Woodsy Elegant Christmas Tree

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Usually the words both “woodsy and elegant”  don’t quite fit together. Most people would do one or the other. However, my Christmas tree is best described as both – a Woodsy, Elegant Christmas Tree. Let me show you.

Woodsy Elegant Christmas Tree grandparentsplus.com

We live in a wooded area so I thought I would use some things, found in my yard, as tree decorations. There are wild turkeys in our area and they sometimes lose a feather or two. I collect them and use them in my tree as well as some branches. Sound funny? Maybe…..  You tell me!

Elegant Woodsy Christmas Tree grandparentsplus.com




The garland is like a bunch of twisted branches accented with bunches of red berries. It has held up for many years and used many ways. It adds a lot of “woodsy feel” to the tree.

Elegant Woodsy Christmas Tree grandparentsplus.com

For the elegant part, I have 12 gold balls that I hand carried from Germany (to protect from breakage) that add the sparkle and some elegance to the tree

Woodsy Elegant Christmas Tree grandparentsplus.com

Can you find the feathers and branches? Yes, there are pheasant feathers, too.

Woodsy Elegant Christmas Tree grandparentsplus.com

A close up with the feathers tucked in here and there.

Woodsy Elegant Christmas Tree grandparentsplus.com

I think almost anything works as long as it adds color, texture, form and memories! Don’t you?

Find a theme and go for it!

Woody Elegant Christmas Tree grandparentsplus.com

What’s your tree like?  Is it decorated on a theme or memory ornaments? 


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  1. Hi Phyllis, I must say your tree is the prettiest that I have seen! Those ornaments from Germany are beautiful! Love the feathers too…love allof it! Happy Holidays Lisa@ Sweet Tea N’ Salty Air

    • How sweet of you! Thanks for your lovely comment and have a Blessed Christmas!

  2. I think it works so well because it’s limited to three colors–brown, gold, and red. The feathers are such a nice addition.

    Peace and joy to you and yours as we celebrate the hope that was given to us by the birth of our Lord and Savior.

    • Thank you for your lovely comments. I celebrate that hope through the birth of Jesus, God’s son!

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