned to share.

    • Thanks for pinning! There are many beautiful ideas!

  4. Beautiful ideas, and I’m particularly partial to pussy willows! They’re one of my favorite things! Thanks for sharing with us on Throwback Thursday!


    • Pussy Willow absolutely shout SPRING! So wonderful to use in arrangements.

  5. I love your mirror wall. Thanks for sharing your post with Creatively Crafty Link Party. You have also been pinned to our board.

    • How nice of you! Thanks!

  6. Some interesting ideas here, love the chicken. Visiting from My Flagstaff Home’s linky.

    • I appreciate that you stopped by. Yes, the chicken idea is cute!

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