Vintage Jello Molds Re-purposed

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Vintage jello molds go back to the 40’s and 50’s, I believe. Any good cook would make her jello combinations in these molds. Then, you would un-mold them and place them on a plate with iceberg lettuce. A dollop of whipped cream or mayo topped it off. They came in several styles such as plain, swirled, various shapes, and sizes. I remember my mom using them!

Vintage Jello Molds Re-purposed

While they are a thing of the past, I’ll show you several ideas that re-purpose these vintage jello molds for today’s use!

The first idea is using the mold as a planter for artificial succulents. They look great as a little greenery accent on a side table. Put  styrofoam in the bottom and cover with artificial moss. Stick the artificial succulents down into the styrofoam and you’re done! No watering, either!

Vintage Jello Molds Re-purposed


Next, they are perfect for a miniature garden display. You don’t need many items, but it certainly something eye-catching and cute. Once again, use styrofoam or floral foam, artificial sheet moss, and a few items to make the garden look great.

Vintage Jello Molds Re-purposed


Finally, here a two ideas for Christmas…..

The first one is a snow scene. I merely used some cotton batting, a small winter figure, and silver pipe cleaners. Just hot glue everything in place. Use as a small Christmas accent on a shelf or hang on your tree. Change the scene for another season.


Vintage Jello Molds Re-purposed

Another ornament idea is to hot glue two together and finish off the edge with silver tinsel pipe cleaners.  Glue another circle of the silver on top and finish with a loop to hang it. 


Vintage Jello Molds Re-purposed


Vintage Jello Molds Re-purposed

Other ideas for re-purposing include using them as popsicle molds or individual serving dishes for mayo, condiments, pudding, etc. 

OK, do you remember these jello molds? Kind of reveals our age, right?

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  1. Very Cute!Thanks for sharing on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday!! Hope to see you again this week!! Pinned!

  2. Pretty darn cute of you to come up with these ideas!

    • Thanks! I’m certainly not going to make jello in them so why not use them in other ways!

  3. Never mind re-purposing them,I’d just like to find some (I’m in the UK), as mine got holes being used for their original use – and I’d just like to have some now that I’ve got a grand son who will surely be in the market for them!!

    • You might try ebay!

  4. What a fabulous repurpose of Jello Molds! The little gardens would make such lovely gifts for Christmas!!

    • Yes, they would make nice gifts. Great idea!

  5. Great ideas! I especially love the Christmas display.

    • Thanks, so much!

  6. Hi Phyllis, thanks for bringing these ideas over to Throwback Thursday! I’m one of the new co-hosts there – I really think I like the Christmas mold the best!

    • thanks for stopping by!

  7. These are all such great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

    • I’m sure you can come up with some more!

  8. I love the little gardens!

    • Yes, they don’t take very long to do, either!

  9. I love that miniature garden! I also thought of another idea. One of these molds would make a great helmet for a child’s Halloween costume as a soldier or robot.

    • Your child would need to be very small. These are not that large, but it might work for a doll!

      • Ah, I see. The garden looks big in the pictures! (I have some old plastic Jello molds that are big enough to wear on one’s head.)

        • Great for a hat!

  10. Such a great way to repurpose the Jello molds! I love vintage cooking utensils and products!

    • Thanks! Might as well use them in some new way!


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